Blaux Heater Review – Personal Ceramic Heater launched

What is Blaux Heater?

If you freeze quickly in winter, you should get a mini heater. According to the manufacturer, the Blaux Heater heat fan does a good job. At home or in the office, the practical heater will quickly make you warm and comfortable. Due to its compact design you can take it with you everywhere. According to the manufacturer, the mini heater works very efficiently and environmentally conscious. You can use your practical heat fan to create a warm and pleasant atmosphere wherever you find it cold. The device is also very suitable for the workshop or a winter garden.

Why do I need this mini heater?

The mini heater Blaux Heater is well suited for every household that needs an additional heating option. In winter, there are often high minus temperatures outside. Not always the own heating is sufficient to keep all rooms nice and warm. But the Blaux Heater heater is also well suited for places where there is no heating at all or where it has failed. The device is simply plugged into the power outlet and switched on. Due to its high performance it immediately provides a pleasant warmth. According to the manufacturer, the Blaux Heater mini-heater works with a modern convection ceramic heating technology that uses very little energy. A big advantage is that the mini-heater has three stages. So you can adjust your degree of heat specifically.

In many offices or workshops it is very cold in winter. If you are prone to colds quickly, you should protect yourself sufficiently from the cold. The Blaux Heater heat fan is quickly connected and can provide a comfortable warmth immediately after switching on. You can also use the mini-heater at home if your own heating system has failed. The device is equipped with a one to three hour timer function, so you can use it individually. The mini-heater is compact, so you can take it with you wherever you go. Another advantage is that the heat fan is equipped with a special filter. It can filter out bacteria and odours from the air, so that your indoor air is additionally purified. Click here and discover the current discount!

Blaux Heater evaluation and recommendation

According to the manufacturer, the mini heater can be used individually at work or at home. The heat can be increased or decreased at the push of a button. All you need is a power outlet and a straight surface on which you can place your Blaux Heater heat fan. For safety reasons you should always make sure that no flammable parts are near by. By using your Blaux Heater Mini heater you can save heating costs. You don’t have to run your gas or oil heater at full load when it’s freezing outside. But the device is also very well suited if your heating is defective. The manufacturer promises that after switching on your mini-heater it will be nice and warm within a short time. Compared to classic heat fans, the Blaux Heater heater does not cause any unpleasant smell. Rather, the compact fan should help to improve the air in the room. It is not only much warmer, but also gets rid of bacteria and unpleasant odours by means of an integrated filter.

  • Quickly provides a pleasant warmth
  • Filters unpleasant odors and bacteria from the air
  • Easy to wear
  • Offers easy operation
  • Heat output of the mini-heater can be adjusted according to your needs
  • Works pleasantly quietly
  • Does not cause unpleasant odors like classic heating fans

Blaux Heater technical facts

  • Consumption is 1,200 watts at highest level
  • Consumption is 700 watts at lowest level
  • 1 to 3 hours timer function
  • Standby Button
  • On and off button on the back of the heater
  • Convection ceramics heating technology
  • Compact design
  • Antibacterial filter

What are the Blaux Heater quality features?

Since the Blaux Heater mini heater is a new device, it has not yet been tested by Ökotest or Stiftung Warentest. There are also no test seals on the device. The packaging of the mini-heater Blaux Heater only shows the CE sign. This sign means that this is a Chinese export. This remark has nothing to do with the European quality mark CE. If one may believe the manufacturer, then it is a compact and high-quality processed heat fan.

The Blaux Heater mini heater is not manufactured in Germany. It is a Chinese product. According to customer opinions and manufacturers, the mini-heater works very efficiently and reliably. The air smells pleasantly fresh. Since the mini-heater has a modern design and is easy to use, it is suitable for every household. Especially in winter, an additional heating option is very useful. If a heating system is turned up to full power, this will have a negative effect on utility costs in the long run. By using the Blaux Heater fan heater you can save a lot of energy.

General Blaux Heater reviews

The heat fan Blaux Heater offers you many advantages. It can not only be used for heating, but also for cleaning the air. You only need to plug it into a power circuit and switch it on. A power button is at your disposal for this purpose. Depending on how cold it is, you can adjust the heat individually at the touch of a button. You can also decide whether the mini-heater should run for one or three hours. You can also switch off the device directly when you don’t need it. The timer function is especially useful at night. This way you can prevent your fan from overheating or your bedroom from getting too warm. The function is also useful if you forget to switch off the small heater when you leave the house.

