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Along with spiritual readings in person, psychics offer online services through different ways: websites, apps, phone calls, and emails. California Psychics is known as one of most reputable psychic networks. They guarantee to provide accurate answers to questions people have in life.

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California Psychics is claimed to have over 25 years of experience in the psychic reading industry. With a wide selection of legit, professional psychics, clients can quickly find the psychic reader suitable for their needs based on price, popularity, and experience. Not just allowing any psychic from any part of the world to join, this site has a rigorous screening process for their recruitment.

Is California Psychics for you?

Keep reading the article here to learn more about this online platform offering different types of psychic services.

California Psychics’ Available Services Reviewed

In these modern days, more and more people look for convenience and comfort in various social media platforms. The psychic reading industry is not an exception. Hence, in order to make their services more accessible to customers, lots of companies have come up with online and phone readings. Undoubtedly, this industry is considered as one of successful online businesses.

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Now you don’t need a one-on-one reading to talk directly to a psychic. They can offer you genuine guidance and advice through different means: online chat rooms, telephone calls, mobile apps, and emails.

I’m going to discuss the following topics:

How Can I Make Use of California Psychics?

Like other popular psychic networks, there are plenty of services available on California Psychics to choose from. Depending on your personal matters, you will be able to find the best suits all of your needs with ease.

For accurate readings from top-rated psychic readers, please contact via:

Both platforms have online chat sessions and live readings by phone for visitors from all over the globe. All you need to do is to access the official site or get the app on your phone via App Store or Google Play. As soon as you register on the page, you can use the services there freely. First-time users will receive quick instructions on the screen once you finished logging in.

Below are three simple steps helping you get the reading instantly:

  1. Register on any official platform of California Psychics
  2. Browse through all psychics’ profiles and go with the one you feel most drawn to
  3. Find a quiet, peaceful place to get connected with the chosen psychic

Get a reading at a low rate: $1 per minute

What Services is Available at California Psychics?

Mentioned earlier, California Psychics offers psychic readings through two common ways: online chat and phone calls in real time. If you want to earn more details about services available at this psychic sites and how each of them works specifically, please keep reading the following ideas.

I’m going to discuss about psychic abilities, psychic reading tools, psychic styles, and psychic reading topics.

I. Psychic abilities

How many types of psychics are available at California Psychic? What does each of them specialize in? Hmm…did I talk about the rigorous screening process of this psychic network? Yes, they offer spirituality services online by experienced and reliable psychics who have different backgrounds and life experiences.

Check out some types of psychics provided at California Psychic now:

  • Clairaudient psychics:

Those claiming themselves clairaudient psychics tend to hear voices and sounds from spirits. By using the information from the dead, they can give the answer you are looking for.

  • Clairsentient psychics:

How about clairsentient psychics? This kind of psychic also gets information from the dead, but not from the sound. Instead, they can sense and tune in to the energy from the spirit world.

  • Psychic mediums:

As we all know, psychic mediums are able to communicate with the dead and connect you with your deceased loved ones from the afterlife.

  • Dream analysis psychics:

A talk with a dream interpreter will give you true meanings and messages of dreams, nightmares, and visions generated while you are sleeping.

  • Channeling psychics:

Have you heard about channeling psychics? These individuals’ specialty allows them to connect with spirits in the other side of the world. Moreover, they also can make communications with their thoughts and feelings into other entities by channeling.

  • Remote viewing psychics:

Like how they are called, remote viewing psychics usually offer readings through feelings distant or even things that they haven’t seen before.

  • Empath psychics:

People known as empath psychics are gifted with the capacity of reading others’ mental and emotional state by connecting and sensing their energy.

  • Automatic writing psychics:

What do automatic writing psychics do? Also called psychography, they channel your energy through spirit and allow you to write words from your unconsciously mind.

Find the right psychics for your first reading.

