California Psychics Reviews: Legit or Fake (Truths EXPOSED)

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It’s easy to get started with California Psychics phone number. When it comes to the best source for accurate readings by phone, it has to be this site. Become a member of California Psychics from today and get the right type of reading that can help you with your current situation. Just a few clicks, you can easily find the right fit for what you are in need of.

Psychic phone readings are the most trusted service provided by California Psychics. Though you can only hear their voice, the guidance enables to shed light into different aspects of your life. Contact via California Psychics phone number and find the answer to all of your urgent questions.

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Since 1995, California Psychics has become a reliable, trustworthy place for millions of people searching for life guidance. They offer a great collection of most experienced spiritual experts worldwide with outstanding psychic abilities. Available 24/7, they guarantee only best live readings through phone. New clients signing up as members of California Psychics will have to pay a low rate ($1 per minute) within 10 minutes in the very first session.

Something unique to this psychic network is that they primarily deliver psychic readings over the phone. Just make a call with California Psychics phone number, you will instantly get connected to a top-rated advisor and earn genuine answers to your pressing questions.

If you ask me the best place for phone psychic readings, my #1 recommendation is always California Psychics.

The psychic readings method available on CA Psychics

At this time, experts there deliver their services via phone and online chat to their clients. Email readings are currently not available. For a quick answer on your current issue, simply call 1-866-552-3943 and the customer support team will connect you to a legit psychic advisor. You have 10 minutes to ask them one question and receive their guidance at a low pricing rate, $1/min., as a first-time visitor.

In case you don’t want the site to choose an expert for your reading, then check out the psychic list displayed on the homepage. Read their full profile carefully and select the one making you feel most drawn to. You can either talk to them over the telephone or chat with them.

Not all spiritual advisors offer readings via both options. Private, anonymous, and legitimate, a phone reading is ideal. 

Call a CA Psychics reader for an accurate reading

The first call with California Psychics phone number

Before I delve into other features, let me discuss more details about this phone service from California Psychics. Many often ask me: “how is a phone psychic reading like,” or “is there any free trial”.

I want to say that, firstly, California Psychics doesn’t offer free minutes for new clients; instead, they will discount the reading rate within 10 minutes for any of your first service. Unlike other networks, the word ‘free’ doesn’t exist on this site. It’s more like you can ask and talk with a particular reader about anything frustrating you in 10 minutes; if you still want more in-depth details for your problem, they will continue the reading at the regular price.

Guess what? When calling to California Psychics phone number: 1-866-552-3943, you need to talk to the site’s client service rep; after that, the line will process you to an expert. By registering for the Karma Rewards program, all newcomers will receive a $20 free credit in the account. Use it to exchange for a free question as soon as your phone reading starts. Once clicking Call, the system will begin deducting your money after you already used free credits.

My first call with California Psychics was pretty insightful.

The reader was professional, thoughtful, and compassionate. She didn’t sugarcoat anything; in fact, she spoke only the truth plus what she thought I need to know. The reading provided both general and specific details and messages based on my circumstance at that time. My advisor listened to my story attentively and came with sound advice sincerely. At the price $2 per minute, I was quite impressed with my reading and couldn’t help but wondering what’s more they can offer me if the pricing rate is $4/min.

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This reputable psychic network is a reliable destination for anyone seeking answers to all significant aspects in life, including love, marriage, relationships, career, money, and health. Aside from psychic reading services, you can also find California Psychics daily horoscope, spiritual articles, newsletters, and more features there.

For all new visitors, there are some special promotions offered today for your first phone reading at the site:

  • A psychic reading session at the rate of $1/min.
  • 75% OFF for the first select reading service

You can find the California Psychics promo code on the internet easily. There are still more incredible deals waiting for your exploration, so start your journey as quick as possible. Remember that all special codes will be expired after a short period and be applied to new customers only.

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Types of Readings on California Psychics

Here are some basic types of readings provided on the site:

1. Love and relationships readings

Love and relationships are always hot topics. Thus, if you have any heart matter stuck in the mind, I believe you will find the right counselor on CA Psychics. With hundreds of choices, customers can make use of the filtering bar to narrow them down. Select one certain option to make the ultimate decision – it could be experience, star rating, pricing, and availability – and wait for the results from the system.

We all know that not all psychics are the same. Each is gifted with different abilities and probably uses different divination tools during a reading. In case you have a particular preference, then simply access the Psychics menu and search for psychics’ specific tools and abilities.

2. Career readings

Look for precise advice for your career?

Well, contact California Psychics phone number for a career reading. Though not many psychics specialize in providing career advice, there are still plenty of choices for your selection. In this category, most have years of experience in performing career readings. You will surely find popular and premier psychic readers for your session. With this type of reading, I recommend you to go with those straightforward and direct. Please note that California Psychics did include their reading style in their profile.

3. Finance readings

Also known as money readings, this will shed light into all financial matters of your life on a daily basic. Aside from love/relationships, money and finances are also considered as delicate subjects. Consulting a professional psychic can give you precise solutions in managing your income and budgets.

You can receive a real money-related reading from our genuine psychics at reasonable prices. They will also give you deeper insight into your career because these two matters are closely related.

4. Life path readings

From my experience, California Psychics is one of a few sites offering this specific reading by phone. You may wonder what it is about – a life path reading gives you a glimpse of your past, present, and future making you understand you true purpose in this current life. The reader will focus on your destiny and deliver informative guidance helping you move forwards positively.

To enhance their work, most of the readers with this specialty will take advantage of spiritual tools like tarot cards, tea leaves, numerology, pendulums, and crystals.

5. Other categories

All types of readings above are the common ones helping cover the frequent questions of most customers, but there are still other exotic services you might be in need of at a certain time.

