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Life is both beautiful and uncertain. We get stuck at such a juncture in life, more often than never, that we are unaware of the future. We need a little reassurance and encouragement in times like these on what the future holds in store for us. That is why millions of individuals opt for services every year, both online and offline, such as psychic readings, tarot card reading, and the like. The prices for these services are dependent on the quality of service the customers offer and the length of the meetings. There are countless free online platforms available, however, which provide psychic reading services via email, chat, or call. Free services are offered on such platforms for only a short period of time. These programs will help you shape your future and get to where you emotionally want to be, through psychic wisdom and guidance.

What is the difference between tarot card reading online and offline tarot card reading?

It is a known fact that tarot card reading sessions are highly personal and rely largely on the vibes generated between the customer and the reader of the tarot. Although online platforms are open to a multitude of different tarot readers, in-person tarot card readers are restricted to your place. Moreover, online tarot readings are convenient and accessible at any time that suits your schedule. Therefore, although in-person tarot readings are somewhat more effective, online tarot card readings are more convenient for the clients.

Personally, I have been trying tarot card readings for the past five years now. It gives me a clear idea of what the future holds for me, and be somewhat prepared. I have tried numerous online tarot reading services like Oranum, Kasamba, Keen, and more.

Best Sites For Accurate Tarot Cards Reading Online

Although there are a large number of love psychics available online, it is important to choose a service that is authentic, trustworthy, and customer-friendly in nature. With so many choices available at the click of a mouse, selecting a genuine tarot reading location is always difficult. 

Having explored a plethora of options in the field of online tarot reading, I have discovered that while some sites have excellent tarot card readers who are experienced and knowledgeable, some sites, especially free tarot reading sites, are inaccurate and a complete waste of time and money. A list of some of my suggestions for some of the best online tarot card reading services is given below:

kasamba – Best For Love Tarot Reading by Experienced Psychics (3 Free Minutes + 70% Off) 

Keen – Best For Accurate Tarot Readings Online (10 Minutes For Just $1.99!)

Psychic Source– Real & Accurate Live Tarot Readers (Only $0.66 per minute + 3 first minutes free)

Oranum – Best For Angel Cards and Cartomancy (Special Offer – 10 minutes free trial)


Kasamba has been committed to providing genuine and quality free psychic love reading services through email, calls, and live chat for more than twenty years now. The authenticity and reliability of their services are testaments to millions of happy reviews of the services. The team of highly experienced and trained psychics provides clients with authentic services. In addition, the safety of customers is of vital importance to the Kasamba team.

Kasamba is one of the best sites for an online love tarot reading. The users are granted three free minutes of consultation with the tarot card readers so that they can choose whoever suits them the best. Moreover, discounts up to 70% are provided to clients.

Here are some of the key features of Kasamba:

  • Best Match Guaranteed: To help clients find their soulmate, the love psychics at  Kasamba take utmost care.
  • Quality Services: For over twenty years, the team of love tarot card reading psychics at Kasamba has been offering quality love psychic readings.
  • Kasamba boasts over four million positive reviews and comments on its services.
  • Guaranteed satisfaction: For Kasamba, the satisfaction of the customer is of prime importance. If consumers are not happy with the service, they are entitled to a refund.
  • Global Services: Kasamba ensures that clients only have the best love psychics available from all over the globe.
  • Private and Secure Services: Customers’ privacy is religiously secured by 100% anonymous and confidential payments via SSL secure payments by the team at Kasamba.
  • On their first session, new clients get up to 50 percent off.

Kasamba has become one of the best sites for online psychic readings with a broad variety of credible services, such as tarot card readings, crystal readings, aura readings, rune casting, remote viewing, astrology readings, and the like. In terms of marriage, romance, and overall emotional well-being, the love tarot reading psychics at Kasamba offer useful insights into your life and what the future holds for you.

Kasamba has helped over 3 million people find true love, real insights into the future, and happiness since its inception in 1999. The psychics take genuine care to use their special abilities to help consumers get real answers to their questions. The services are provided by certified and authentic psychics and therefore, Kasamba is a trustworthy platform for online psychic readings by phone or chat.