II. Psychic reading tools or techniques

For accurate and profound readings on various topics and issues, psychics and consultants at California Psychics make use of different techniques. Well, despite that, there is still some not availing any divination tool at all.

Here I’m going to present you some of the most popular psychic reading tools and techniques at California Psychics and how they work.

  • Astrology:

Astrology psychics are believed to analyze the alignment of the constellations and their relation as well as position in corresponding to planets to give insights and guidance.

  • Numerology:

Numerology psychics mainly work with numbers. Their goal is to figure out connections between a certain person and numbers so that they can uncover potentials related to events and aspects revolved around their lives.

  • Pendulum:

The name says it all – pendulum psychics use a pendulum with the power allowing you to connect with spirits and receive their guidance.

  • Oracle cards:

Another popular choice of psychics is oracle cards. While delivering psychic readings, they lay out cards in specific spreads to provide you additional information and strengthen their energy.

  • Crystals:

Along with oracle cards, psychics often use crystals associated to your situations to enhance their connection with one during a reading.

  • Runes:

Have you tried out a reading with rune psychics? Runes are a popular divination tool used to shed light on spirits’ messages and disclose mysterious occurrences.

  • I-Ching:

Get connected with the universe by talking to I-Ching psychics. They will toss the coins several times and interpret meanings of that through the hexagram. The given messages will clear the situation or questions in your mind.

  • No-tool readings:

What are no-tools psychics? It means they rather rely on their intuitive feelings and thoughts than any divine tools or connections with spirits additionally.

Plenty of psychics with unique techniques are available to choose from.

III. Psychic reading styles

Let me remind you that psychics and spiritual advisors at California Psychics will approach their clients in unique ways. The purpose is to provide accurate and intuitive readings to those in need of.

From my experience at this psychic site, three most common psychic styles are:

  • Straightforward psychic readings:     

If you want an honest, no sugar-coated reading, then California Psychics will connect you to straightforward psychics. They guarantee to give you direct readings, no matter how good or bad the news is.

  • Compassionate psychic readings:

In case you expect the spiritual approach to the service you’re asking for, then the best option is compassionate psychics. They come up with softer, more loving guidance and feedback as well.

  • Inspirational psychic readings:

By talking with inspirational psychics, you can find motivation in their guidance and advice. During a session, they give you ideas on what to do, say, or behave to add the quality and success of life.

IV. Psychic reading topics

It’s great to know that psychics at California Psychics can help you solve a vast array of issues. You can discuss with them or ask for their advice on different topics as well as aspects in life.

Some most-talked topics are:

  • Love and relationships

Contact love psychics if you are seeking answers for your questions related to love life and relationships in general. They also provide a piece of advice and solutions to bring happiness to your love romance.

  • Career advice

For those who long for chances to be successful in the professional field, don’t hesitate to sign up for a reading with career advice psychics. Their reliable readings will give you a glimpse on how to receive a job promotion or what to do to work for the area you are interested in.

  • Finance and money

Of course you have to chat or make a phone call with finance and money psychics if you want your financial situation to be improved. Their accurate readings make sure to help you improve your life financially.

  • Destiny and life path

When do you need to talk with destiny and life path psychics? Make an appointment with them if you are searching the answer to your destiny and path of life in the future. They will inform about the way you should act and type of decisions you should make for a better experience.

  • Past life

Past life psychics will help you take a look at your past and then reveal some of the past events probably affecting to your present.

  • Deceased loved ones

You can talk to deceased loved ones psychics for a spiritual connection with your relatives who passed away. Their message and answer from the afterlife can help you clear all the doubts you might have in mind.

  • Missing persons

Come to see missing person psychics and they can help you find people around you that go missing. Through the readings, they will offer useful information and essential details related to the one you are searching for.

  • Lost objects

Psychics can even find missing people; thus, lost objects are not big deals to them. By focusing on your attention, lost object psychics will be able to track down the exact location of your lost valuable items so that you can bring them back.

