Blaux Portable AC Review: July 2020 Consumer Research Update

The Blaux Portable AC is selling in large numbers across the world every week. But what makes this air cooler different from the rest of other gadgets in the market? Why should consumers have it? How Much does it cost? This review answers these questions and many more.

Many consumers may think that all portable air conditioners are the same, but no, unfortunately they aren’t. Blaux Portable AC is one of the best portable air conditioners, with advanced cooling technology. It’s compact, lightweight, and durable. Users can place it in any corner of the room or on top of their desk without taking much space.

Like other home gadgets, air conditioners are now more efficient and less power consuming than before. Even though there are some bigger air conditioner conditioners still available, there is now the opportunity to get a more portable one that remains efficient. Blaux portable air conditioner is the rave of the moment for those looking for a more compact AC that does an effective job. Those who want a portable AC for their home or office now have the option to get an efficient one with Blaux portable Ac.

The Blaux portable AC has several benefits, which is exactly why the product has received high ratings in the market. It is portable, very effective for air cooling, and even heats the air when the weather is cold.

This portable AC has proven to be not just a cost-saver but a space saver as well.

Features of Blaux Portable AC

The Blaux portable AC is a small and easy-to-carry AC that users can install anywhere in the home or office. It is battery-operated and can run without plugging any socket or cable, making it more versatile than a conventional ac conditioner.

People may wonder why anyone would want to settle for a portable AC rather than the conventional one. The reason is quite simple; the decision all comes down to the opportunity to use it in different places and its ease of installation.

Users don’t need to plug the AC whenever they want to use it. Apart from this convenience, it’s also cheaper to run than using electricity all the time. So, compared to the wire-based portable ACs, this is more convenient and cheaper.

The Blaux Portable AC delivers the following desirable attributes in comparison to many substandard portable air conditioners on the market.

Portability: This is one of the outstanding features of this air cooler. Most users love the gadget because they can carry it around anywhere they go.

Consumers can use this air conditioner in their offices, workplaces, living rooms, kitchen, or anywhere they so desire. Its compact size and an ergonomic carrying handle make it easy to carry around.

Air filter: The Blaux Portable AC incorporates a filter and purifying technology that allows users to enjoy cool and clean air wherever they use it. It’s capable of filtering the air and rid it of germs and allergens before users can breathe it in. In the end, users can effectively avoid pollutants, allergens, and dust particles while using this gadget.

Adequate running time: Another unique feature of this gadget is its ability to maintain sufficient running time. Its battery power can sustain it for more than a day without stopping. In just 30 seconds after turning it on, users can enjoy a 2.7 m/s of fast, cool refreshing air.

3-Speed fan: The Blaux Portable AC integrates three-speed fan setting, allowing users to control the speed of the airflow delivered. Consequently, users can reduce the power consumption of this air cooler, shifting from slow and medium to high-speed settings.

Low-noise operation: The Blaux Portable AC never makes noise louder than 40 decibels. This efficient, noiseless service cannot disturb the operation of the user. Consumers can use the air con in their offices without destructive noise. They can also use it during a restful sleep.

Easy to clean: Any functioning air conditioning machine attracts moisture and dirt, which stick to the mesh holes. For Blaux Portable AC, users can easily remove the particle by using just a piece of cloth and a sanitizer. They don’t need any professional knowledge to clean the machine, thereby saving cost on maintenance.

Charging indicator: The Blaux Portable AC comes with a LED ring that alerts users of its charging status. This helps users monitor the power status especially in places with no nearby charging station or point.

How does Blaux Portable AC work?

Blaux Portable Air Conditioner integrates some of the latest technical advances. Unlike other portable air coolers, Blaux Portable AC includes a patented titanium cooling component, which is five times more powerful than other portable ACs.

This portable air conditioner uses a lithium battery similar to that of an android device. It also utilizes a USB cable that allows users to charge it just like a smartphone. Once fully charged, the battery can power the machine for one full day after 24 hours. This makes it possible to work even in areas with limited power supply.

Working Principle of Blaux Portable AC

The Blaux Portable air conditioner uses thermoelectric cooling principle to deliver a cool wave of air. This principle produces a powerful cooling effect. It has a filter plates with two sides transfers heat energy to another side, when the device is plugged to a DC circuit. The heated plate remains submerged in a heat sink, keeping at room temperature.

