Best Countries To Find A Wife: Meet Mail Order Bride Who Match Your Taste

According to the statistics, 1 in 5 marriages in the US has partners from different countries. And it’s not surprising because the countries’ boundaries are no longer a hurdle for people looking for a foreign wife. Many men are busy and don’t have enough time to go on dates in real life or travel abroad to communicate with other people. That’s why the industry of mail order brides has such an essential role in the modern world.

There are thousands of online dating sites where you can meet a bride of any nationality and choose among the best countries to meet a wife.

Top dating sites to find foreign women

  1. Bravo Date
  2. Eastern Honeys
  3. Cute Asian Woman
  4. Jolly Romance
  5. Ukraine Bride4you
  6. Date Nice Asian
  7. Asian Melodies
  8. Love Fort
  9. Colombia Lady
  10. Latin Feels

Actually, the phenomenon of mail order brides appeared long ago, between the 1900s and the 1920s, when foreign women were introduced to men via mail. However, similar activities took place even earlier because the first arrivals in North America were predominantly men, and they needed females to sustain the population base within the colonies. Men offered good conditions for foreign brides, and they came to the colonies to build families.

Usually, women agreed to this offer because the colonies were considered the land of prosperity. Besides, they wanted to have a better life than being maids for the higher classes, and many ladies were encouraged by the sense of adventure. So, this was a win-win situation for both men and mail order brides and pushed the industry’s advancement.

Currently, you can choose the best country to meet a wife among different offers and build a happy family, living with a mail order bride who will love you with all her heart. Mail order marriages are incredibly popular today. So to dive deeper into this topic, we’ve created a list of the best countries to meet a wife and mentioned some popular mail order bride sites in these regions.

What is the best Asian country to find a wife?

In Asia, four countries are the most popular among men looking for Asian mail order wife. We have selected four locations among the best mail order bride countries to make the review clearer and understand that this region has advanced countries with Asian brides because you can easily find a girl who’ll match your preferences.

In general, Asian mail order brides are known for being kind-hearted, genuine, and traditional Asian beauty. These attractive females combine the best features men can be dreaming about, and it’s easy to fall for them because they easily find a common language with others. Asian women for marriage know many beauty secrets and successfully apply them. The results of these activities aren’t left without attention because they all look much younger than their age. Asians are among the best nationalities to marry because these beautiful women know everything about raising children, being feminine, and surrounding their men with care and affection.

Best sites to meet Asian girls for dating or marriage

Eastern Honeys — it is one of the largest Asian dating websites, which has the most extensive Asian women database. EasternHoneys boasts a wide range of communication services and features that facilitate the connection with Asian ladies online. Here, you can quickly find Korean women, as well as the best wives from Vietnam, Thailand, and other Asian countries.

AsianMelodies. — this is a popular international dating website where you can find a gorgeous Asian girlfriend, for example, a Chinese or Vietnamese woman. It can be about friendly communication, flirty messages, or even a strong bond and further family life. Of course, everything depends on your intentions and preferences.

CuteAsianWoman — it is very popular among Asian mail order brides, so you can meet the best wives on this site. It has a user-friendly design and an easy registration process. CuteAsianWoman has an extensive Asian brides database and a clear payment system based on credits. So, you won’t have to spend a fortune to get an Asian mail order bride to marry.

DateNiceAsian — it offers great chances of finding an Asian mail order bride online. One of the distinctive characteristics of this website is the detailed Asian girls profiles, so you don’t have to wonder whether a certain Asian woman shares the same interests because everything is mentioned in her profile.

DateAsianWoman— it has hundreds of successful cases when it helped foreign men and Asian women find each other, fall in love, and establish strong relationships. It offers various services, both free and paid. DateAsianWoman has a large member base thanks to the high-quality services, reliable customer support team, and a ton of positive reviews.

Top 5 Asian countries to meet a wife

Brides from The Philippines

American men adore Filipino mail order brides for their positive and energetic personalities and ability to enjoy every moment of their lives. These mail order brides try to get the most out of every day and love celebrating and spending time with their loved ones. Also, you’ll never be bored around Filipina women for marriage because they don’t like sitting still when so many things are happening.

Filipino women often visit different places, adore traveling, and never miss a chance to spend their weekends with fun. However, they can be called the best nationality to marry thanks to the ability to maintain balance. Filipino brides love spending quality time with their soulmates and being more relaxed. But it is worth noting that such girls are primarily looking for a foreign man who can guarantee them financial security.

