Can The Plan By Dan Hollings Really Teach Anyone To Earn Passive Income From Crypto?

We bought the course and tested it to find out.

The Plan is a training program that Dan Hollings created to teach the masses how to generate passive income off of the volatility of the crypto market. That alone sounds pretty appealing, so when they claimed this could be done using a set and forget automated system, we knew we had to take a closer look.



It turns out that this is simply a training program. (It’s not an actual investment offer) It’s easy to mistake this for an opportunity to invest in something and that is not the case. The only cost involved is the course fee ($3.497).


The individuals who take the training will also manage their own investment afterward. There is no 3rd party to turn your investment capital over to, meaning the purpose of the program is to teach the individual how to strategically invest and manage their own capital.


No investment advice is given. People are taught how to use the tools and how to look for and find potential opportunities. The training also covers the basics, like getting set up along with the how-to steps to execute one’s knowledge once an opportunity is found.


This is a 6-session video program that is accessible through an online members portal. The enrollment includes:

– lifetime access to the content

– additional resources that are very helpful when starting out

– 3-4 live “Answer Desk” calls to answer pre-submitted questions

The content and training have already been through 3 beta rounds to work out all the kinks and ensure the correct information is being delivered in the best possible way, at the right time.

The official launch of The Plan is happening during the first two weeks of December and interested parties can get more information here.


You may be aware that the cryptocurrency market is considered one of, if not the most volatile market in existence. In most circles this would strike terror into the hearts of would-be investors… but not if you’re using the strategies taught in this program.

The reason for this is because Mr Hollings figured out a way to pre-program automated bots with the perfect settings so they will execute many many tiny moves continuously, 24/7.

This is where the set & forget part comes in because Dan’s settings are used to program the bots to buy and sell (Dan calls this the “wiggle”) dozens and even hundreds of times each day. This system is set up so that every time a “sell” is made, a profit is made because the bot will never sell for a loss.

Think of these automated bots like an A.I. army that is set loose in the crypto-verse to go and gobble up profits.


Several case studies have been published and anyone wanting a much deeper look can read the Official Review Of The Plan here.

At the time of this writing, and from the current student results, it was estimated that as many as 84% of all students are profiting. The passive income that people are earning varies greatly depending on how much capital is invested and how many bots a person has marching through the crypto-verse at any given time.


The amount of capital required to invest is $3,000/bot placing this strategy within reach for the masses, not just wealthy or elite investors.

The training is structured so that if students want or need to save up their capital to invest, they can still actively learn and practice the system and be ready to deploy their capital as soon as they are funded. Furthermore, a little know strategy is taught that can help people to save up the funding capital even faster than by using traditional methods of the past.


The program is successfully operating in 104 countries at last count and all that is required is a device and an internet connection, making this prime for mainstream adoption.

The Plan members today are young adults to retired seniors, from all manner of circumstance with some who are extremely well-heeled and many others who are modestly funded. Age, race, gender, religion, culture, level of education; folks from all corners of our world are represented in the member roster laying to rest any concerns about it being able to work for some and not others.

After completing the training and testing our knowledge with demo bots, we placed real money on the line and have seen impressive results, especially as beginners. In a market that has been spiraling downwards, we have maintained an average return of 30% over the last 3 months and are currently enjoying an average of $158/day in completely passive income.

That is a living wage. The system works.

The doors only open up a couple of times a year and this is one of them. Anyone interested in learning more is invited to a free training webinar presented by Dan Hollings himself and may secure a seat here.


Questions can be sent to Dan Hollings’ team during the program and there are 4 Answer Desk sessions where questions can be presubmitted for the live calls. For some this will be enough, however for those who prefer a little more hand holding and extra support to get up and running, another option exists.

The Profitable Expat (beta 1 member and crypto bot investor) has created a suite of 12 real value bonuses that anyone can get access to simply by enrolling through them, at no additional cost whatsoever.

Each of these bonuses were designed to assist people to get set up and running as quickly, and easily as possible so they can start earning passive income from the bots sooner rather than later.

These bonuses can be viewed by clicking here.

DISCLAIMER: We are not licensed accountants, financial advisors, attorneys, or tax advisers, and cannot and do not give financial, tax, or legal advice. Our trainings and services are for educational and entertainment purposes only. Every individual must DYOR (Do Your Own Research) and consult an accountant, financial advisor, legal advisor, and/or tax advisor in your jurisdiction before investing. Past results are not a promise of future gains. Crypto currencies are considered high risk and it is possible to lose money if you invest. Do not risk money you cannot afford to lose. Do your own research and make your own informed decisions about how to invest your money.

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