Buy An Essay Online: Top 5 Questions Asked

Do you feel overwhelmed with take-home academic assignments? Don’t  know how to begin your essay or got stuck somewhere in the middle, lacking further ideas? Thinking of finding help online but don’t know where and how to begin? Wondering if the service you found is secure and trustworthy? This article, written by an essay writing specialist, will answer some of the most frequently asked questions about ordering custom essays online and address the hottest public concerns on this subject.

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Working as a Customer Relations Officer in a leading essay service provider, EssayBox, I am constantly exposed to daily communication with our current and potential clients. I love helping people and I’m proud to say that my work is an exciting and pleasant experience when people pay for essay (s). Through this experience I get to see what bothers certain customers who want to order an essay online, the things they might misunderstand, and all sorts of concerns they have about our and alike services out there.

The majority of inquiries I am getting daily are a repetition of the same handful of themes when it comes to essay writing service. Even though we have a FAQ section on our website, which directly covers most of those topics, I decided to write a comprehensive article to help students navigate the world of online essay services.   

Not so long ago I was a student myself. In 2013, I graduated from the Portland State University with a degree in Applied Linguistics. As a freshman, I was browsing through various disciplines and taking on many different classes before I landed on the Applied Linguistics major. As a student, I had to write hundreds of essays on various subjects, so I know from an inside out, how students may easily end up overwhelmed with their essay assignments.

Let’s get down to the point. I will build my story along several popular customers’ inquiries. Make yourself comfortable, get some popcorn, we’re about to begin.    

1.) Is it okay to buy an essay online?

Working at EssayBox, to my mind, the best essay writing service, that’s a question that I hear a lot. People are often wondering if buying an essay online is the right thing to do. Regardless of how it sounds, to me, it’s not a weird question at all. On the contrary, it is quite natural and even positive that students are questioning different aspects of such a phenomena. In any case, answering this question is not easy. 

On the one hand, outsourcing all your essay assignments to a yet  unknown online essay service provider and never applying common sense or learning anything from this cooperation, is not the best approach, to my mind. At a minimum, if you plan to order an essay online, you are running a risk of coming across an unscrupulous essay service selling you plagiarism. The outcomes could be bad scores, rejected works, and so on. 

On the other hand, buying certain essays while doing the others yourself – could be a much better strategy. If you are a student employed in a part-time job (like many, during the college years), the one with family responsibilities or both – choosing to seek external help could be a very helpful option. Professors began overloading students with various written assignments including essays, of course. So, everybody is in a search for a reliable essay writing service these days.

One should always aim at getting maximum benefits from this situation by improving their writing skills as students cooperate with the online writers and editors, providing feedback and requesting comments. My advice is – be active, stay involved, and keep learning to improve your custom essay writing skills.     

2.) How to buy an essay online?

It is not rocket science to buy an essay online. All you need to do to find a trustworthy essay writing service is Google the available online essay services matching your needs. For example, if you are a student in Great Britain, you may be looking for services offering British language papers. If you are looking for a specific essay topic, need to order a professional editing & proofreading service, or interested in paying for a personal writing coaching session – you need to find a reliable service with a wide range of products and a solid reputation.

Once you’ve settled the question of finding the legit essay writing service, it’s not difficult to make the next step. Usually, all essay websites offer a choice of filling out an online order form or contacting their customer support. If you are unsure what to do or have questions and want to get an answer before making an order – I advise you to chat with a customer support agent first.

Next, you would need to approve the writer and get to choose the deadline for completing your assignment. Usually, the shorter the deadline – the higher the price. If you are not in a hurry, I’d advise you to take the cheapest option, which could range from 1 to 2 weeks. You would then need to review and approve it. If you are not happy with the quality or have any questions – most companies would let you communicate with a writer and even have your assignment re-done by another writer free of charge. Once you are happy with the result you would be asked to pay in full (or the remaining amount if a company allows upfront payments).  

3.) Is it safe to buy an essay online?

There are no major reasons to worry about the possible lack of safety and security when paying for a paper purchased online from an essay writing company. Hence, websites are implementing highly secured payment protocols, encrypt customers’ data, and usually offer multiple payment options, such as Credit Cards, Crypto Currencies etc.

The same goes for the customer’s anonymity and confidentiality. Top companies ensure 100% customers’ information security and make it an integral part of their terms and conditions, which they always publish on their websites. Typically, only your assigned writer would have access to your files, and, sometimes, a dedicated customer care agent would help to oversee the work and to ensure the smoothness of the overall process. In the latter case, it is made clear up front to the customers. On top of that, the company I work for is very serious about user confidentiality and have never had a single breach of security.   