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Keen Psychics

Keen Psychics,  This is a network of highly talented spiritual advisors, with an objective to help empower the lives of people. They help customers gain insight into their future and find their life’s meaning. Keen Psychics provides a number of online services such as tarot card reading online, psychic mediums, astrology guidance, financial advice, spiritual readings, and love and relationships. Since 1999, they have been offering trustworthy services and have benefited from their services to more than 35 million people. For over two decades now, by intuitive guidance, they have been offering clarity and are one of the psychic industry’s leading sites.

Their services, depending on the psychic that the client prefers, are fairly priced from $1.99 and $3.99 per minute. Moreover, they provide 10 minutes of reading for just $1.99 along with three free minutes for first-time clients! The services provided by Keen can be used by you Via mobile, online chat, and video chat for psychics. This is one of the best sites for trustworthy on-line tarot readings, according to thousands of positive reviews.

Here are some of Keen Psychics best features:

  • Customers will interact with the industry’s best online tarot card readers who guarantee satisfaction for customers.
  • They can call the Customer Support Team toll-free or make a web support request if the customers are not happy with the services offered. 
  • Customers should turn to reviews and user ratings that allow customers to select their psychics.
  • Feedback and reviews from the clients provide honest insights into a user’s experience and how satisfied they have been with the services provided.
  • They offer a wide variety of choices for filtering so
  • that consumers can select advisors who meet their unique requirements.
  • You can sort by type, customer rating, rates, specialization, and more based on it.
  • Each advisor has a profile page of their own that consists of feedback and ratings left for them by previous customers.
  • Safety: The safety of the clients is of prime importance to the team at Keen Psychics. Personal information of the clients such as email address, phone number, and the like are safe and every transaction made is anonymous and safe. Clients need to enter their personal information and payment details only once. Moreover, the sessions are highly confidential and clients need not worry about unwarranted leaks of information.
  • There are more than 1700 psychics to choose from, with a variety of specialties to choose from.
  • Their services are available via a mobile app as well.
  • If the clients do not like their services, Keen reimburses for up to $25 dollars in terms of site credits.

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Psychic Source 

Psychic Source:  This is one of the oldest companies in this industry, with more than thirty years of experience. Personally, this is where clients can find the best love tarot readings. Established in 1989, this site has been providing online accurate tarot readings for a long time now. Their services are available by phone, chat, and live video. This site provides three minutes of free reading and rates as low as $0.66 per minute for first-time customers. Following are some of the most special features of this online tarot reading services:

  • “Find a Psychic” Tool: This tool helps clients locate the right psychics. Clients only have to answer a few questions and they are directed to find the right match for the client by hundreds of psychics.
  • A variety of services are given, such as reading astrology, reading tarot, analyzing visions, healing energies, spiritual reading, psychic career services, and more.
  • It is easy to sort the psychics by subject knowledge, customer reviews, divination tools, and cost.
  • The psychics are helpful to the customers, reliable, and caring.
  • Strict quality levels at Psychic Source are maintained by the team.
  • The services provided by Psychic Source are more accessible as opposed to other psychic sites in the industry. This platform offers free reading for three minutes and rates as low as $0.66 per minute.
  • The advisors are carefully tested for their capability and authenticity and screened.
  • Reading is free if the client is not happy with the services offered by the psychics.
  • They offer a cent percent satisfaction rate. If the clients don’t like their services, they are entitled to a complete refund for the same

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Oranum: One of the most popular websites for online tarot card reading services is Oranum. As the platform offers up to 10 minutes of free readings, it is easy on the pockets. This site enables users to enter and choose a psychic of their liking for free.

There are various kinds of services available, such as angel cards, dream interpretation, reading tarot cards, palm reading, numerology, and much more.

Here are some of my favorite characteristics of this website:

  • Oranum provides a list of the top hundred live psychics who are available for consultation services. This helps clients choose from the best tarot card readers and psychics.
  • The site lets clients filter their search results when looking for a psychic according to their specific area of expertise.
  • Below each psychic, information about his or her rating, areas of expertise, known languages, and the like are displayed.
  • The psychics at Oranum aim to answer questions related to finances, love tarot, relationships, family issues, and much more. They are known to provide great clarity and insight into these issues.
  • Users can view a short video of each psychic by clicking on their names. This helps the users to choose a psychic that they like.
  • Oranum has a very effective customer service chat system. They dedicatedly help clients for issues about their membership, billing procedure, credits, and the like.
  • Oranum is your go-to option if you prefer online tarot card reading services via video chat instead of messages or phone calls.