The other side of the filter plate remains cooler and gradually its temperature drops below the surrounding temperature. As air from the fan enters the vent, the thermoelectric effect cools it. This process eventually delivers a wave of cool, refreshing air.

Additionally, the Blaux Portable AC embraces a filter technology that ensures the incoming air is free from bacteria, allergens, and pollutants. Ultimately, it delivers a clean refreshing air. The filter should be replaced after a given period.

This process works with a built-in ionizer, specially designed for cleaning purposes. It has diffused ozone molecules that attract particles that cause pollution and allergies. Once clamped together, the particles become heavy and fall to the ground.

This action removes the airborne particles from the incoming air. This feature makes the Blaux Portable AC a beneficial product to users who suffer allergic reactions.

Benefits of Using Blaux Portable AC

The following are some of the potential benefits of using this air conditioning unit:

  • Easy to set up with no special skill
  • Three-speed fan setting allows users to set their own cooling temperature
  • Low energy consumption, saving consumers of hundreds of dollars
  • It’s compact and doesn’t occupy space
  • Low maintenance
  • It serves as a humidifier too
  • Blends well with most interior decors
  • Adjustable louvers make it flexible. Users can direct the air to any direction of their choice

Currently, this product is selling to users in hot and smoggy climates. For those who are concerned about the sweltering summer heat or about air pollution in their areas, this item provides the best solution.

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How to Use the Blaux Portable AC

This portable air conditioner is simple to set up and easy to use. It requires no assembly. Once out of the box, it simply requires a full charge before it’s ready to function. Once fully charged, users can put it anywhere they so choose.

The device comes with a built-in icebox. Users simply need to add a few ice cubes to the box and switch on the device. Once load of ice cubes can deliver several hours of clean, cool, refreshing air. As the ice cubes melt, the cooling air is distributed to the surrounding, bringing room temperature to a comfortable level.

Should the battery run out of power, users can recharge the device using the included cable. Setup is as easy as the following steps:

  • Pour water from the top into the tank
  • Insert the water filter. Each filter lasts 6-8 months, they are also washable and reusable
  • Turn the device on. Within 30 seconds, a clean cool and refreshing air fills the room

Pros and Cons of Blaux Portable AC Review


  • Portable and very easy to use (comes with carrying handle)
  • High-performance energy efficient air cooling technology with built-in illumination system
  • Uses normal ice cubes (chil water curtain for faster cooling times)
  • Ideal for home, office or outdoor use
  • Friendly for all ages
  • Long life battery power


  • This product is only available online
  • Limited stock
  • Buy from official website to ensure quality and best pricing options

Why Buy Blaux Portable AC Units?

Owing to its numerous advantages, this personal AC unit has an edge on many of its portable air conditioning competitors. Consumers love it because it’s versatile. It can provide both temporary and permanent cooling for users living in warmer regions.

Additionally, this device saves space. Many people live in smaller, stuffy houses that can get super-hot in summer. This could get worse and lead to serious health problems such as meningitis. For such people, Blaux portable AC can provide a perfect solution to their cooling needs.

Where to Buy the Blaux Portable AC for Lowest Prices

To acquire this air-cooling unit, users can place their orders on the manufacturer’s official website. That is the safest and most secure way to buy the device. Consumers who purchase the device from the manufacturer’s official website will get the exact product they ordered for and enjoy any special discount that might accompany the product.

Is affordability and efficiency are what pique consumers’ interest. Currently, the manufacturer offers various purchasing options, from a single unit to a batch of four units.

  • A single unit of Blaux Portable AC for $89.99
  • Two units of Blaux Portable AC for $179.98
  • Three units of Blaux Portable AC for $202.48
  • Four units of Blaux Portable AC for $247.47

These prices are already discounted by 50% and will be automatically applied by ordering today. Users who would to buy during this promo period can take advantage of this opportunity. Besides, the manufacturer offers various payment options including MasterCard, Visa, Amex, PayPal, and many more. All payments are secure with a 256-Bit SSL encryption.

