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With the boom in the virtual world due to exceptional development and new inventions in the technologies, the need and demand for virtual psychic reading like online tarot card reading is emerging rapidly. Firstly let’s understand what psychic reading is and why we need it. Psychic reading is a process in which an expert will tell the upcoming ups and downs in your life by using all the experience he/she has in their particular psychic reading technique. The psychic experts use their knowledge and general instructions to tell the customers about what to do and what not. Some people think that a psychic reading is only helpful for the ones who are suffering from some sort of mental disorder but this is completely untrue. Many people who are physically fit use psychic reading techniques to predict their future. Talking about the future, anyone can easily say that these kinds of things are fake and people always waste their money on them, but many people got some unbelievable inputs by using psycho reading sessions. 

A psychic expert doesn’t charge you an unexceptional high amount per session and also doesn’t push you towards negativity, the basic work of a psychic expert is just to motivate you and introduce you to your inner self. Taking a proper introduction to our inner self is always helpful for us and it is rated one of the hardest things in life because we all thought that we completely know ourselves, but this seems untrue many times in our life. A psychic expert uses all his/her experience to introduce us to our inner soul which automatically opens many ways to resolve the issues we are facing in our life. Solving general issues in life like career problems, relationship issues, family conditions, and others are not always as big as we thought. People have to understand that panicking and overreacting to a particular situation always dilutes the confidence we have to resolve them and emerges tension in our minds. Now let’s take the help of psychic reading to understand our inner soul.

What is a psychic reading?

A psychic reading may be defined as a process that helps you to know yourself better and helps us to resolve what we are currently facing in our lives and will face in the future. There are many ways through which this process can take place like hand-reading, tarot card reading, astrology, dream interpretation, etc. All these methods will only be helpful for anyone if these methods are used by an experienced expert. Many people in our world follow these methods blindly without knowing what’s wrong is happening with them and this thing is completely unacceptable. Yes, following these things doesn’t harm you but blindly following without gaining all the information about the person whom you thought the man of God. Many illegal businesses run on the superstition that many people have on the ones that called themself the expert of psychic reading. These things lead people to lose faith in actual psychic reading. A genuine psychic reading expert always tells you that nothing is permanent in life and no one can tell you our future, all anyone can tell you is what is the right path to follow to have success in life and what is the path to always avoid. Now let’s talk about the most common psychic reading method used worldwide which is tarot card reading. 

Tarot card reading

One of the most common and popular ones is tarot card reading. In a tarot card reading the expert uses a special card he/she has to predict the instant future of the customer. Customers first have to choose 1 card between 3 general cards and also have to give some information about present life then the experts use their experience to conduct the psychic reading of the customer. The deck of these special cards is completely different from the one we use in our games. Finding these special cards is not a tough task as it will be available to old bookstores easily. People generally use these special cards just for entertainment purposes but only an expert can tell you the actual meaning behind your selected card.

After testing tons of tarot cards reading online services over the internet in the last few years, I can certainly say that some tarot readers I used were fake and a waste of time and money but some were accurate and trustworthy, so I came up with a list of the best 3 tarot cards online sites that you can trust at %100 using their tarot reader’s experts for an authenticity accurate reading. 

Best 3 sites for live & accurate tarot cards reading online:

Keen Psychics: The best for love & relationships tarot readings, Low $1.99 price for 10 minutes Only

Kasamba: The best for future tarot readings, Each reading comes with 3 free minutes and 70% off the first time 

Psychic Source: Best for angel card & cartomancy tarot readings, Start off with 3 free minutes, and get 75% off the entire service 

Keen Psychicslove & relationships tarot readings experts

Keen is a virtual psychic reading site that uses many methods of psychic reading like a tarot card, palm and forehead reading, dream interpretation, and others to help their customers. Keen has a lot of experts based on different genres like love, career, family, and economic conditions. All the experts on the Keen website have to undergo certain programs to prove their knowledge and experience. Keen utilizes the phone and chatting system completely and customers don’t have to face any problem in telling details to the experts. 

