Cesar Millan’s Halo Collar Review

Cesar Millan Dog Collar

Cesar Millan’s Halo Collar Review

The Cesar Millan dog collar, Halo, is more than a simple tracking device. It’s a complete pet safety system.

This smart collar provides real-time updates of your dog’s location and its proximity to the boundaries you specify. Should your dog wander too close to the outer perimeter of your yard, the GPS collar uses preventative feedback to guide them to safety.

Ken and Michael Ehrman started Halo in response to a tragedy. Their niece’s dog, Ruby, got out of the yard and was hit by a car. She died from her injuries.

Ken and Michael’s niece was heartbroken, so the idea of using GPS fences came to the fore. They then partnered with Cesar Millan to ensure that the Halo collar would be a valuable training tool. Today there are more than 50,000 dogs in the United States with a Halo dog collar.


  • No in-ground fence is necessary
  • Allows for multiple boundaries
  • Real-time tracking
  • Highly effective prevention feedback
  • It makes training your dog far easier


  • Not ideal for small dogs
  • Pricey
  • Ongoing subscription service for premium features

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Things to consider before buying a GPS collar

Losing a dog is like losing a member of the family. Losing one because of a preventable accident is even worse. I know. I lost my Mitzy a few years ago because she got out into the road.

A GPS collar keeps your dog protected with real-time tracking. You can monitor every location your dog visits and see if they’re straying too far from safety. However, that’s only half of the equation.

What can you do if you’re at work and your dog gets up to mischief? Will you get home in time to prevent them from crossing the perimeter? The Halo collar makes it unnecessary to rush home because of its innovative preventative feedback feature.

Mitzy might still be with us if I had had something similar. The Halo collar is a sound investment if you love your dogs and want to keep them protected.

Cesar Millan Halo Dog Collar

Features & Benefits

Advanced GPS/GNSS

If you’re anything like me, you probably wonder what your dog does all day. Thanks to the Halo collar, you can solve a piece of this mystery.

By drawing on both GPS and GNSS systems, Halo ensures that you have the best coverage possible. Keep your dog protected when at home, out walking, or when you’re away on vacation.

As long as the Halo can connect to a satellite system, you will be able to track your dog. It doesn’t matter if you’re at a company picnic or walking through a shop.

Wireless Fences

Thanks to the onboard navigation system, you can pinpoint the location of your dog at any time. With the Halo Wireless Fence, you can also select 20 virtual boundaries and map out a safe place for your dog to play.

To match this on a standard in-ground system would mean installing 20 wire boundaries in-ground. Even if you shop around, that’s significantly more expensive with no additional benefit for your dog.

Easy Installation

Do you dread the idea of a contractor digging up your pristine lawn to install an in-ground fence? Keep your garden neat and opt for wireless fences instead. There is nothing to install, and so there is also no maintenance.

Full Syncing Allows for Offline Use

The Halo collar can still operate when it cannot connect to the internet. The device memory covers you as long as you sync the Halo with your phone once. The device reverts to the last synced settings if you’re offline.

Saves You Money

Virtual boundaries might seem less secure than a physical fence. However, when you finish training your dog, he’ll respect those limits. Your dog will then police himself.

The Halo collar effectively acts as a leash in creating a clearly defined area for your dog to explore. By contrast, a standard system requires that you install an in-ground fence.

Using the Halo collar saves you money on labor, installation costs, and maintenance.

Also, because of Cesar’s expert dog training program, you save on obedience classes.

Professional Training Program From an Acclaimed Trainer

Cesar Millan has an affinity for animals, and they respond well to his energy. His free 21-day training program will help you control your dog when they are on or off the leash, walking, or when you have company over.

Cesar drew on his extensive industry experience to create a 21-day training program. Included with your product purchase, this program will teach you to use the Halo as an effective training tool.

Cesar incorporates vibration, static, and sound to allow you to find the best learning style for your dog. You can also upgrade to a Premium plan to access live training from experts in the field.

Overall, this training adds a great deal of value to this product. The basic plan costs less than $10 per month.

Protects Your Dogs

Teaching your dog not to go too near the fence has a few benefits.

Keeps Your Per from Being Lost

Firstly, a GPS collar keeps your dog safe from being lost because you can track him wherever he goes. If he slips the leash while walking, you can follow him using the app.

Trains Your Pup Not to Run Out of the Gate

Secondly, it stops your dog from dashing out when the gates are open. There’s nothing quite like the thrill of exploring the unknown. For your dog, the sites and smells outside are a temptation.

Even if you walk your dog daily, he won’t resist the chance to make a break for it. The Cesar Millan Halo collar, in conjunction with the training program, helps you deal with this urge. At the very least, keeping your dog away from the gate gives you time to open and close it before he can run.

Keeps Them Out of Reach

Keeping your dog away from the fence makes it harder for someone to steal them. We all have a loveable pooch or know someone who does.

My Schnauzer, Pixie, was a friendly little girl who loved exploring. If anyone left the gate open, she’d escape. She didn’t have a vicious bone in her body, so she hopped into anyone’s car.

