California’s Best CBD & Delta-8 Brands of 2022: Bay Area Edition

According to a 2022 Forbes Health survey, 64% of US adults think CBD consumption is less dangerous than alcohol. Cannabis culture is steadily taking its place in mainstream society and the conversation around the benefits of Mary Jane’s (mostly) legal little sister is lending a helping hand. CBD and Delta-8 products can be used for everything from anxiety to sore muscles. And while the medicinal properties of these hemp-derived extracts can be debated as research continues, the effects can be enjoyed in many forms while we wait. Here are the best forms from the best brands out there.



Many people know Plain Jane for their low-odor CBD hemp Cigarettes. As the stigma around cannabis dwindles, more and more consumers prefer to handle the hemp flower on its own. Plain Jane offers over 20 strains of flower sourced from more than 12 small farms. All of their hemp strains have been bred to have the highest CBD-to-THC ratios possible. Whether you want to grind and roll CBD buds into joints or smoke them from a bowl, Plain Jane has you covered.

Not into fiddling with papers or apparatus? Like we said, Plain Jane is known for their pre-rolls. Wrapped in all-natural plant-based rolling paper, they are designed to provide a slow-burning and enjoyable smoke. These CBD pre-rolls are great to de-stress after a long day and can leave you feeling blissful, relaxed, and calm. Maybe you want to fiddle with more apparatus? Try the CBD Kief, Crumble, and Shatter. Or you can simply enjoy the effects of premium CBD with traditional edibles and topicals. Plain Jane has something for everyone, from dab concentrates to gum and luxurious lotions.

Plain Jane works with dozens of small hemp farms that provide high-quality greenhouse and outdoor flower with unique hemp genetics. They are strong believers in regenerative farming and sustainable practices.



Canna River was launched in 2018 by two brothers who share a passion for providing consistent, affordable hemp wellness. Their original tinctures are great for potentially relieving aches, and pains, aiding sleep, and more. Canna River combines satisfying flavors with premium hemp distillate and MCT oil, making these tinctures taste as good as they make you feel. Now they have launched a line of ultra-high potency tinctures! These “Ultra” tinctures have the same high-quality ingredients as the originals but come in ultra-strength; every 120 ml bottle contains 20,000mg of premium cannabinoids. 

Perhaps you are ready to add to your CBD arsenal? Canna River has CBD in lotion and balm form, as well as a tincture just for your pet. You can also try their Delta-8  tinctures, gummies, and vapes. They even have an HHC vape pen that contains HHC distillate, hemp distillate & terpenes.

Family-run Canna River uses CBD extracted from non-GMO hemp grown in the USA. They select every ingredient they use with care and utilize reputable third-party labs to verify the potency and quality of their hemp extract.



The team of Ph.D. chemists and pharmacists at Mellow Fellow are dedicated to creating products worthy of the title “Masterpiece.” Using the fabled entourage effect, they custom mix their signature distillates into the finest cannabinoid art. Each unique blend is inspired by a famous artist’s career. Have you ever had a dream that felt so surreal and bizarre that it could have come straight out of a painting by Salvador Dali? Dali’s Dream is a surreal blend of Delta-8, HHC, CBN, CBD, and THCp, making sure you don’t just sleep, but also dream. Banksy’s Introvert Blend is perfect for a relaxing and introspective experience, and Frida’s Recover Blend delivers a soothing and rejuvenating experience. Mellow Fellow offers a wide selection of innovative and high-quality products, including disposables, edibles, pre-rolls, cereal bars, and more. With a blend for every preference and mood, you’ll find something that speaks to you and enhances your unique journey.

Mellow Fellow is committed to educating the public about the potential benefits and the responsibility of using alternative cannabinoids, and helping people learn more about the world of alternative cannabinoids through periodic blogs, social media posts, and events.

All Mellow Fellow products are tested by reputable 3rd party labs.



The Sisters of the Valley take the term “Weed Nuns” in stride – maybe with a hint of pride. They are not traditional Catholic or Anglican nuns. They are, “a newly born, new-age group of Sisters whose fundamental mission is to get plant-based medicine into the hands of those in need — and to do that in a responsible and sustainable manner.” Their founder, Sister Kate, began selling CBD products in 2015. Their Multi-Purpose CBD Salve is a 100% natural plant-based topical salve for pain relief and skin healing. The Sisters of the Valley make all their products by moon cycles, in a spiritual environment, with prayers for the people sewn into every bottle and jar.

The Sisters of the Valley’s mission is supported by their founding principles, which are to honor Mother Earth and her intelligent plant, provide a valuable product to the people, empower other women to succeed, and participate in peaceful progressive activism.
The Sisters of the Valley create a full range of lab-tested CBD products, as well as mushroom coffee. Their hemp is organically grown in the Central Valley. 