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Questions about Tarot Cards

Before you opt for an online or in-person tarot card reading service, it is important that you are well aware of the basic concepts and how it works. While some people are already aware of the nuances of tarot card reading services, many people have important questions regarding the same. Following are some of the most commonly asked questions about tarot cards:

What is a Tarot Card Reading? How does it work?

In simple terms, the process of getting valuable insights into the present, past, or future by the help of tarot cards is referred to as ‘tarot card reading’. According to expert tarot card readers, tarot cards are like storybooks of our life. They are the mirror to our soul and the inner wisdom of individuals.

What are the benefits of getting tarot readings online?

As mentioned earlier in the article, tarot card readings offer valuable insights into the life of an individual. It helps people answer material questions about their past, present, or future. While some may argue that tarot reading services are extremely personal and are most effective when done in-person, online tarot card reading services provide unlimited options to the clients to choose from. Moreover, online tarot card readings are provided via phone, video calls, or emails and can be accessed by clients at any point of time, as per their schedule.

What is present in tarot card decks?

The tarot card deck consists of 78 cards, each of which is associated with its own particular imagery, symbolism, and story. Out of the 78 cards, there are 22 major Arcana cards that represent the karmic and spiritual lessons of a person’s life. The 56 Minor Arcana cards symbolize the tribulations and trials that we, as human beings, face in our daily lives. Among the Minor Arcana cards, there are 16 Tarot Court Cards which represent 16 different personality traits that we express at different times. Moreover, the Minor Arcana also consists of 40 numbered cards which are organized into 4 Suits of 10 cards each. These represent the different situations that we encounter in our daily lives.

A mix of the major and minor arcana cards, along with specific cards from each deck, helps the reader to interpret detailed insights on your past, present, and future.

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What is some common advice for your tarot card readings?

What type of tarot card reader suits you depends on your personal needs and the skillset of the tarot card readers. Before choosing a tarot card reader, opt for the free minutes of consultation that are provided by almost every website in this industry. This helps the clients to understand if the chosen psychic suits their personal requirements and is able to help them achieve their desired results. Moreover, always take note of the ratings and reviews that your chosen psychic has received before deciding to opt for his or her services. Customer ratings and reviews help clients in getting first-hand knowledge about the real experiences of other clients who chose the same psychic.

Always remember that tarot readings are not supposed to provide you definitive answers about your future. Ensure that you are the focal point during your tarot card reading, whether online or in-person. A tarot card reading is supposed to assist you in making material life choices.

Which is better, online tarot reading or a reading in-person?

Personally, I feel that getting a tarot card reading service is a personal experience and depends on the vibes created between the reader and the client. It is absolutely possible to achieve that same connection in online tarot reading services. With the availability of thousands of online tarot card readers on different websites, clients can choose from a plethora of options and are not limited by their geographical location. Moreover, the clients can avail of the online services via chat, call, or video chat at any point of time, as per their convenience. The best feature about online tarot card reading services is that clients can get sample readings from different online psychics for free before choosing the psychic that suits them the best. In matters of convenience and variety of options, online tarot card reading services are definitely better.

Are live tarot readings over the phone accurate?

The accuracy of tarot readings depends on the skillset, experience, and reliability of the tarot card readers you choose.  Live tarot readings over the phone can prove to be accurate and beneficial for clients provided they set out sufficient time for the same, choose a psychic who is an expert in the desired field, and is genuine. Verify the authenticity of the website and the tarot reader you choose by the ratings and reviews provided by past clients. Also, with the availability of numerous options online, you can choose an advisor that suits your personal requirements and is experienced. Make sure to choose only genuine websites while choosing your tarot reader. Just because the reading is conducted over the phone, it doesn’t mean that the spiritual abilities and gifts or tarot card readers are compromised.

What is the legitimacy of free tarot readings?