We solved the issue by fencing off the backyard. If, however, we had owned a Halo, we would not have needed to go to the expense.

The first step in keeping your dog safe is to know what he gets up to all day. If you cannot stay with him, knowing his location is the next best thing.

Activity Tracking

The activity tracking feature here is an intriguing one. It allows you to monitor how much time your dog spends in each zone, how much walking they do, and a wide range of safety statistics.

You will be able to see how many preventions the dog received. This, in turn, allows you to identify potential issues within the safe zone.

Perhaps, for example, you need to cut off your dog’s view of the outside world to prevent them from barking.

This feature is handy when working out a routine for your dog. You’ll see if he needs more exercise and be able to monitor adjustments that you make.

Preventative Feedback

Some GPS dog fences on the market have a terrible reputation because of how they train the dog. For example, they may use shock treatments or spray something in the dog’s face. These are not ideal and could traumatize your dog.

Cesar Millan wanted to show people that there are better ways to get your dog to listen to you. The Halo offers three ways to guide your dog:

  • Vibration: The gentle buzz reminds your dog that they’re approaching a danger zone. This method may not work as well for furry dogs as they may not feel the vibrations.
  • Sounds: Noise is an excellent way to distract a dog. This product uses a combination of tones and other sounds to bring your dog to heel.
  • Static: This setting is optional but may be necessary if your dog doesn’t respond to the other signs.


You set the pace with your dog, so it makes sense to customize their feedback. Aside from changing the feedback style, you can also create a profile color. This is useful in multi-dog households because you can assign each dog a different color.

The light on the color is to see your dog better at night or when walking. It also lets you know when the mode changes.

The App

You can control everything with the touch of a button on your phone. Create your fences, view the training, and monitor their safety in real-time. Your app makes it possible to customize the settings for each dog in the home.

You may view each dog profile separately or lump them together for quick changes.

The Beacons

The beacons enhance the effectiveness of the training. Placing the beacons around your home or outside lets you clearly define safe zones for your small pup. This is useful when you are crate-training your dog or wish to restrict his access to a particular area.

Halo Collar Reviews

I like the idea of the Halo collar, but does it live up to the hype? I looked online to find Halo dog collar and Cesar Millan reviews, and I was impressed.

Users commented on how easy the GPS collar is to install without worrying about an in-ground fence. They also felt it was worth the money because the dogs learned quickly while wearing the collar. Most importantly, knowing your dog is wearing a Halo collar gives you peace of mind when you’re away from him. Check out these complete Halo Collar reviews here.

halo dog collar cesar millan reviews

Halo Collar Alternatives

Are other smart collar options on the market? Yes. Let’s see how they compare to the Halo collar. Already sold on Halo? Get the best available pricing here.


The Fi GPS collar sells at a lower price than the Halo product. However, though it lacks some features as well as the training from Cesar Millan, it’s worth considering if you have budget constraints.

Fi Dog Collar

  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi
  • A battery that lasts three months
  • Lost Dog mode and sleep tracking
  • Several sizes
  • GPS tracking

Halo Dog Collar

  • Prevention tracking
  • Safe boundaries
  • Training features
  • Activity and sleep tracking
  • GPS tracking
  • Virtual fence

Would you like to know more about Fi? Visit the company website to see how this product keeps your dog protected.

SpotOn Virtual Fence

The SpotOn Virtual Fence allows for greater customization than the Halo collar. You can set as many boundary fences as you like and even change those according to the time of day. The Spot On Illusion collar is ideal for someone who loves gadgets with all the bells and whistles.

However, it costs significantly more than the Hallo collar.

SpotOn Virtual Fence

  • Preventative feedback
  • Dog training videos
  • Limitless GPS boundaries

Halo Collar

  • Preventative feedback
  • 21-day online course with Cesar Millan
  • 20 GPS boundaries

Would you like to learn more about the SpotOn Virtual Fence? Visit the company website and take a look.

Wagz Freedom Smart Dog Collar

The Wagz Freedom Smart Dog Collar is another budget-friendly option. The collar also employs a virtual fence system but does not use any form of shock as feedback. The wellness feature lets you monitor your dog’s sleep patterns and daily movement.

Wagz Freedom Smart Dog Collar

  • GPS tracking
  • Wellness tracker
  • Virtual fences
  • Preventative feedback

Halo Dog Collar

  • GPS tracking
  • Sleep and exercise tracker
  • Virtual fences
  • Preventative feedback

Our Conclusion

Teaching your children to look both ways before crossing a busy street takes some time. Puppies are even less attentive than toddlers, so it’s best to train them to stay in your yard. If you do not, you face the possibility of someone taking them or injuring the pup with a car.

The Cesar Millan dog collar is with your dog 24/7, allowing you to monitor your furry friend. It also guides the dog when you cannot. The GPS collar acts as a training reinforcement method by providing feedback when your dogs venture out of their protected area. To get the latest Promos on the Cesar Millan Halo Collar visit the official website.

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