Calculate Your Life Path Number: What Is the Numerology Calculator and How to Get Your Numbers

From your life path to your deepest desires, numerology can provide unique insights through an interpretation of numeric energies. And you don’t need any special materials to do a free numerology reading — you already have everything you need!

In this post, we’ll take a look at how to calculate numerology numbers based on your full birth name and your birthday.

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What Is the History of Numerology?

Although the practice of using numbers to understand the world has ancient roots, contemporary numerology comes from a system derived from Pythagoras, a philosopher and mathematician in ancient Greece.

Pythagoras based numerology on the belief in the energy of the digits that make up the universe. Pythagoras’s system takes letters and assigns them numerical values, a practice that is still used in numerology today.

What Is Numerology Today?

Today, numerology is a field of study focused on the significance of numbers in your life. It shares some similarities with astrology, in that it provides information on who you are, what your tendencies and desires are, and the overall characteristics of your life path.

Numerology is a system that breaks the world around us down into its basic elements: numbers. These numbers, including Life Path, Expression, and Soul Urge, then have a specific meaning based on the final single digit value.

How Does Numerology Work?

Numerology involves calculating your core numbers and interpreting them. These are:

  • Life Path
  • Expression
  • Personality
  • Soul Urge
  • Birthday

To get each number, you will use different information, either from your full name or your date of birth, to perform specific calculations. The results of these calculations are single-digit numbers, each with a unique meaning.

The basic theory behind numerology is that numbers are the basic building blocks of the universe. By examining the numbers in your life (like your birthday), you can find out key information about yourself and your destiny.

What Is a Numerology Reading and How Does It Work?

In a numerology reading, a numerologist will perform a series of calculations to come up with your core numbers.

The calculations they focus on will vary depending on their style and the length of the reading but will usually involve a Life Path/birth path number and an expression/name/destiny number. They may also do other calculations, such as Soul Urge, Personality, or Birthday.

The numerologist will first find these numbers in your reading based on information you provide: your full name, including any middle names, and your birth date. Depending on their preference, they may use a numerology calculator or perform calculations by hand. Then, they will interpret the key numbers for you.

How to Find Your Life Path Number

Your Life Path number tells you about general patterns in your life and fate. To do the numerological calculation for your Life Path number, also known as the birth path or  life number, start with the day you were born, including the four-digit year.

Add the digits of the day, month, and together. If you end up with a double-digit number, reduce it by adding those digits together until you get a single digit.

 For example, if the day you were born was May 2, 1988, you would add 5 + 2 + 1 + 9 + 8 + 8 to get 33. You would then add 3 + 3 to get 6, your Life Path number.

The only numbers you shouldn’t reduce are the master numbers 11 and 22, as described below.

What Is an Expression Number and How to Calculate It

The Expression number is also known as the destiny number. It shows your talents, your goals, and the opportunities you will have to achieve your desires.

To find your Expression number, use all of the letters in your name, including middle and last names. Then, assign them values based on the following chart:  

A, J, S: 1

B, K, T: 2

C, L, U: 3

D, M, V: 4

E, N, W: 5

F, O, X: 6

G, P, Y: 7

H, Q, Z: 8

I, R: 9

Add the numbers together. If you end up with a double-digit number, reduce it by adding the digits together until you arrive at a single digit. This is your Expression number.

Soul Urge Number: What Is It and How to Find It

The Soul Urge number, also known as the Heart’s Desire, tells you about your inner self. It explains what motivates you, what your true desires are, and what your destiny is.

Find your Soul Urge number by using the vowels in your name. Assign them the following values:

A: 1

E: 5

I: 9

O: 6

U: 3

 Y (only if it is used as a vowel) = 7. Add everything together. If you end up with a two-digit number, add those digits together. This is your Soul Urge number!

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What Is a Personality Number and How Do I Calculate It?

The Personality number tells you about how you present yourself to the world. How do you let other people see you? This reveals your outer persona. By doing so, it can also show you the things that you hide from the world, as well.

To find this number, take the consonants from your name and assign them a numerical value based on the table you used for the Expression number. Reduce it (unless it comes out to 11 or 22, in which case read the note on Master Numbers below).

What Is My Numerology Number by Date of Birth?

Your Birthday number has an important significance in numerology: it shows your talents. Because of this, it can be read in combination with your Life Path.

To find your Birthday number, add the month and the day you were born together. For example, if you were born on December 31, you would add 1 + 2 + 3 + 1 to arrive at 7. You do not use the year in Birthday calculations.

Number Interpretations

 Each digit in numerology has a specific significance. People with the following numbers show the following characteristics:

  • Number 1: A leader who values their independence. Watch out for stubborn tendencies.
  • Number 2: A diplomat with a gentle nature. Watch out for becoming too dependent on others.
  • Number 3: A social butterfly with a positive attitude. Watch out for scattered energy.
  • Number 4: A hard worker with a practical streak. Watch out for narrow-mindedness.
  • Number 5: An intellectual with a taste for freedom. Watch out for irresponsibility.
  • Number 6: A peacemaker with a loving nature. Watch out for jealousy.
  • Number 7: A profound thinker with a tendency for introspection. Watch out for moodiness.
  • Number 8: A manager with an ambitious side. Watch out for tension.
  • Number 9: A teacher with a humanitarian nature. Watch out for restlessness. 

Other key numbers in numerology are 11 and 22. These are known as the master numbers and are not simplified or reduced when they come up in a numerology reading. When you see them, read 11 as an intensified version of 2 and 22 as an intensified version of 4.

There are no “positive” or “negative” numbers in numerology. As you can see in the chart above, each digit has its pros and cons. Depending on how people integrate these energies into their lives, they can show up in positive or negative ways.

How Can You Use Numerology in Your Life?

To make numerology into a useful tool, start by calculating the five core numbers. These are the numbers we’ve already looked at in this post: Life Path, Expression, Personality, Soul Urge, and Birthday.

Together, these digits provide key information about different aspects of your life. You can combine this information to gain a better understanding of how your talents and tendencies can interact with the world around you throughout your life.

Because it can be complicated to understand your overall numerological chart, you may wish to consult a specialist to get a more complete view of numerology in your life. A professional will be able to explain how each calculation impacts the others and how to read them as a whole.

Recap on Numerology

Numerology provides insights into your personality and your fate. Numerological calculations use the digits in our birth dates and names to find a series of core numbers. Given the complexity of numerology, beginners may find that seeing a professional for help with the numerology chart gives them a fuller understanding of how one calculation impacts others.

Final Takeaway on Numerology

The study of numerology can give you the opportunity to learn more about yourself and your purpose. All it involves is a series of simple calculations, making it easy for most people to perform at home.

 As you progress with numerology, you may find that some of your readings seem contradictory. Interpreting these calculations in combination can be tricky, so you may wish to see a professional to gain a greater understanding of them.

 Now that you have experience with calculating numerology, how do these numbers apply to your life? Which one is the most meaningful to you?

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