Best Rolling Paper and Cone Brands In 2021

With five states passing new cannabis legalization measures, weed is becoming more popular (and commonplace) than ever. In 2021, these new cannabis measures will be put in place, and new smokers will be looking for a quality rolling paper and cone brand to rely on. 

To help you weed out the subpar products from the great ones, we’ve crafted a list of the best rolling papers and cone brands for you to smoke in 2021. Each one of these brands provides a wonderfully smooth smoke for newbies and cannabis connoisseurs alike. 

Best Brands to Roll Up With In 2021

Pure Hemp Rolling Papers

A great way to ring in the new year and stick to your newfound healthy habits is to turn to hemp rolling papers. Pure Hemp is a brand that, as the name suggests, uses 100% premium hemp pulp to craft their eco-friendly papers. These rolling papers are known to burn slowly and produce very little ash, creating a comfortable and clean sesh. 

Pure Hemp offers both rolling papers and pre-rolled cones, some classic and others unbleached. No matter what you want from your all-natural joints, Pure Hemp provides it. 

Zig Zag Rolling Papers

Zig Zag is one of the world’s first and best rolling paper brands, continuing to make waves in the smoking community even after all these years. The brand makes these traditional papers with natural fibers, not the easiest to roll, but they sure burn nicely. You can buy papers to roll and pack yourself or purchase some Zig Zag pre-rolled cones to make the process even easier. 

In general, it’s hard not to love these classic cones. While their overall design could be a bit better, Zig Zags are still staples in the cannabis world that should continue to be appreciated in 2021. 

Raw Pre-Rolled Cones and Rolling Papers

If you’ve ever smoked a joint before, there’s a pretty high chance you were smoking from a Raw pre-rolled cone. The Raw brand is extremely popular, known for its straightforward, easy-to-use design. Many brands utilize flimsy papers that struggle to support your bud, but not Raw. Raw’s rolling papers are sought after specifically because of their convenience and ease. 

From their classic cones to hemp papers, this is one brand you can always count on. If you’re looking for some basic yet high-quality cones to smoke from in the new year, Raw’s are truly some of the best.

Raw cones use a hemp paper filter tip that does a decent job at not letting herbs through it, but sometimes tiny little pieces can still fall out. Many other cones from popular brands such as Elements primarily use paper filter tips. However, some unique types of filters are more effective, such as Corn husk from King Palm.

King Palm Pre-Rolled Cones

While these other brands are great, none of them compare to the King Palm pre-rolled cones. King Palm makes their incredible pre-rolled leaf cones with organic Cordia palm leaves, resulting in an all-natural, slow-burning smoke. Their cones don’t contain any tobacco or chemicals, so you can enjoy the pure flavors of your bud without interruption. 

These cones come in a variety of sizes, holding anywhere from half a gram to five whole grams. With options like these, there’s a roll for every mood, occasion, and smoker. Whether you buy the smallest size roll or the largest, your pre-rolled palm wrap will burn slowly and evenly all the same. The wraps come already rolled and with an all-natural bamboo stick to make packing practically effortless. All in all, the King Palm pre-rolled cones are completely organic, pack massive amounts of flower with ease, and burn nicer than any other pre-rolled cone or blunt wrap out there. 

Advantages to using a leaf cone compared to rolling papers include a much smoother smoking experience, and no resin will seep out because of the corn husk filter tip—plenty of enough reasons that won King Palm a High Times award. It’s easy to see why we think they’re the best pre-rolled cone brand to smoke in 2021.

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