Filipina women are considered to be astoundingly beautiful by many Westerners, and they are very open-minded. A lot of them like Western movies, culture and music, and they adore to discuss all these, as well as plenty of other things (they are pretty talkative and easy-going), so you are likely to find a lot of exciting interlocutors and companions among Filipino ladies.

Chinese brides

China is often included in the top 15 countries to meet a wife because it boasts breathtakingly gorgeous women who can make you feel butterflies the moment you see them. A Chinese woman know how to take care of their loved ones and will always be by your side when you need her support. Coming from the best places to find a wife, Chinese women know their worth and understand what kind of women attract Western men. They’ll surprise you with their empathy and ability to lighten up your mood. Moreover, you will not have a language barrier with Chinese women since most of them are fluent in English.

Thailand women for marriage

Thailand is one of the best countries to find a loyal wife because Thai ladies have strong family values, respect community elders, and aren’t afraid of hard work. If they have certain goals, nothing will stop them on their way to achieving them. This is inspiring to be with a woman who is ready to go miles to follow her dreams, and this applies both to family, career, and relationships. Like Chinese women, Thai foreign brides always amaze their men with the ability to quickly adapt to Western values and open-mindedness. You’ll never hear your foreign bride criticizing other people because she prefers to spend her energy on more positive activities and will encourage you to enjoy life as well.

Wife from Vietnam

Being referred to as the best place for online dating, Vietnam is home to friendly, fun-loving, and optimistic mail order brides. Vietnamese women treat international marriage positively and would like to establish relationships with American men because their views, values, and life goals align, and they can establish strong connections with these guys. When being together with Vietnamese women, you’ll see that they embody Asian beauty standards, being petite, feminine, and elegant. Since this is one of the best nationalities to marry, you can choose one of the sites mentioned above to find Vietnamese women.

Japanese wife

Japan, like South Korea, can boast of extremely shy and reserved women, but they behave like blushing brides only on the first dates.

Japanese women can be completely different with their men: they start to wear bright clothes and sexier makeup, which makes them even more attractive. Local women pay a lot of attention to education and self-development, and you can find these ladies witty and intelligent, but the language barrier can be a problem because they rarely speak fluent English.

Best country to find a wife in Eastern Europe

A lot of men say that this is the best place to find a foreign wife in the world, and it’s impossible to deny this fact. Russian women and Ukrainian girls are the definition of beauty, care, and loyalty. These Eastern Europe women put family as their top priority and choose men once and for the rest of their lives. These European countries with Slavic mail order brides stand out among others because local ladies are attractive both inside and out, and men are attracted by their genuine nature and desire to surround their soulmates with affection. So, if you’re asking yourself, “what nationality woman should I marry,” consider building relationships with Slavic girls.

Top-rated dating websites to meet Slavic women

BravoDate — with advanced search filters, and you can easily find a like-minded Slavic girl who would want to establish the same type of communication with you as you do. BravoDate is the right place for you because it meets all the demands and provides outstanding international dating services.

JollyRomance — popular site among people looking for international dating. When opting for JollyRomance, you won’t have to spend hours trying to figure out how its interfaces work. Instead, you’ll be offered to choose from an array of communication tools and enjoy your flirty chats with Slavic girls.

UkraineBride4you — you can find thousands of Ukrainian mail order brides and see for yourself why they stand out from the wives from other countries. It takes a few minutes to set up a profile and start searching for a soulmate not only from Ukraine, but also from Russia, Belarus, and other European countries.

SingleSlavic— provides outstanding opportunities for meeting Russian mail order brides. Whatever the age of your desired woman is, you can be sure you’ll find her on this platform. It boasts one of the largest Russian brides bases and increases the number of its clients due to providing high-quality services and having an impressive number of successful cases.

MeetUkrainianGirl— you’ll need to devote around 2-3 minutes and mention your email, name, and preferences to create a profile. After that, you can dive into the world of attractive Ukrainian mail order brides.
KissRussianBeauty it’s known for the outstanding quality of services and a considerable number of international couples in which the partners met each other thanks to using it. KissRussianBeauty offers you to see for yourself why Russia is among the best places to find a mail order bride and provides all the modalities for this. — you won’t have to look through thousands of Ukrainian women’s profiles trying to find the one that matches your preferences because you’re offered to match them when creating a profile. This significant feature makes a considerable difference, facilitating the process of searching for Ukrainian mail order brides.