4.) What is the best “buy online essay” site?

I am sure many satisfactory essay websites are offering good services, but studying them takes time. There are dozens of aspects, which need to be taken into consideration to make a holistic assessment and form an objective judgment. has become the leading North American (the USA and Canada) essay services provider for the last 5 years. We offer high-quality papers at some of the cheapest rates on the market. Besides essays we also provide a wide range of academic papers, including course and term assignments, theses and dissertations, literature reviews, research papers, and many more. Under our umbrella, we have gathered a team of professional and highly experienced English native-speaking writers, many holding advanced MA and Ph.D. degrees in various disciplines. Even if your work requires expertise in microbiology or mathematics – there will be a corresponding specialist for your task.

EssayBox value their customers by offering a 100% satisfaction guarantee and bulletproof anonymity. We have a flexible service model in place offering cheap services for the price concerned customers (first orders can get up to 10% discount!) as well as satisfying the needs of those demanding quality, when they buy essays online.

5.) Where can I buy an essay online?

You can buy an essay from EssayBox and, of course, other services out there. You can also buy from private writers offering their services, but taking that path you are facing serious risks of coming across a subpar quality, cheating or even plain fraud. Only the services with a solid reputation, certified contracted writers and years of successful experience can provide you a satisfaction guarantee.

Not every service on the market has the competence to do all types of written assignments. I am frequently asked: “Can you do a particular type of paper for me?”, and “What types of essays can your company do?” The answer is – our company can do all kinds of academic assignments. 

Writing certain papers requires deep knowledge in a given subject area as well as a highly personal approach. Our writers can work with you at  the order submission stage to find out your usual or preferred writing style, including language and tone. Below you may find some essay types which can be ordered at EssayBox.

Admission essay

It is a short form of essay, usually 300-500 words long. The key task for applicants writing this type of essay is to show that they deserve to study at the college they are applying to. Indeed, colleges are very strict when it comes to admission exams. Those applicants, who take the admission procedure seriously, have the highest chances for success.

Philosophy essay

When you study philosophy you are frequently asked to write this type of essay. It is not much different from other types of essays, but requires solid mastery of the required theoretical material, besides a deep and thoughtful approach to expressing your arguments. Critical and non-standard thinking is also often required when writing this type of essay.

Persuasive essay

It is a popular type of college essay, but more common for graduate studies. It tests and develops your ability to express yourself clearly and persuasively. Whether you are pursuing an academic career or aiming at employment opportunities in business, you must learn how to persuade other people to share your point of view.

Argumentative essay

An essay, which teaches students how to support their opinion with arguments and facts, is called argumentative. Here it is not enough to merely express your opinion or state your position on a given fact, event, question or dilemma. Instead, you are required to support your vision  with clear evidence. Call it an advanced persuasive type of essay. And EssayBox can handle it easily as well.

Application essay

Writing this type of essay is no easy task. Many mistakenly underestimate this task as most college application requirements do not exceed one page of text in volume. Elevated expectations from highly experienced admission committee members, coupled with intense competition from other applicants – that is what makes this type of essay a true challenge.

French essay

Those students studying the French language in schools and colleges may be required to write an essay in the French language. In most cases, the purpose of these essays is to test your mastery of the French language, knowledge of French literature, understanding of linguistic devices, expressions and grammar, etc. Essays in the French language foster love for the French culture and may require a certain level of knowledge in various areas of French studies.  

Darwin essay

This type of essay is common for certain natural studies, like biology, geography, and evolution. Charles Darwin has made a profound impact on those disciplines and is largely known for his theory of the evolution of biological species. Writing this type of essay could require making a comparison between certain approaches to biological diversity, the argumentation of supremacy of one biological species over the others, comparative analysis, etc.    

Art essay

Essays of this type are common for various disciplines in art studies, for example, music, painting, photography, design including digital media, theater, sculpture, film, animation, and other visual and performing arts. An essay in these disciplines may require both knowledge and artistic talent as an assignment may require you to express your ideas and views on certain specific pieces of art and concepts.

To Conclude

Now you should be much better prepared to order your first essay online. Just remember to not make any hasty decisions. Instead, review the available options carefully, read user reviews, and talk to customer support if in doubt. Some services would allow having a first page done with a discount, some (like would provide you with a lot of free add-ons for your whole first order.

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