FAQ About Blaux Air Conditioners

The Portable Blaux AC and Wearable AC plus Personal Fan units from the household brand name and industry leader carry many questions. Here are the most common questions asked by consumers exploring the newer realm of utilizing portable air conditioners.

Does Blaux AC need to keep the AC closer to me to receive cool air?

No. The AC is designed to blow air several meters away from the user, although best results are best felt up close and personal.

Does the AC use air filters?

Yes, the AC gadget makes use of a dust filter attached to the front. But the filter needs to be replaced from time to time.

How to prolong the lifespan of the Blaux Portable AC gadget?

Like every other gadget, this model requires regular servicing to be a professional to preserve its lifespan. You can also follow a few tips to prevent costly air conditioning repair.

How to setup the Portable Blaux AC gadget?

Installing AC gadget is very simple. It comes with an instructional manual that provides easy installation steps for anyone.

What is a portable air conditioner good for?

A portable AC is designed to cool down your room while providing ease of use. It doesn’t need permanent installation and you can use it to cool your rooms separately and not the entire house. To move around with ease, Portable AC unit usually have wheels at the bottom.

Are portable ACs energy efficient

As compared to conventional air conditioners, most portable units typically have low energy efficiency. In fact, portable AC units are believed to have lower energy efficiency when compared to conventional

air conditioners. However, energy efficiency often varies depending on the model.

Are portable ACs effective?

Yes, they work as any other traditional air conditioner. They offer an alternative to bulky air conditioners, thereby save on space. And though they are efficient, it will depend on how you plan to use it, and how you maintain it.

How does a window kit works?

Portable air conditioners normally have a window kit to expel collected moisture. Commonly made from durable plastic material, this equipment connects to the exhaust pipe on the AC unit. While it fits standard windows properly, you should ensure you buy a portable AC with a window kit that fits well at home.

Is it mandatory to vent your portable AC unit?

Yes. You need to vent the AC regularly for superior performance. You can either do this through the window or you can get a vent kit with sliding doors. Portable ACs generally come with all the accessories you’ll need.

Can you use the dryer vet to eliminate water from the AC unit?

While this is possible, it’s not a good idea. For example, the drying hose might have a larger diameter than the dryer vent. Many dryer vents have a 4 inches diameter while portable ACs have a large vent hose.

What happens when you don’t vent the portable AC unit?

If you don’t vent the AC unit properly, then it will not work efficiently as advertised. But if you are unable to vent the cooler, you should consider buying an evaporative cooler instead. Remember that since air conditioners expel humid air from the room, the AC unit might not work effectively to cool your home if you don’t vent it accordingly.

How long is an exhaust hose?

The exhaust hose often varies depending on the type of portable AC unit that you get. On most portable AC units, the hose is about 3 feet in length.

Can you make a personalized exhaust hose?

Yes, but this is not the right way to go about it. With a longer exhaust hose, your portable AC automatically becomes less efficient. But if you want to replace a worn out exhaust hose, it is advisable to buy an exhaust pipe that is designed for use on portable ACs.

Do portable ACs emit harmful carbon monoxide?

No. Since they operate on electricity, you never have to worry about carbon monoxide poisoning. But is other instances, the portable AC can pull in outside air that is loaded with carbon monoxide.

Famous Last Words on the Blaux Portable AC

There are different types of portable AC gadgets out there, but Blaux AC is a bit different. As mentioned before, it runs on a rechargeable battery, which is more efficient and saves more energy. It also allows users the opportunity to use the AC even where there is limited or poor power supply. These are the reasons why the gadget is very popular in the market today, with lots of good ratings from users who have the first-hand experience with the AC gadget. It’s therefore, highly recommended.

Installing a central air conditioner could be costly, especially in summer when the demand is at its peak. Besides, regular air conditioning units are bulky and take a significant space in your home. With Blaux Portable AC, you need not to worry about these problems any more. Zero installation costs will save you money. Low energy consumption will reduce your energy bills by a considerable margin. Importantly, this 3-in-1 air con takes care of your cooling needs and it’s great for your health.

Place an order today and enjoy the half off discounted prices on the best portable air conditioner money can buy, the Blaux Portable AC.

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