Tarot card reading online is a special skill that readers spend years to master. So, it is a known fact that no genuine tarot card reader would choose to offer their services, completely free of cost. Sites that offer completely free services are the ones that provide clients with auto-generated scripts in place of accurate and legitimate tarot readings. They lack details, nuance, and a personal touch.

Most of the popular websites offer only a limited amount of free tarot card reading services from the tarot card readers so that the clients can choose according to their needs. After the expiry of this time, readings are chargeable as per the rates of the psychic chosen. If you opt for genuine readers from authentic websites like Kasamba, Oranum, Keen Psychics, and the like, most likely the services provided in the limited free online tarot readings are legitimate.

What is a Love Tarot card?

The love tarot, better known as The Lovers (VI), is the sixth Major Arcana card in a traditional tarot cards deck.  In certain traditions, love tarot reading represents relationships and choices. The presence of a love tarot card in a spread indicates decisions regarding existing relationships, choice of potential partners, or the desires and temptations of the heart. It is associated with the star sign Gemini and is also known as the Twins in some decks. Traditionally this card depicted a well-dressed couple receiving blessings of the union from a king. The sun is in the background, along with cupids with bows and arrows.  This is probably based on the appearance of Catholic marriage and the prohibition of divorce. It evolved into Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, with the publication of the Rider-Waite-Smith (RWS) Tarot deck in 1910. This shift was to accommodate the changes in contemporary times as tarot card readings are not so heavily influenced by Catholicism anymore. However, the Sun was retained in the modern love tarot as it is known to bring abundance, success, fertility, and growth.

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How accurate are free tarot reading sites?

The accuracy of any tarot reading, whether conducted online or in-person, depends on the reader. The accuracy of free tarot reading sites is largely dependent on the readers’ different styles of tarot reading, predispositions towards certain cards, and tendencies towards the different spreads. If the reader comes with a lot of experience, knowledge, and practice, the reading is likely to be accurate, whether it is free or not. Sites that provide computer-generated readings are not accurate as these are simply based on user algorithms. If the free tarot reading is provided by an experienced and expert reader, the readings are accurate in all probability.

Can online tarot readings predict your future?

To start with, tarot is not all about telling your future. It is well-known that the future is uncertain and online tarot reading services do not predict the future. In the simplest sense, tarot cards tell stories about the different cycles of our lives. The cards in a tarot deck do not necessarily represent the client in a given reading. However, they might represent someone else in our lives or even represent general issues. Tarot reading is a complex procedure and every reading is different from the others. There are numerous ways of interpreting tarot cards and the methodology used by tarot readers to interpret the interaction of cards varies from person to person. Tarot is more about offering insights into the future instead of predictions and may bring up more open-ended questions instead of answers.

Tarot card readings help clients in gaining useful insights into their future. For example, if the tarot reading reveals something positive about the future, clients are inclined to work more efficiently towards it. If something negative is revealed, clients can prepare themselves for the ups and downs in the future. It must be borne in mind that tarot readings are not supposed to provide accurate predictions about your future in terms of relationships, finances, family issues, and so on. Tarot reading services are supposed to reveal more open-minded questions than providing definite answers about the present, past, and future.

When opting for online tarot card readings, make sure to thoroughly examine the authenticity of the website and that of the tarot readers. Although some websites provide free tarot readings online and may seem extremely lucrative for clients, these readings are seldom genuine and are mostly auto-generated scripts. Remember, tarot card reading is an extremely personal experience.

While opting for online tarot reading services, make sure that the sites you choose are safe. This is because tarot reading services often require sharing of personal information about the clients and payments for such services require the sharing of bank account information. If you choose a shady website for tarot readings solely for the cheap prices or free services, there is a high chance of data being leaked and the clients’ safety is compromised. So, beware of fake websites and fake tarot readers. These sites not only waste resources, but can also prove to be dangerous.

The sites recommended by me, earlier in the article, are some trustworthy and genuine tarot reading sites for you to choose from. These sites are authentic, pocket-friendly, secure, and offer a variety of different types of services. Moreover, these sites have attractive offers for new users.

Join Kasamba now and get advice on your love life, relationships, or the future, click here and get started!

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