  • Pet

Sometimes a vet can’t solve all problems regarding your pets, especially when it comes to spiritual matters. Have a reading with a pet psychic and you will find out the causes of issues (stress, fear, anxiety, etc.) your pets are dealing with.

Discover more about psychic reading services at California Psychics.

How Much Do California Psychics Services Cost?

A reading with a psychic advisor at California Psychics will be charged in minutes, which means you will pay based on the duration of a session. Pricing rates for different kinds of readings as well as different types of psychics are ranged from $1 to $15 per minute.
For those first signing up for a reading on this network, you can easily find three options also known as a three-tier system of prices. Generally, they are:

  • Popular ($1 per min.)
  • Preferred ($2 per min.)
  • Premium ($4 per min.)

The rate of a particular psychic will tell you how famous they are. Their popularity is based on their experience, reliability, and relations with all the clients. Back to three main psychic pricing tiers of California Psychics; go with popular psychics if your budget is tight. In case you need in-depth information, then consider preferred and premium options.

First-time visitors will be enrolled in the premium package (default) during the registration process. However, they can change it at the end. For newcomers, you will be offered the first 20-minute reading at a low price of only $1/min.

Popular psychics are the most common choices of new users. Please note that your favorite psychic in the popular category will be moved up to the higher pricing tier if their experience and ability meet the standards of the preferred and premium.

Get additional information about California Psychics pricing here.

Special Features at California Psychics

Unlike other networks, this psychic network has many unique features that attract visitors from the very first visit.

What are they?

I. Advisor screening

Again, let me remind you that all psychic experts on this site are screened and tested rigorously. It’s normal to doubt the authenticity of online psychics; however, be assured with the quality of psychics and mediums offered by California Psychics.

The screening process involves 4 steps and takes a whole month for all participants to complete. Only individuals that pass the process entirely will get accepted to work on the CA Psychics platform.

Only two among 100 applicants make it through the psychic screening process, according to the site.

II. Past client feedback

By reading past client reviews, you can tell whether your chosen psychic is trustworthy and authentic.

This is one of my favorite features when trying out services on this network. If you are a newcomer and have no idea about which psychic you should pick, simply check reviews displayed on the profile page of each psychic advisor.

California Psychics makes the feedback (both positive and negative) of previous customers visible to ensure their trust. These unbiased reviews give first-time clients assurance and certainty in the accuracy and reliability of the psychic of their choice.

III. Money-back guarantee

Another great thing about this psychic network is their full money-back guarantee feature. In case you feel unhappy or unsatisfied with their services, they will give you a refund. Nonetheless, you must follow these following terms and conditions to get back your money:

  • The complaint must be submitted within 24 hours.
  • You can only ask for a refund once.

Where should you file your complaint? Contact the customer service department of California Psychics via the hotline: +1-866-552-3943

With over 25 years of experience, this site guarantees to provide only insightful and profound readings. Plus, their strict screening process makes sure you will get connected to a good psychic that suits your needs.

You can get in contact with their customer service with ease. California Psychics does offer both international and local numbers for clients from all over the world.

IV. Karma rewards

One is most distinctive features that you have never seen at other places is Karma Rewards. Have any idea about this program? Well, each time you ask for a full-length paid reading, the site will give points as a reward. By accumulating all the points, you can later use it for free readings.

Once signing up as a member of California Psychics, you will also find other program benefits offered such as a free birth natal chart, free daily horoscopes, and special gifts on your birthday and anniversaries.

What’s more? There is a blog featured plenty of useful content regarding mainly spirituality and psychic readings. Visitors can explore various subjects about love, relationships, zodiac signs, astrology, etc. 

Sign up for readings at California Psychics and save up points from today.

Some FAQs about California Psychics

I. Is California Psychics a legit online platform?

Many often ask me if California Psychics is really trustworthy or not, and my answer is always: ‘YES’. From the information above, I can confidently say that this psychic network is reputable and considered as one of the most genuine resources providing accurate psychic readings online.