  • Experienced Experts Keen website always focuses on the knowledge and experience of their experts because it is the only thing which helps the customers to resolve the issues they are facing in their life. All the experts of Keen use special methods to perform psychic reading which involves the customer in a fun way.  
  • Wide genres Psychic reading experts of Keen are specialized experts in many genres like love, finance, career, destiny, family, relationship advice, etc. All the experts have their special field of expertise in which they can perform psychic reading processes more effectively than the others. Customers can select the genre in which he/she wants to take help and use psychic reading. 
  • Discount segments-  The discount programs and segments of the Keen website are one of the main features of this site. New customers will get a 10 minutes psychic reading session with the expert for just $1.99. Other discount programs also come at the time of festivals for all the customers. 

Kasamba- Master site for future tarot readings

Kasamba, as the name suggests, is a unique website for a psychic reading and this site is widely used around the globe due to its functionality and user-friendly operations. Kasamba is running in this industry for around 21 years and has emerged as the most superior site of virtual psychic reading based on the number of users. Almost 4 million people have already taken advice and help from 300+ Kasamba psychic experts. The success of the Kasamba site is based on the friendly nature of its experts and the knowledge and experience the experts have. Reading about the reviews of past customers of this site, anyone can easily say that this site is currently ruling the industry with ease. Let’s check out the special features of this tarot card and other methods of the psychic reading portal. 

  • Experts’ soft nature Kasamba site conducts many training and testing programs to train their experts to maintain the class this site already has. All the experts use soft nature to speak with their customers which automatically delivers calmness and scent of relaxation to the customers. 
  • Phone and chatting reading Kasamba psychic experts have experience in performing psychic reading methods like tarot cards and other ones over the phone or chatting system. The virtual world helps the experts to conduct their operations without the physical visit of the customer. 
  • Kasamba’s discount programs- Kasamba’s site delivers a free 3 minutes promotional video to the new customers which help the customers to understand the working process of the website. The price rate per minute of Kasamba is also quite affordable for all. 

Psychic Source- angel card & cartomancy tarot readings

Psychic Source is one of the top leading virtual psychic reading sites in the world which is ruling the world for around 30 years. According to many experts and customer reviews, the Psychic Source website uses fully authorized experts to conduct psychic reading and always satisfy their customers. Psychic Source uses many methods like tarot card reading, palm and forehead reading, distant reading, dream interpretation, numerology, and other methods. All these methods will only be performed by the experts on the Psychic Source website. 

  • 250+ experts with great knowledge- The experts on the Psychic Source site have to undergo many training and testing sessions to prove their knowledge and specialty in their particular field. All the experts have their particular field in which he/she can easily perform the psychic reading to resolve the issues of the customers. 
  • Different ways of psychic reading- Psychic sources have many methods to perform the psychic reading and each method will only be performed by the experts in that particular field. Customers will always have the option to select the expert and genre in which he/she wants to seek help. 
  • Discounts and fees- Psychic Source uses many discount programs for new and old customers. A free 3 minutes video will be presented to the new customers to understand the whole functions of the website. After that, a customer just has to spend $0.66 for 1 minute of psychic reading. 

Other Methods of Psychic Reading

In the psychic world, experts master different genres of psychic reading based on their personality and interest. Speaking about all the methods of psychic reading, most of them are based on experience and knowledge a psychic expert has. There are around 20-30 methods to conduct a psychic reading, most common ones are tarot card reading, palm-reading, forehead-reading, astrology, dream interpretation, aura reading, numerology, distant reading, etc. All these psychic reading methods will only be performed by an expert to get some sort of advantage, if it is performed by an amateur then only your time and money is getting wasted. Now let’s check out how these methods work in real life. 

