Best Kratom Vendors Online with Reviews

Many of you may have heard or read about Kratom and its amazing qualities. And you may have heard about the downsides of overuse or misuse. There is also the concern of fake or even synthetic chemicals entering the market and being peddled as “genuine” kratom.

That is exactly why you, as consumers, need to be extra careful while buying kratom or giving it to someone you care about. It is very easy to dupe unwary customers who are only expecting to see some green- or red-colored powder, thinking it is the magical cure for pain, inflammation, sleeplessness, anxiety, or plain exhaustion.

While many users who have experienced genuine kratom say that it can truly so all those things, inexperienced customers may easily be duped. To make sure you are getting what you rightfully deserve as a customer, you need to know what to look for in a product. Admittedly, that is quite difficult for most users.

That is why we have done all the heavy lifting for you!

But we must warn you to never be complacent when it comes to matters of your health or that of your loved ones. We would always recommend you do your homework properly before you set to buy your first (or even your next) pack of kratom extract, powder, or capsules.

Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa) is a tropical tree with a long history of traditional use in Africa and Southeast Asia… Its leaves and the tea brewed from them have long been used by people in this region to manage pain and opioid-withdrawal and stave off fatigue.

How to Find the Best Kratom Vendors: Decisive Factors

Owing to the rising popularity and demand for Kratom, a lot of brands – both big and small – have come up. Consumers need to be well informed and alert to avoid getting duped by vendors peddling fake or synthetic products.

If you want good quality kratom products, you should be able to identify one. For that, you must know what to look for in a product and its brand in order to gauge its authenticity and quality.

And that requires a lot of research! Certainly, that’s not easy and is very time-consuming, too! Nonetheless, to make things easier for you, we have cited a few easy, yet essential factors that determine whether a product is dependable or not.

1.     Find Out About the Local Laws on Kratom

While buying from local stores, you must remember that the products available there will be governed by what is permissible by law. Since DEA regulations forbid kratom sale, local sellers claiming to offer you high strains of kratom are most likely trying to scam you into buying something fake or even synthetic (that can have negative repercussions on your health and even prove to be fatal). Unfortunately, you can’t even take any legal action against such rogue sellers if something goes wrong. It is safest to buy online where you can check for quality markers and make sure they deliver to your location as well.

2.     Read the Labels Carefully

Make sure the kratom product you’re buying is genuine. If they are, they should come in labeled packaging, with all essential information regarding the product clearly printed on the label.

Besides the ingredients, it should contain the storage, usage, and shelf life information. This will let you know about all the safety issues that you may encounter while using Kratom.

3.     Check for Lab-Tested Authenticity Certification

Genuine kratom dealers always publicly declare their authenticity certificate. If it is not immediately available, you should first ask for it before you buy it. Usually, while buying online, you can approach the brand/company, requesting for the certifications and lab results. If they oblige, you can be sure that they are doing something right. Then check these certificates and reports carefully. These would contain small hints here and there that will confirm its legitimacy and quality.

4.     Look for Positive Reviews

Admittedly, this is a tedious task. Nonetheless, it is useful and even essential to check customer reviews and company records before you buy anything. It is usually easier to do so when you’re buying online (almost impossible to do so when you’re at a local store hoping the storekeeper to inform you about the product). Most reputed kratom dealers and brands will provide you with complete details about their brand, their services, products, performance, and overall rating. Most genuine brands make such information readily available to the public on demand.

5.     Enquire about the Manufacturer(s)

Between the brand and the stores, there is a middle man – the manufacturer. While some brands do the manufacturing themselves, others outsource it. If the kratom store you’re buying from (locally) is authentic, it should be able to provide you with information about their manufacturer. All genuine products come with a batch or lot numbers printed on the label that you can use to ascertain more information about the product. These will give you enough information about who made the product. Then you can use this information to look up for more information about the manufacturer and its practices. Learn as much as you can before committing to a brand or product.

Remember that this is a matter of your health and that of your loved ones. Never take this lightly. As a consumer, make absolutely sure that you are getting the best of what you are being promised.

[Note: These points must be kept in mind no matter where you buy it – locally at head shops and gas stations or online.]

The Best Online Kratom Vendors – 2020

1.   Coastline Kratom

Coastline Kratom, a Florida-based kratom brand, happens to be one of the leading Kratom vendors in the US. Its wide variety of high-quality products and fair prices are proof of its dedication and commitment to its customers. Besides, Coastline’s merchandise includes products made from different high-quality strains of kratom. This brand has gained respect and popularity across the US, as well as abroad.

In a marketplace filled with fly-by-night operators, Coastline maintains its quality standards by sourcing the highest-quality kratom strains from genuine Southeast Asian kratom farmers and selling the purest, cleanest, and the most potent kratom products in the current market.

The brand also maintains high standards of transparency concerning its practices and operations. Besides its powdered extracts of different kratom strains, Coastline also markets live plants to allow customers to grow them in their own homes.

  • Quality: Very High Quality. Fine kratom extract powder sourced from only mature trees. The products contain less than 0.3% THC.
  • Strains: Bali kratom, Borneo kratom, Horned kratom, Maeng Da kratom, and Malay kratom.
  • Product Types: Capsules (50gm/capsule) & Fine Powder (28gm/pack)
  • Shipping: Free domestic shipping to all 50 states in the US on orders worth over $75. All orders ship within the day, as long as the orders are placed within 3pm EST.
  • Return & Refund: 90-day no-questions-asked full money-back guarantee (only within the US, the policy doesn’t apply for international shipments). Products have to be returned to Coastline Kratom, 106 Countryside St, Supply, NC  28462, for exchanges or refunds. An email must be sent soon after to, informing the company of the order’s return, along with its tracking number. The company will initiate a refund or exchange as soon as it notices any movement on the tracker.
  • Prices: Competitive, fair-priced. $12.99 – $79.99 (depending on the strain, product form, and quantity)

If you wish to check out their collection, You can buy kratom here.