The best Eastern European countries to find a wife

Ukrainian women for marriage

All Slavic countries are famous for their beauty—the beauty of nature, art, and, of course, women. Ukraine is not an exception: you can find there both some “brain food” and a great choice of women who are eager to date foreigners and start a family with him. Ukrainian women are exceptionally beautiful: a traditional beauty has dark hair and brows, long lashes that are usually highlighted with black mascara, pale skin, and tempting lips. Do not let that beauty trick you: these single women have a lot more than just pretty faces. Ukrainian brides are smart, demanding, very attentive, and very serious. But, if you succeed in gaining the trust of a Ukrainian girlfriend, she will be the best life partner ever.

Ukraine is known as one of the best countries to meet a wife because Ukrainian mail order brides can easily charm you with their mesmerizing female beauty and exceptional intelligence. The role of high education in this country is significant, and we won’t be mistaken by saying that every minute you spend around a local woman will make your heart beat faster. Ukrainian women know how to behave in different situations and attract men’s attention without even trying, so you’ll definitely be affected by their charm.

Russian brides

Russian mail order brides put love and family first. Most Russian women get married in their early twenties. Once a woman turns 25, her family often puts great pressure on her to marry (though the modern ladies tend to insist on living their lives the way they want to.) Russia is the best country to find a wife or girlfriend who will focus on family members and care about them.

Russia is included in the list of the finest countries to meet a loyal wife thanks to the increased attention they pay to the family values, which are strong within the country. If you’re dreaming about having relationships based on mutual trust and desire to make your partner happy, consider marrying a Russian girl. They’re quick-witted and easily come up with the solutions for any situation, no matter how complicated it might seem. You’ll always be impressed by the ability of Russian girls to look charming all the time and their talent for finding a common language with other people within a couple of minutes.

Best foreign brides from Moldova

Moldova, as well as other post soviet countries, is one of Europe’s hidden gems for those who are looking for beautiful foreign mail order brides. Even though this country is not a famous tourist destination, you will still find there a lot of beautiful and romantic places to visit with your Moldovan bride. You will be able to discuss plenty of things with your woman, as Moldavian girls are smart and very interested in foreign cultures (though they will tell you a lot about Moldova, too, as Moldovan people love their home country and will never forgive you if you express any negativity toward it.)

What is the best Latin country to find a wife?

Passionate, emotional, hot, and supportive—these are the most fitting words to describe Latin girls. If you want to understand what is the best country in Latin America to find a soulmate, you need to be careful when making a final decision because each destination has its advantages and will definitely blow your mind. It’s a well-known fact that Latin brides have the curviest bodies and kind personalities, and this mix of internal and external traits makes them desired partners for American men.

Best dating sites to find Latin women

LoveFort — If you’re keen on chatting with Latin girls, spending time with them, and enjoying time spent together but don’t want to get too attached, opt for this dating platform.

LatinFeels — This international dating platform impresses Western men with many Latin girls’ profiles. It has various features that come in handy when you need to understand whether a woman you’re communicating with matches your tastes.

ColombiaLady — Colombia is truly the best country to meet a woman, and this website provides all the chances for you to prove it for yourself. Interface is understanding, and you can effortlessly find the necessary buttons and services.

LatinWomanLove — Thanks to the high quality of women’s profiles, this website stands out. So you can click on account of any Latin mail order bride you see and get full info about her background.

ColombiaGirl — This platform knows how to make you want to create a profile and check out what it has to offer. ColombiaGirl is also known for its proactive female members, so if you need some time to think before texting ladies.

Top countries to find hot Latin mail order bride

Colombian wife

Many men dream of dating Colombian women, and we know why: Colombian brides are fantastic women who look gorgeous, who can party like no one else, and who will always be on the side of their family and life partners, no matter what. These are the qualities men appreciate a lot, and that’s why Colombia is among the first places men consider when searching for a foreign wife.

It’s hard to find such cheerful, optimistic, and friendly women anywhere in the world except Colombia. It’s known among the best countries to meet a wife, and men are attracted to the positive vibes they feel from local ladies and their ability to stay in a good mood no matter what’s happening. Colombian women prefer focusing on the best moments of their lives and will inspire you to create pleasant memories together to recall them later.

