Best Delta 8 Cartridges – Top Carts in 2021 Reviewed

When Delta-8 first arrived on the scene, not a lot of people knew what it was. In fact, most people assumed it was a typo of the infamous Delta-9 THC. 

But as more info about Delta-8 began flooding the internet and media, people began to realize just how beneficial this rare cannabinoid really is. Especially when reputable companies started infusing premium Delta-8 THC into their high-quality vape cartridges. 

When you come across one of these thoughtfully designed Delta-8 carts, the world is instantly a better place. Not only are they designed for convenience and discretion, but some are so fast-acting that you only need a few hits to get the job done. 

But there’s a downside…

Given that Delta-8 THC has quickly become the most talked about cannabinoid in the industry, people around the world are desperately looking to buy. Which means both reputable and shady companies are wanting in on Delta-8’s lucrative action. 

For this reason, finding a decent Delta-8 THC cartridge can be quite challenging. But not to worry… 

We’ve tested several Delta-8 THC brands to see which companies provide their users with the best value, all without skimping on quality, testing, and most of all, safety measures. 

Explore our list below of the top-rated Delta-8 THC vape carts. 

Top Delta 8 Carts

  1. 3Chi – Strongest carts, highest quality
  2. Vape Whole Supply – Exclusive cannabinoid blends
  3. Delta Effex – Top disposable vapes
  4. Harbor City Hemp – Best flavors
  5. Treetop Hemp – Unique balanced effects 

1. 3Chi 

First on our list is perhaps the most transparent, rare-cannabinoid focused, trailblazing company in the industry. In fact, 3Chi was the first company to pioneer high quality, federally legal Delta-8 THC products throughout America. 

Today, they’re considered the leading brand for all things Delta-8 THC, and their Delta-8 vape carts are by far their most popular products.  

Not only are they carefully designed with a comfortable ceramic mouthpiece and glass cartridge, but they are packed with 95% premium Delta-8 and 5% therapeutic terpenes. 

They easily have one of the largest selections of hemp-derived and botanical-derived, terpene-based flavored vape carts to choose from. They even list the specific effects of each of their strains, making it easy for consumers to find their ideal vape cart.

3Chi’s Blue Dream cart is by far one of the smoothest and most delicious vape carts on the market today. You can expect to feel an energizing focus, total mental clarity, and relaxing, yet uplifting motivation. 

2. Vape Whole Supply 

What better place to buy highly effective and premium vape cartridges than Vape Whole Supply. Their name says it all! 

Vape Whole Supply has become the leading “one-stop-shop” for all of your cannabinoid-based needs. 

While they don’t actually formulate or sell their own products, they’ve single-handedly investigated, scrutinized, and screened each and every brand they consider featuring on their online store. 

This allows their customers to have peace of mind, knowing that whatever product they purchase is not only safe to consume, but also thoroughly tested, accurately labeled, and carefully formulated to achieve optimal efficacy.

The most popular brand they carry on their site is Delta Farms. Not only are their Delta-8 THC carts tasty and highly effective, but they’re some of the most affordable vape carts in the market, at only $29.99. 

And if that weren’t enough, they even carry high-quality THCV and CBN vape carts as well.

3. Delta Effex

Delta Effex is a veteran in the hemp market. 

Because of their incredibly high standards, cannabinoid knowledge, and persuasive marketing, they’ve become one of the leading cannabinoid-based companies in the industry. 

What makes Delta Effex different among other Delta-8 brands, is that they use little to no additives when creating their Delta-8 products. 

Also, their main focus is on hemp-derived, federally legal THC-based extracts, including Delta-8 THC and the newly discovered Delta-10 THC. 

While they offer a slew of high-quality Delta-8 THC products, their vape cartridges are what gain the most attention. 

In fact, their premium Delta-8 THC pod-based vapes not only offer a nice, smooth, and tasty draw, but they’re discreetly disposable as well.

