Best Delta-8 THC Edibles & Gummies – Top Brands Reviewed [2021]

The cannabis industry has come a long way in the last few years. Not only have we seen a huge demand for high quality CBD products, but it seems more people are exploring the benefits of lesser known cannabinoids, like CBN, CBG, CBC, and now, the ever-so-therapeutic Delta 8 THC.

Now, for those who aren’t aware of what Delta 8 THC is, don’t worry.

Believe it or not, there are many variations of THC.

First, there’s Delta 9. It’s the cannabinoid most people are aware of when they think “high”, “stoned”, or “paranoid”. Amazingly, this cannabinoid is the most prominent cannabinoid found in cannabis plants, which includes both marijuana and hemp.

Then there’s Delta 8, a rare cannabinoid that offers therapeutic effects similar to CBD and Delta 9.

While it does get its users high, it’s much more mellow and far more subtle than Delta 9.

In fact, Delta 8 users often report feeling incredibly calm, with total mental clarity.

There’s only one issue… Delta 8 only exists in the cannabis plants at 1% volume or less. 

Which means, in order to get any kind of value from Delta 8, brands need a whole lot of hemp to extract higher volumes of Delta 8, and that isn’t cheap. It also means that high quality Delta 8 can be hard to find.

Thankfully, there are some reputable brands in the Delta 8 industry that have gained a lot of attention.

You’ve likely come across a lot of Delta 8 products like Delta 8 vape carts, flower, and Delta 8 tinctures. While those products are amazing, not everyone enjoys that form of consumption.

This is why a few reputable companies aren’t just focusing on vaporizers and tinctures. In fact, a lot of their focus has shifted to edibles like gummies, cookies, brownies, honey sticks and pure chocolate.

And here’s the best part…

We have inside info on who these reputable companies are.

So without further ado, let’s explore the…

Best Delta 8 Edibles & Gummies

  1. 3Chi – Best gummies & brownies
  2. Harbor City Hemp – Best chocolates
  3. Snapdragon Hemp – Best baked edibles  


Every now and then there’s a company that sets truly high standards for premium quality Delta 8 edibles.

That company is 3Chi.

When we say high standards, we don’t just mean tasty, affordable, and effective. We also mean well formulated, third party tested, and accurately labeled.

In fact, you may be surprised to learn that 3Chi was the very first company to introduce America to Delta 8 in the first place. To this day, they remain the leading Delta 8 brand in the entire cannabis industry.

For those reasons alone, you’d think that’s why 3Chi comes in at number one on our list. But as it turns out, 3Chi has the tastiest Delta 8 gummies and edibles on the market to date.

In our experience, we’ve tried several Delta 8 gummies that sort of taste like medicine. They even leave a weird aftertaste, which is no fun for anyone.

This is not the case with 3Chi. Their Delta 8 gummies are not only sweet and satisfying, but they are reasonably priced and highly effective.

Now if gummies aren’t your choice, 3Chi just recently added Delta 8 brownies, cookies, cereal treats, and Delta 8 ball candies. So they have something for everyone.

If you’re ready to experience the awesome effects of Delta 8 from the company who started it all, then try 3Chi now.

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Harbor City Hemp

Like 3Chi, Harbor City Hemp follows similar standards when it comes to their Delta 8 edibles. They focus on high quality edibles that are meticulously third party tested before they hit the market.

In fact, they have such strict standards for their Delta 8 edibles that it caught the attention of the highly acclaimed Great CBD Shop, which is a one-stop online marketplace for all your Delta 8 THC needs. There you’ll find an assortment of only the best Delta 8 brands on the market today.

We talked a little about Delta 8 gummies and other edibles above, but what really caught our attention about Harbor City Hemp is their Delta 8 chocolates.

What’s awesome about their chocolates? You can buy them in increments of 25 MG, which makes it easier to achieve the perfect dose.

What’s more, they even offer both dark and milk chocolate. Not to mention, they’re the only Delta 8 brand to offer Delta 8 infused peanut butter nuggets. So if chocolate isn’t your cup of tea, then they have you covered with their peanut butter treats.

There’s only one issue with these edibles: they sell out very quickly. So we advise you to shop now to ensure you get first dibs on the most decadent Delta 8 chocolates and peanut butter nuggets you’ve ever tried.

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Snapdragon Hemp

Last but certainly not least, we have Snapdragon Hemp, the company with the most unique Delta 8 edibles on market. 

Now, there are many reasons we love Snapdragon Hemp…

For one, they also abide by strict guidelines and standards when formulating and testing their Delta 8 products.

Secondly, they’ve also caught the eye of the highly renowned Great CBD Shop.

And third, Snapdragon Hemp is the only Delta 8 brand we’ve come across that offers truly unique Delta 8 edibles. They go far beyond the traditional gummy or brownie, though they do carry both of those edibles… and let’s just say, they’re amazing!

As for their more unique Delta 8 edibles, they offer Delta 8 honey sticks, cookies, cereal treats, honey jars, coffee, and lemon pound cakes.

Bear in mind that their Delta 8 coffee and lemon pound cakes are often out of stock, so when you see them available, be the first to place an order before they’re out of stock again.

That said, you really can’t go wrong with Snapdragon Hemp. Honestly, their Delta 8 honey sticks and jars are so versatile. You can add some to a cup of tea, a bowl of oats, or use some to sweeten up a bland recipe. Whenever you’re ready to try Delta 8 edibles, we highly recommend Snapdragon Hemp.

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Delta 8 FAQs

As with any new cannabinoid, we understand you may have questions. So we’ve answered some of the most common questions below.

Do Delta 8 edibles get you high?

Yes. But as we mentioned before, Delta 8 edibles are much more subtle and calming.

Are Delta 8 edibles potent?

They can be. Typically, Delta 8 edibles come in doses of 25mg to 40mg.

However, for beginners, we recommend starting at a lower dose of 10mg and to give it a couple hours before redosing. Give your body time to respond to Delta 8. 

Will 10 mg of Delta 8 get you high?

It depends. If you’re new to Delta 8, then it’s likely that 10 mg will get you high. However, weight, tolerance, and metabolism all play a role in how many milligrams of Delta 8 will actually get you high.

What is the strongest Delta 8 edible?

To date, Snapdragon Hemp currently has the strongest Delta 8 edible on the market: 250mg Delta 8 Brownie.

However, we do not recommend this particular Delta 8 edible for beginners.

How long do Delta 8 edibles take to kick in?

Effects typically occur within 30-45min, but the peak effect may take up to 2 hours. All the more reason to go slow.

Can I buy Delta 8 edibles online?

Yes, Delta 8 edibles can be purchased online. We recommend only purchasing from reputable companies like the ones mentioned above.


Because Delta 8 is a highly therapeutic cannabinoid, many people have been welcoming it with open arms, and now with the focus to create unique and effective Delta 8 edibles, everyone can have the opportunity to explore just how beneficial this cannabinoid can be for them.

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