Carl Runefelt Says That Cryptocurrency Is Flourishing Through Social Media

by Romy Johnson

Carl Runefelt as a famous YouTuber and trader enjoys a massive following on his YouTube channel and Instagram account “TheMoonCarl” and this shows the significance of the digital mediums in growing cryptocurrency.

It can be said without a shadow of a doubt how the digital platforms and the digital world as a whole have been behind the growth of several business industries. The world of finance and cryptocurrency has also been touched by the digital world and moreover by the social media world, resulting in flourishing cryptocurrency like never before. Even after so many opportunities arising in the crypto and bitcoin world, many entrepreneurs and individuals are still unaware or have half knowledge in the same. This is when social media groups and dedicated YouTube channels on bitcoin and cryptocurrency enter the picture. Making his name phenomenal in the same is Carl Eric Martin Runefelt who as a notable public figure and entrepreneur has been giving in his best to educate people on topics of bitcoin and cryptocurrency and change their mindsets for the better.

Speaking about people still being less knowledgeable about cryptocurrency, Carl Eric Martin says that the way the subject has been presented to people; it doesn’t work for many plus it is not something that the high school curriculum teaches. Hence, he too multiplied his knowledge by reading books and watching videos on YouTube.

Ask him what role do social media play here in providing crypto-based education and he replies, “Crypto-related information is readily available in the online space and more and more people are leveraging the social media platforms to reach more people for educating them with the most accurate information, just like I do with my YouTube channel, ‘The Moon‘. Also, some of the best content can be driven from Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and even Reddit where one can find useful crypto knowledge.

Crypto-based social media networks have also been gaining great momentum, which has greatly benefited traders and users for getting involved in their networks. It is also seen as a potential solution to the fake news phenomenon, creating a universally acceptable Fake News Registry, making use of the transparency factors of the technology to assess whether they are compliant to the standards of truth.

With the growth in the spread of insights and knowledge on bitcoins and cryptocurrency, Carl Eric Martin believes that cryptocurrency is already going through a normalized process and becoming acceptable in major parts of the world, making people and industries realize how relevant they are going to get in the coming future.

Carl Eric Martin as a YouTuber exudes his passion for bitcoin and his knowledge in the same have earned him 140K subscribers on his YouTube channel with 1 million views per month on his videos. This goes to show the power of social media platforms in flourishing cryptocurrency to much greater heights.

Carl Eric Martin Runefelt is featured on Popular Press & Media such as Forbes Magazine, CNBC, Tech Times, Coin Telegraph, Toshi Times, Tech Telegraph UK,, Crypto Potato, Bitcoin Insider, Daily Hunt, Benzinga, Hackernoon, Business Insider and many others.

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