Ceramic Glass Blunt Pipe Review In 2021

The glass blunt is a new type of pipe for smoking marijuana, and the main difference is the ash can be twisted away. There are additional features too such as being able to cap your glass blunt and save the session for a later time. Since its first arrival into the cannabis scene, there have been many companies that have produced their own versions, but which is the best glass blunt store to buy it from?

You can have confidence in one of the original glass blunt pipes that are available from the glass blunt store online. This company was created after they saw the need for safe materials in these glass weed pipes, and used ceramic as their metal twisting part. Unfortunately, other brands have been hit hard by counterfeits of their glass blunts with lead being detected in some of the fakes. 

Glass Blunt Review 

You can load a maximum of 2 grams of cannabis in this glass blunt pipe. Thanks to the ceramic spiral feature of the blunt that is corrosion-resistant, unlike other metal-based twisters that go rusty after burning. The ceramic spiral feature also gives you an advantage of filling the herb as you need, one chamber at a time. Making it a better version of the old school sneak a toke pipe.

This weed pipe is made up of two main parts; a glass tube and a ceramic spiral. Transparent, thick, and fine quality glass is used to make glass tubes that are designed to tolerate high temperatures. This means that you won’t have to taste burning glass, unlike tobacco blunts, which meddles with the weed’s flavor. 

Ceramic Spiral Twisty Glass Blunt 

The smart ceramic spiral design offers four major benefits;

  • It is corrosion-resistant, unlike metal-based twisters.
  • It keeps the product in place & makes it a spill-free design.
  • The twisting action can push the ash out of the tube.
  • You can compartmentalize your product. Meaning the twister becomes the divider for buds, and you need not to fill it up to use it. 

Also, their glass blunt store offers separate parts of the blunt like silicon caps, o rings, brushes, and picker tools with additional information about them just in case you lose the free ones you receive in the first order. 

Other Reasons to Ditch Wraps 

Inhaling blunt wraps or joint paper on fire will be detrimental for your lungs as it emits carcinogens that cause cancer. The combustion process of the rolling paper releases toxins that develop serious health problems in the longer run. On the flip side, glass blunts are a healthier alternative to traditional methods. Medical marijuana patients also prefer using glass blunts as it only burns the product inside the glass and cools down the smoke. Now that you have read this glass blunt review, you know the impotence to avoid counterfeits and only buy from a reputable store online.

Just Pack It And Light Up

The traditional method of smoking through a blunt makes you roll the herb in a tobacco wrap. Smoking tobacco blunts produce a very loud smell, and are not recommended to smoke inside of the house. They can also be a bit harsh if they are not rolled properly and with enough cannabis. How do you smoke weed without having to roll it? The answer is use a glass blunt pipe! Avoiding tobacco wraps and anything else besides cannabis will be doing your lungs a favor.

Glass blunts are gaining popularity as compared to traditional blunts because they offer a pretty affordable and straight forward experience even for novice smokers. You don’t have to roll anymore with this weed pipe, or worry about the bud spilling out of a poor seal. 

Beware Of Fake Glass Blunt Pipes From Other Brands

It’s important to be aware of counterfeits from other brands making glass blunt pipes. Below can be seen an official statement from the twisty glass blunts brand 7pipe that was posted back in 2018, which reads lead can be found in the fakes. The metal is known for being cheap and can cause problems to people’s health.

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