Get all of the benefits of Delta-8 THC in one happy little pill! Happy Hemp’s gel capsules are a quick and convenient way to feel the benefits of hemp-derived THC. The woman-owned and operated company has been dedicated to promoting mental health support, stress relief, and self-love since 2018. All of Happy Hemp’s CBD and Delta 8 Edibles and Topicals are specifically crafted with natural ingredients for maximum therapeutic benefits. 

Using locally grown hemp flowers, extracts & terpenes guarantees a unique flavor profile and exceptional quality results in each batch. From classic tinctures and capsules to Delta 8 gummies, their wide range of options will help you on your journey to well-being. The tinctures, gummies, and honey all come in a wide range of flavors, so there truly is something for everyone. There are even Happy Hemp CBD pet treats!

Happy Hemp is committed to sustainability through responsible sourcing practices. All products are made in America and triple-tested for both potency and safety to ensure the best experience possible. 



While a lot of fanfare surrounds Delta-8 as an alternative to recreational THC, it could also be useful medicinally. CBD Lion’s flavorless Delta-8 Tincture and assorted flavor Delta-8 gummies are being used for a broad range of ailments including insomnia and arthritis. And since hemp derived Delta-8 is a great way to experience the euphoric side of hemp, you can also just get a nice, mellow “high” without the actual THC. 

CBD Lion has been manufacturing effective, high quality hemp products since 2017. The family behind the brand saw firsthand the benefits of CBD and how it helped improve their quality of life – which is the main reason they started the company. They are dedicated to educating people about hemp, terpenes, and the endocannabinoid system; helping others feel better, and improving their current lifestyle with hemp-derived products. The founders have used their previous medical cannabis formulation expertise to create a product line consumers can trust. From tinctures to topicals, everything is made with the highest quality cannabinoids to maximize the synergistic effects of cannabis for greater therapeutic benefit. 

CBD Lion products are made in the USA and manufactured in an ISO7 certified clean room to ensure all products are of the highest quality. Their products are two-time, third-party lab-tested.



Most edibles are labeled as drugs and analogized to candy, Fruit Slabs are functional food that make you feel good. These CBD and THC-infused fruit leathers are like adult fruit roll-ups made using organic fruit purees and high-quality cannabis extracts, with no added sugar or artificial ingredients. (We would love to find one of these in our lunchbox!) Open a package of MAUI WOWIE and enjoy the sweet aroma of organic mango and coconut, conjuring beach breezes and sunshine. OG Mango, Tropical Haze, and Maui Wowie are great additions to breakfast, smoothies, and brunch. Try the Grape Ape at night. 

In addition to using 5 top-shelf ingredients or less, with 100 calories or less in the entire package and 10 calories or less per serving, Fruit Slabs are packaged in biodegradable pouches and produced using best practices when it comes to managing the risks of allergen contamination. Fruit Slabs are vegan, peanut-free, gluten-free, soy-free, and compatible with nearly every diet and almost all dietary restrictions – including a diabetes diet. 

Fruit Slabs maintain the purity, potency, and consistent dosage levels of all products through laboratory testing. Proudly made in California, Fruit Slabs are available in THC forms in California, Washington and Oklahoma and CBD formats nationwide.



Melee Dose is a company that believes in the power of Hemp THC. Co-founders Swaroop Suri and Onyx Batista have produced edible diamonds to symbolize their dedication to creating the ideal hemp-derived bite. They have mixed rare cannabinoids, terpenes, flavor, texture, and sensation into crystalized perfection. Each Mutant Radioactive Edible includes 4mg D9, 20mg D8/D10, 6mg THC-O, and 9mg HHC. According to Melee, their luminescent green diamonds endow their consumers with super-strength, cause time travel, and help them mutate into the best version of themself.
With a commitment to transparency and honesty, all Melee Dose products are lab tested by 3rd party laboratories.



re+PLAY is a performance-based CBD wellness brand built with the combined knowledge and experience of athletes, doctors, and certified athletic trainers. It also has a former NBA star, an Ironman competitor, and an orthopedic surgeon as founders. But you don’t have to be a hard-core athlete to reap the benefits of re+PLAY’s Total Body Recovery cream. This water-based emulsion combines 250 mg of pure CBD with complementary natural active ingredients including menthol and eucalyptus essential oil for an immediate cooling sensation with a light scent. The daily use formula also contains terpenes including eugenol and beta-caryophyllene and is formulated to enhance delivery into deeper layers of skin.

re+PLAY products are made using a triple-tested process with hemp grown in the USA and are free of heavy metals, pesticides, and harmful microbes.

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