It’s quite hard to distinguish a real psychic reader from a scam artist. Why?

This kind of spiritual practice is extremely mysterious. As soon as earning the guidance from a reading, it’s impossible to determine how accurate your session is immediately. That’s why it’s better to prepare beforehand.

Make sure you do careful research if planning for a phone reading or an online psychic reading.

It’s a natural concern of those questioning about the reliability of talking to a psychic via the chat room or over the telephone. Knowing and understanding the worry of first-time consumers, California Psychics always strives for accuracy and trustworthiness when offering their services.

Click and try out accurate psychic readings at California Psychics.

II. What to ask a psychic?

As the first-time client, you may get confused when entering an online session. For example, after calling a psychic, your mind goes blank and you don’t know what to say next. This creates interruption in your reading and probably breaks the connection between you and your chosen psychic.

Therefore, it’s necessary to make a good preparation.

Knowing what good questions you should ask a psychic can be tricky. Overall, it depends on your current situation. So first you must determine what concerns you need the psychic guidance for: love, career, money, family, and so on. For those who are unsure about how to start, let’s make general questions in the beginning without focusing on anything in details.

When asking something like, “can you give insights about my future?” the psychic will provide a broad answer covering different aspects of your life. Choose the area you want to know most and ask them related questions. 

III. Does California Psychics offer readings with rune stones?

The answer is YES!

You can purchase a rune reading at California Psychics. They have a huge team of experienced psychics available 24/7 and specializing in various fields, including interpreting rune stones.

Have you heard or seen rune stones before? They are divination tools with letters (runic alphabets) which are believed an ancient language predating Latin. Reading rune stones is never easy as you thought. Hence, you better get assistance from a professional rune psychic for accurate messages.

Pros and Cons about California Psychics


As a psychic site, the primary aim of California Psychics is to clear doubts in individuals’ mind and bring positivity in their lives. The job of psychic readers is to shed light on the darkest corners that can pave your way towards a better future. If you are coping with any problem, they will come up with solutions, and you will be satisfied with what they offer. Psychics from this network are tested and screened rigorously, so you don’t have to worry about being scammed.

There are many proofs proving the validity of this online platform.

Lots of people discuss about its popularity; undoubtedly, California Psychics is one of reputable psychic sites at this point. They guarantee to connect their clients with only the best psychic readers. Worry about your privacy? All of your conversations with advisors there are confidential and anonymous.

California Psychics impresses most visitors with their vast array of features and services on both website and mobile app. In order to enhance the quality of readings and offer querents relevant answers, they use different abilities and tools diversely.


You will be overwhelmed with a lot of information provided on the platform; however, none of them can access freely. Instead of free minutes, your first reading will be charged at a very low rate: $1. In my opinions, they often give general ideas at first to get you hooked; then, you need to pay for more minutes to learn deeper details.

Have a reading at California Psychics to see if it’s accurate or not…

Conclusion: What I Think about CA Psychics?

I’ve talked to a few psychics on California Psychics, and I must say that I was happy with each of them. Though I felt a bit inconvenient with the fact they have no video chat, I can’t deny my readings were accurate and on point.

At first I was afraid that they would only speak about what I want to hear. Surprisingly, my psychics on California Psychics never sugar coated. Their predictions were some of the most profound and intuitive that I’ve ever experienced. They really helped me heal my restless mind and get back on track with their guidance, advice, and consultation.

Last week, I did make a phone call with a top-rated medium there and was able to connect with my deceased loved one. She really provided me the closure that I’ve always yearned for since the day that person left me. If you are in need of a real psychic reading of any type, contact California Psychics from today.

Many sites try to scam you for the money or tell you inaccurate information.

Luckily I ended up using online services offered by California Psychics. This network with their top recommended psychics really satisfies me. I do hope that my honest review here can help you make wise decisions and get the best psychic readings.

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