Additionally, Delta Effex is one of the best brands for beginners. Users often report feeling fully relaxed without losing any motivation.

4. Harbor City Hemp 

Harbor City Hemp’s sole mission is to make high quality cannabinoid-based extracts readily available and affordable to everyone in the United States. 

They’ve not only dedicated their time and energy in educating their customers on how to identify quality hemp products, but they are now featured on one of the most trusted cannabinoid-based online suppliers, the Great CBD Shop. 

While they offer irresistible Delta-8 chocolate bars and rare CBN tinctures, it’s their Delta-8 THC carts that have customers singing their praises. 

First of all, the taste of their Delta-8 carts are unmatched by any other Delta-8 brand on the market. Secondly, their prices are unbeatable, with $20 for a .5ml cart and only $35 for a full 1ml cart. That’s unheard of.

Not to mention that they offer one of the largest selections of terpene-based strains. You’re guaranteed to get more bang for your buck with this company! 

5. Treetop Hemp Co 

What makes Treetop Hemp Co stand out among the sea of other “so-called amazing Delta-8 brands” is that they don’t actually use any fillers, like MCT oil, when formulating their Delta-8 THC vape carts. 

Instead, they often use CBD/CBC extracts in some of their formulations to create a unique and highly therapeutic effect. This is done by no accident, as combining multiple cannabinoids is known to help create the “entourage effect”. 

It also means that some of their products don’t carry the most potent doses of Delta-8 THC, which can allow beginners to get their feet wet, and allow veterans to explore a different sensation.

Delta 8 FAQs   

When you’re considering adding a new cannabinoid like Delta-8 THC to your daily regimen, or you’re just curious to see how it might work for you, it’s normal to have a few questions. 

That’s why we’ve answered some of the most popular Delta-8 THC vape cart questions below: 

Can Delta-8 THC cartridges make me high? 


However, the high is much less psychoactive than Delta-9 THC, meaning no more paranoid thoughts and anxiety. 

Are there Delta 8 brands I should avoid? 

Unfortunately, there are several Delta 8 brands you should avoid. Stay away from any company that fails to provide full panel labs with their products. Full panel labs typically include cannabinoid potency, pesticides, microbials, residual solvents and heavy metals. This is the most important thing to look for before buying Delta 8. If a company does not publish full panel labs on their site, they should be avoided at all costs.

Will Delta-8 THC cartridges help with anxiety? 

It’s been purported by many users to relax the body, while allowing them to feel mentally focused and clear-headed. 

This means Delta-8 THC can help stimulate relaxation and relief, without feeling anxious or glued to the couch. 

Are Delta-8 THC cartridges legal?

Federally, yes!

Amazingly, the 2018 Farm Bill unequivocally legalized hemp on a federal level. This includes all of hemp’s derivatives (like Delta-8 THC), but with the exception of Delta-9 THC. 

However, because of the certain sections within the 2018 Farm Bill, individual states are allowed to set their own laws regarding anything hemp and marijuana-related. 

For these reasons, Delta-8 THC is illegal in the following states: 

  • Alaska
  • Arizona
  • Arkansas
  • Colorado 
  • Delaware 
  • Idaho 
  • Iowa
  • Mississippi
  • Montana
  • Rhode Island 
  • Utah

How should I store a Delta-8 THC cartridge? 

It’s best to store your Delta-8 THC carts at room temperature, away from direct sunlight. Cartridges have also been known to leak if left in hot temps.

To get the most and longest shelf life out of your Delta-8 THC carts, store them in a cool, dark, dry place.

Final Thoughts

There are many other reputable Delta-8 brands on the market, but the best Delta-8 brands do more than just have their products thoroughly third-party tested and accurately labeled. They tap into the needs and wants of their customers, thus creating products that are not only safe to consume, but highly effective and convenient to use. 

Remember, when starting with a new cannabinoid, it’s always best to start slow and with a low dosage. You can always increase it over time. 

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