  • Palm or forehead reading In the region of Asia, palm and forehead psychic reading is the most common one. Palm and forehead reading is not a tough task to do, a customer just has to show their palm or forehead to the psychic expert and then the expert will tell you what is beneficial for you and what’s not. Generally, people doesn/t believe in palm and forehead reading because there are so many fraud experts roaming around in the world but many experts and people claim that these things help them to perform better in life and provide a solid mindset and path to get success in life. 
  • Astrology This method of psychic reading is rated as the hardest one to conduct. It’s believed that most of the things said by the expert by using this method are going to be true ahead in life. Astrology is widely used in the world, in countries like India, astrology has become a business for the ones who master it. Customers have to tell the expert about the basic details like date of birth, name, birthplace, and then the expert studies the position of celestial objects like the moon, planets, and sun to predict future events like economic success, relationship, and other things. 
  • Dream Interpretation Dream interpretation is not as common and popular as tarot or palm reading but according to many experts and scientists, dream interpretation will be more effective than the other methods. In this method, customers have to tell the details he/she has in their mind about their last few dreams. The expert will pick up clues and form a prediction about the future events of the customer. The dream interpretation method will only be performed by genuine experts because finding out clues from the dreams is not an easy task. 
  • Aura reading- One of the most controversial psychic readings is aura reading. In this method, the experts use its special ability to identify the aura of a person and predict the instant future of the person. The Aura is an environment surrounded by a person that tells about the personality, nature, and current mood of that person. Normal people can also sense the aura of a person if the aura is dense like we all can sense the mood, and negativity around a sad person, and a happy person automatically increases positivity in surroundings. Aura reading is performed for hundreds of years and experts only use the aura of the person, no inside details will be used in this method. 
  • Numerology reading This method is based on the reading and study of numbers related to the person. The expert asks the customer about their date of birth, name, and birthplace of sense the most favorable number for that particular person. This method is not famous as the others but it is also quite in use. 
  • Distant reading One of the least famous and less in use methods is the Distant reading method. In distant reading, the expert doesn’t need to see or talk to the person, a letter or email is sufficient to perform the psychic reading. This method seems completely fake to some people, but many people still use it and gain profit from it. 

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Pros and Cons of Virtual Psychic Reading 


Speaking about the pros of the virtual psychic reading method, the best thing is that customers don’t need to be physically present in front of the psychic expert. All the traveling time and money would be saved by using online psychic reading sites. Another advantage is that a shy person who doesn’t want to face questions from experts face-to-face will convey its situation and details using virtual methods like phone and chatting. Customers who want to be precise about their choice of experts can use the virtual psychic reading sites after checking the reviews present on the web about the experts. 


There are not many cons of virtual psychic reading systems. The only thing a customer should have in mind before using the psychic reading sites is that you should have a stable internet connection to avoid disturbance and miscommunication between the interaction. Lack of internet connectivity may lead you to have less communication which eventually degrades the quality of psychic reading which you want to achieve. One more thing is that customers should understand that the exchange of emotions and facial expressions will not be done properly in virtual reading which eventually sometimes distorts the quality of psychic reading. 

Virtual Psychic Reading VS Face-to-face Psychic Reading

As the development of the internet and technology is happening at a very high pace, almost everything is now present on the web. Advancement in online mode is rated one of the best things in this decade but there are some other issues we should focus on regarding the excessive use of the internet and virtual world. Speaking about the excessive use of the virtual world, it is mandatory to point out that lack of physical activities in children degrades their health and fitness. Social networking sites are used to increase the communication between two people sitting poles apart but it now tends to decrease the actual social communication of a person to society and friends. 

In terms of the psychic reading process, there is a vast difference between online and offline mode. Many people want to interact with the psychic expert face-to-face to grab the knowledge and details the expert is sharing with them. There are also millions of people present who want to dave their time and prefer virtual psychic reading. Virtual psychic reading has its benefits like it saves time, traveling, and work, and the interaction with experts sitting anywhere around the world will be held within minutes. Putting up a conclusion to the debate between a virtual psychic reading and offline psychic reading, it is completely based on the personality and nature of the customer that he/she wants to use virtual or offline mode. 