2.   Kats Botanicals

Known for selling organic, ethically harvested (cultivated in Indonesia) kratom extracts, Kats Botanicals’ products are high in quality, made only from mature kratom leaves, also tested for purity and safety by reputed third-party labs in the US.

Kats Botanicals sells different kinds of kratom products made from a variety of kratom strains. It manufactures and markets kratom crystals, powders, raw leaf extracts, stem and vein powdered extracts, crushed leaves, as well as soaps of different aroma variants (that contain several other botanical extracts, such as citrus, vanilla, violet leaves, eucalyptus, and mint).

Kats has recently entered the CBD market as well. Besides, it also sells curcumin (turmeric) products and shilajit (an Ayurvedic formulation made from herbs and minerals, known to be indigenously effective in boosting energy, sexual drive, immunity, memory, and lowering pain and inflammation.)

Two major drawbacks about Kats Botanicals are that some customers have complained about the bad taste of its products and most customers often notice “Out of Stock” posted on a majority of their product pages.

  • Quality: Comparatively High Quality. Tested by Third-Party Labs.
  • Strains: A wide range of strains that include Green Maeng Da, Green Sunda, White Maeng Da, Wild Red Bali, Wild Red Vietnam, among others.
  • Product Types: Crystals, powders, raw leaf extracts, stem and vein powdered extracts, crushed leaves, and soaps (of three different aromas)
  • Shipping: Free Shipping for orders worth more than $100 across the US. Ships to all 50 states.
  • Return & Refund: Full Refund (and exchange) for US Customers. But the products must be sent back with not more than 80% used. In cases of both refunds and exchanges, the package must be sent back to Kats Botanicals, 61 Maria Drive, Hillsdale, New Jersey 07642, along with the payment receipt and original packaging. Note: The brand offers no refund on sale items.
  • Prices: Fairly priced. $7.99 – $31.99 (depending on the strain, quantity, and type of product)

#3 PurKratom

PurKratom is among the few brands of kratom vendors that are recognized by the American Kratom Association (AKA) for its GMP Standard compliance. This certification testifies for the brand’s superior-quality products. Besides, PurKratom also offers one of the best selections in kratom products in the market.

Apart from being third-party lab tested (the results of which are posted on the brand website), PurKratom promises both quality and consistency of its products.

One of the most unique qualities of this brand is that it offers 22 different kratom strains in both its capsules and powders (all of which are available on its e-commerce website). Besides buying these products separately, you can also purchase variety (combo) packs from the website. These variety packs allow you to get an all-purpose pack at a much lower price.

PurKratom is clearly committed to its customers. If customers face any issues with their orders, they can look up the FAQs on the website to get their queries answered. If they are not satisfied, they can simply call the customer support team on the company helpline number 800-985-6429 or send an email to

For easy access or instant reply to queries, one can also visit the brand’s Contact Us page.

  • Quality: Very High Quality. GMP-Certified, Lab-Tested Kratom Extracts.
  • Strains: The brand offers about 22 different strains of kratom through its website, including Red-, Green-, White-, Yellow-, and Gold-vein strains, including Premium Green Malay, Green Kapuas Kratom, Green Horn, Green Thai Kratom, Premium Red Malay, Red Vein, Green Maeng Da, Premium Bali, White Bali, Red Bali, Red Malay, White Maeng Da, Green Vein Indo, and White Sumatra.
  • Product Types/Forms: Capsules (50 capsules, 500 gm Kratom each) & Powder (28 gm – 1kg per pack)
  • Shipping: Free shipping (Fist Class 3-5 business days) across the US (all 50 states). Same-day shipping for all orders made before 3pm EST on weekdays (they do not ship on weekends and holidays). Other paid services are Priority (2-3 business days), Priority Express (1-2 business days). They also have the usual UPS services.
  • Return: 30-day full money-back guarantee. Refunds may take around 3-5 business days after the items/packages reach the company facility.
  • Prices: $12.99 to $20.99 per pack/bottle (depending on strain & product type). Prices of variety packs depend on the product combo selected.

Are These Online Kratom Vendors Better Than Local Ones?

When you buy online, you can be sure you’re getting the best quality kratom products. Particularly, if you are a new user, it is safest to rely on online brands that offer its certifications and lab results on their brand portals.

If we must break down the reasons as to why online brands are better, safer, and genuine, this is how it goes:

  • You can carry out adequate research on the brands, their reputation, their products, their services, their performance, and overall ratings.
  • You can go over the different varieties of kratom products and strains available with each brand, and then check out their benefits before you make up your mind about what you want or need.
  • You can also check out lab-test reports of products before purchasing them.
  • You can study the labels and authenticity certification on their website or ask for them before you buy them.
  • You can also check out what other customers are saying about their products.
  • You also have the luxury of finding out more about the farming source and practices, the manufacturers, their practices, and processed employed to make the products, as well as about labs employed to make and test the products before you decide on the brand of kratom to buy online.

Final Thoughts

Online kratom stores are the best and the safest way to buy kratom in today’s marketplace. This keeps the pressure on the brands to compete with other reputed kratom brands for the quality and affordability of their products, ensuring consumers get the best quality products at a fair price.

While kratom stores near you may get you an instant supply of kratom products (that may do you more harm than good), a little patience will ensure you get genuine, safe, and high-quality kratom from online brand stores. Most online stores offer free shipping as well. And even if you do have to pay for shipping, the amount is small enough if you consider the convenience of getting it delivered to your doorstep and the quality of the products you receive.

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