In case you’re wondering about mail order brides platform preferred in Colombia and Latin America in general, these are the following:

Girls from Mexico

Mexican women are astonishing beauties. They pay a lot of attention to their outlook, and they adore accessories. Maybe, no one can wear a ton of accessories the way the Mexican brides do!

These women adore gentlemen and the traditional way of courting, so if you prefer to pay the dinners, open the doors for ladies, and shower your dates with gifts, you will find a common language with a Mexican mail order bride. And, please, speak English: your Spanish may only make your woman laugh if your speaking skills are below average.

Latin America is full of perfect wives who always care about others, make sure that their soulmates feel comfortable, and treat people with kindness. They are often Mexican, and that’s why it’s the best nationality to marry. Local singles from Latin America are genuine and sincere; they never hide their feelings, and you’ll feel like you’ve known each other for several years, although it’s your first date with a Mexican woman. They have impressive charisma and are easy-going, so take your chance to meet a Mexican soulmate.

Brazilian brides

Brazilian women are among the hottest mail order brides. In this country, girls tend to prefer traditional courting, so you should prepare to pay for the dinner and bring a gift or a bouquet with you to the date with a Brazilian woman if you want to win her heart. If you do such simple things, you will get yourself a sexy and intelligent girl who will make all your friends jealous of you!

Brazil can be referred to as the best country to find a lover globally because Brazilian women make the hearts of American men beat faster thanks to their confidence, femininity, and joyful personalities. Brazilian girls always have sparkles in their eyes because so many things bring them happiness, and they want to share them with you. When being around Brazilian women, you’ll wonder where all their energy comes from because it’s mind-blowing when you see how many things they can do at once.

So, these are the best countries to meet a partner, and we believe that you have all the chances to meet your foreign soulmate in one of them!


What are the best countries to find a wife?

It’s hard to tell what is the best place to find a girlfriend in the world because all men have different preferences. However, some regions are more popular than others and attract Westerners with a varied choice of best foreign brides who charm guys from first sight. So, the best advice is to consider Asia, Eastern Europe, or Latin American as the primary destinations for looking for mail order women.

Can I find overseas brides legally?

Yes, you can. Some different laws and acts regulate the activities of mail order brides. For example, in the US, these documents are IMBRA and VAWA, and they protect girls’ rights. Besides, suppose the international spouse wants to come to the US. In that case, she has to apply for a K-1 visa, so the authorities can be confident in the genuineness of the relationships between a foreign woman and her American husband.

How to find a foreign wife?

International marriage agencies and online dating services can make your life several times better and fill it with positive moments and smiles. There are two main ways of looking for mail order brides—online and offline. Although the second one gives you a chance to meet girls in real life, it’s more time-consuming, and you can’ be confident that when going abroad, you’ll find a soulmate right away. So, using a mail order bride site is more effective because you can create a profile, select your preferences, and go through women’s profiles that perfectly align with your interests.

Are mail order wife good partners for Western men?

When choosing among the best countries to meet women, you have high chances of meeting a girl who will become “the one” and make you enjoy every day of your life together. Foreign brides usually have different cultural backgrounds than Westerners, but it’s not an obstacle to happy relationships. The opposites attract, and such couples usually have stronger connections, being in harmonious relationships and complementing each other’s personality traits.

Are there websites with women of the best nationalities to marry?

Once you’ve decided on the best countries to meet a loyal wife for you, it’s easy to choose from a variety of specialized mail order brides platforms and meet the girl of your dreams. Men share positive experiences from meeting international brides online because this option offers using many international dating sites with huge female users databases. So, the best countries to find a bride are different for all men, but there are many sites where you can find perfect women for international marriage. For example, to meet Asian girls from South Korea, you can use sites like CuteAsianWoman, DateNiceAsian, DateAsianWoman, EasternHoneys, and AsianMelodies.

Are mail order brides legal?

Yes, the mail order bride industry, as well as marriage agencies, are absolutely legal! You can find charming Vietnamese ladies, Colombian girls, Brazilian ladies, Cambodian women, Thai girls, best wives from South Korea, and many women from other countries on completely legal terms. As mentioned earlier, this is regulated by some laws. So creating strong and loving families is really easy!

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