Questions you may have in mind regarding Tarot Card Reading

What is the working of tarot card reading?

A tarot card psychic reading method is based on the selection of a single card between three cards on the table. The psychic expert which has all the knowledge about the tarot card and its uses asks the customer to select one card between 3 three tarot cards and then the expert will analyze the words written on that particular card. The three cards that are present on the table are based on the personality and nature of the selector. One card will have slightly negative with devil intent, other cards will have positivity in it with good intent and the last one will be sort of a moderate card with the same amount of positivity and negativity in it. The selector of the card will automatically tend to select the card which contains similar content to its personality and then the expert analyses the card and the selector to predict the future. 

What are the advantages of using the tarot card reading method online?

One of the basic advantages is that the person doesn’t need to travel and spend time interacting with the expert regarding tarot card reading. Anyone can contact the expert sitting anywhere in the world within minutes by using virtual free psychic reading sites. Another advantage is that you can easily convey your details and mindset virtually if you have a shy nature or an introverted personality. 

What are Tarot Card Decks?

There are 78 cards in a tarot card deck and each card has its importance and nature. There are 22 trumps cards and 56 minor arcana cards. The tarot card reading experts use these cards to understand the personality and mindset of the person which eventually leads them to predict the future. All these cards have different content written on them with different natures. Some cards hold good personality and some hold evil intent. Some cards have a moderate personality. Based on the preferences of the customer, the expert analyzes the choice of the card then tells me what is going to happen in the future. 

The advice you may need before Your Tarot Card Readings

A person should always be calm and compose before any event or activity. There is not much advice you need before your tarot card reading, one thing will help you to tackle the saying of the expert that whatever he/she will tell you after the choices of the card you should digest and neglect the saying. Not everything is going to happen for sure, and there is no guarantee of anything, so you should be relaxed. Try to find out positive points everywhere because positive things will help you stay motivated and run towards your success. 

How Accurate Are Live Tarot Readings Over The Phone?

As you know, everything is not permanent in this world and having blind faith in somewhere is not the right thing. Yes, tarot card reading sometimes helps the user up to some extent but believe them blindly will harm you someday. Online tarot card reading is also quite similar to face-to-face tarot card reading, so the accuracy terms are also quite similar. 

What Is Love Tarot?

Love tarot, as the name suggests is the set of cards, that describe the upcoming future regarding your love life. There are many genres in it like temperance, the devil, the empress, the emperor, the moon, and many more. All these genres describe different things that only an expert can tell you accurately. 

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Are Free Tarot Reading Sites Accurate?

The answer to this question will sound like a politically correct one. Yes, few sites deliver accurate tarot card reading free of cost, but many websites are only working on in-built algorithms that are not 100% accurate. 

How to check the authorization of your tarot card reading expert?

One of the easy things you can do to check whether your tarot card reading expert is real is checking the reviews of other customers. Reviews will always help us understand the product more effectively, and in the virtual world, the reviews are the most trustworthy friends. You can check out the reviews of experts in the psychic reading sites mentioned above. Sites like Keen, Kasamba, and Psychic Source always provide you the reviews about every expert to their customers. 


Putting up a conclusion to the table regarding the best online tarot card reading sites like Kasamba, Keen, and Psychic Source are the ones that you can invest your time and money in without worrying about the result. These psychic reading sites are running for decades providing the best experiences to their customers without any harm. The reviews about these websites are mostly positive that signifies the accuracy of these sites. Coming up on offline psychic reading yes online psychic reading is useful, but the live psychic reading conducted by the expert face to face is the one anyone can easily believe. The transfer of emotions and expression happens brilliantly in a face to face psychic reading, and it tends the customer to believe the expert blindly. The above-mentioned psychic reading sites are the top 3 on the whole internet due to their working methods and functionality, and you can use them to predict your future. There are many methods mentioned above, and you can choose between them on these sites.

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