Talk to pet psychics on California Psychics if you need a deeper connection with your pet. They can help you understand reasons behind the anxiety or stress of your pet on a deeper level. More than 50 psychics with rich experience about this field can assist you profoundly. Pet reading is a unique reading type that is not really popular on many other psychic networks.

Do you believe in past lives? Do you want to figure out how your past lives influence your current life? If yes, then this site has more than 80 advisors who specialize in this reading that can help you believe in past lives on an in-depth level. The majority of them are premier advisors, so don’t be surprised if the prices are a bit higher. There are more than 100 spiritual experts enabling to connect with your deceased loved ones and bring closure to your situation. All achieve the 4.5-5 star ratings, so don’t hesitate to contact them from today.

Last but not least on the list is the type of reading that deals with lost items and even missing people. California Psychics has a handful of counselors that expertise with this realm which is hardly found at other places.

Find yourself the right type of reading with just a call…!

Top 5 Advisors at California Psychics

Want to know who the top-rated experts on this psychic network are?

Look no further, the list below will introduce their best 5 spiritual advisors as well as the specialty they are professional in:

1. Cooper

One of my top recommendations is Psychic Cooper.

Approaching any type of reading with compassion and offering a reasonable rate, no wonder Cooper is a top pick of customers. If you’re looking for a session with a compassionate reader, then choose her.

According to the profile, she is an empath, a clairaudient and a clairsentient as well. Her services focus mainly on love and career, plus she will give answers to your major questions regarding life.

2. Uma

Here comes Uma, a straightforward reader who will never sugarcoat a thing. She is also a top pick of clients. During a session, she will attentively listen to your story and later tell you only things you need to hear at that moment. 

For two years working as a guidance provider at California Psychics, she has delivered over 5,000 readings. Aside from her psychic abilities, Uma also makes use of oracle and tarot cards. 

3. Barbie

Barbie has been working at California Psychics since 2005 and is now considered as a top premier psychic. With over 23,000 readings performed, I think we all can tell how experienced she is.

Her reading style is inspiring and uplifting; that’s why she is the favorite advisor of many and some have been using her services for years. Barbie is capable of analyzing dreams and often works with crystals, tarot and oracle cards.

4. Warren

The next psychic advisor deserving a spot in this list is Warren. He is an inspirational reader expertising in topics related to love/relationships, career, and destiny. Unlike others above, Warren doesn’t prefer using divination tools; instead, he relies 100% on his natural abilities. Since 2017, he has delivered nearly 7,000 readings for customers from all over the globe.

5. Taylor

My last choice is Taylor, a premier psychic with rich experience in performing psychic readings. Started working since 2010, she has helped offer more than 20,000 readings throughout 10 years. As an empath, a clairsentient and a clairaudient, this reader can solve problems regarding daily issues, such as relationships, work, and life path. If you wish to talk to someone compassionate and understanding, I highly suggest Taylor.

Usually she will use her natural abilities to taps into her readings, but there are times she will also work with tools like pendulums, tarot, or numerology.

Discover more legit California Psychics advisors!

FAQs about California Psychics Network

When it comes to psychic readings, trustworthiness is a must; especially if you’ve never experienced those services before. In the California Psychics reviews, I will talk about several things making this spiritual network a reliable place of many individuals.

1. Is California Psychics trustworthy?

Psychic screening process

Knowing your worry about the first time reading, California Psychics and their rigorous screening process will surely give you peace of mind and assurance. There is a misconception that everyone with special abilities can work at CA Psychics. In fact, all applicants must spend one month to go through 4-step process in which they will be screened and tested to determine whether or not each is qualified enough.

From my research, this process is believed to be extremely thorough and intensive that only two psychics got accepted though the applications are more than 100.

During the first stage, the company will ask psychics to list their skills and experience in details. After that, there are still two evaluations plus a background check they have to go through successfully. As soon as they pass this stage, California Psychic will continue requiring them to submit information for their profile. The final step is that they must accomplish an online training program provided by this psychic site.

100% money back guarantee

California Psychics has 100% money back guarantee.

This means they will help you connect to a different psychic if your previous reading is not like what you expected. Once feeling unhappy with the session you are experiencing, simple call California Psychics phone number to contact their customer service team. Wait for a couple of minutes and you will be connected to a better advisor. However, remember that this has to be within 24 hours. Before trying it, please read their terms and conditions again carefully and you will realize that this feature can only be used once per client.

Not many believe that California Psychics was established in 1995. The fact that this psychic network has been around for over two decades is impressive. With a thorough screening process, it can definitely be trusted. No matter which country you are from, you can get in touch with the customer support department easily thanks to all numbers from different areas.

Ratings & reviews

For a successful reading, the key is reading reviews from past customers. After signing up and choosing a certain psychic, please browse through all the comments to determine if they are legit and can be trusted.

2. What are California Psychics’ unique features?

California Psychics daily horoscope free

This is what I really like every time accessing their homepage. Daily horoscopes provided by CA Psychics are a great way to get a glimpse into your daily life. The horoscope predictions can be used as the guideline keeping you on the track, especially during the difficult times. Knowing what written forehead for your zodiac sign will regain your energy positively.

Karma rewards

As mentioned briefly earlier, this is a special program for all customers. With all the points that you earn from every purchase, it later can be used to exchange for future readings. By signing up for the Karma Rewards program, $20 free credits will be added to your account.

Click to get the best psychic reading!

The Bottom Line

There is no reason to not trust California Psychics after knowing about their long history and strict screening process. It’s a pity when their satisfaction guarantee for every customer can only be valid for one use though.

Overall, this site is a good pick if you are in need of a standard psychic reading by phone. Not only offering popular types of readings, but they also deliver other things different and rare. Instead of online chat, make a call if you want to save much budget for a psychic service.

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