Many customers and testers are very enthusiastic about the quality of the mini-fan. Especially the easy handling and the fast and efficient performance of the small heater are well received. Within shortest time it is possible to bring a room to a comfortable temperature with the fan. A cold room quickly becomes much more comfortable with the heat fan. Since the fan is very compactly manufactured, it can also be easily installed in the children’s room. It is sufficiently secured so that children cannot be injured by the Blaux Heater fan. Many customers are sure that they will get through the winter well with the compact heat fan. Visit the official website to see more customer reviews!

Where can I buy Blaux Heater?

The Blaux Heater can be ordered online via stores or directly from the manufacturer. You should always be a bit careful when buying from foreign online stores. It can happen that a similar heater fan is sent to you, but not the original. So you will not have the advantages of the Blaux Heater. For this reason it is always safer to order the Blaux Heater directly from the manufacturer. This way you can be sure that the right device will be sent to you. The manufacturer’s website provides you with a lot of information about the product. If you are not satisfied with the mini heater, you can simply return it to the manufacturer within 30 days without giving a reason. You will then get your money back. With the 30-day money back guarantee, you take no risk when buying.

Currently the manufacturer offers you a discount of 50%. You can save a lot of money compared to the normal price. The discount increases if you buy more than one heater fan. It is therefore very useful if you ask friends or family members before you order if they also need a mini-heater. There are no delivery costs for an order.

Who is the supplier of the product?

If you have questions about the product, you can contact the manufacturer in a variety of ways. The following information was found on the manufacturer’s website:

Strong Current Enterprises Limited

G/F Kowloon East Building

12 Lei Yue Mun Road, Kwung Tong

Hong Kong



General information about mini-heater

A mini heater is a practical source of warmth in the cold season. There is a wide range of models available on the market. Modern heaters are equipped with a high-quality ceramic heating element. A big advantage of this technology is that the device does not get too hot. Thus, dust is not burned as with classic appliances. This prevents unpleasant odors. Many fan heaters manage to provide a pleasant warmth within a very short time.

After connection and switching on, it only takes a few seconds with modern heating fans until the heat is noticeable. The device is therefore perfectly suited to warm up cold feet or hands. Another advantage is that many mini-heaters work very safely. Due to the ceramic elements it is not possible to burn your fingers. Models again Blaux Heater heaters offer the additional advantage that they work very quietly and are also equipped with a timer. Thus, the device switches off as desired, for example, if it is used at night in the bedroom.

Mini heaters have a compact design. They are easy to transport and can therefore be taken everywhere. An integrated filter makes it possible to clean the air from bacteria and unpleasant odours. Such devices are therefore optimally suited to prevent colds. This is especially useful in offices, where the air is enriched with all kinds of bacteria. The high-quality warmth fan is also very suitable for allergy sufferers and children. The air smells pleasantly fresh. The heat output can usually be individually controlled at the touch of a button. Thus the device can be adjusted to the desired heat output at any time. The lower the heat output is set, the less electricity the device consumes.

When purchasing, value should always be placed on individual use and high-quality workmanship. Many models require a power connection for operation. Simple models can be connected to a computer via USB for example. Compared to the power versions, however, these models do not offer high performance. They only warm the immediate surroundings, so that in the office the own workplace can be warmed up. If an entire room needs to be warmed up, a high-quality mini fan heater is a good idea. These devices have the advantage of being able to warm up a room when the heating system has failed. But they can also be used to reduce heating costs. Visit the official website here to find a discounted price!

Known FAQ about this product
Q: What can you use the Blaux Heater mini heater for?

A: You can use the small heater at work or at home. It can warm up a room in no time. It can also be used in workshops or in a vacation apartment. The heater fan Blaux Heater is so small and compact that it does not take up much space in a bag.

Q: What should you pay attention to when using the fan heater?

A: As with all fan heaters you should make sure that the Blaux Heater mini heater is placed on a straight surface. Additionally it is advisable that no flammable parts are placed near the device.

Q: How much energy does the device consume?

A: If you use the Blaux Portable Heater at maximum power, it consumes about 1,200 watts. At a low temperature, it only consumes 700 watts. You can also use the small heater-fan on the highest level first and as soon as the room has warmed up a bit, the device can be set to minimum power.

Q: What are the advantages of the Blaux Heater mini-fan?

A: The Blaux Heater fan heater can not only be used to heat rooms, but it is also equipped with a high quality ZPT anti-micobial filter. This allows bacteria and unpleasant odors to be filtered out of the air.

Q: Where should you buy the device?

A: It is always advisable to order such devices like the Blaux Heater directly from the manufacturer. The manufacturer currently offers you a discount of 50%. There are no delivery costs. If you do not like the device, you can return it to the manufacturer within 30 days. You will get your money back within a very short time.

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