Сhat With People Online—Explore Best Chat Sites In 2022

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Do you feel bored and want to chat with people? Online chat rooms can help you connect to random people worldwide. Wonder what group chat rooms are the best? Check out our rating of the most popular reputable chat platforms and learn how to start chatting online and make a girl fall for you in chat rooms.

Best chat rooms to chat with strangers online

  • Placetochat.com—popular international chat rooms to chat with people from Eastern Europe
  • Talkliv. com—a website for intercultural online chat with random people from Asia
  • Funchatt. com—a user-friendly platform for online chat with strangers from Latin America
  • Mili.Live—popular chat site that focuses on video chatting
  • Coomeet.com—premium video chat site with audio calls


Registration: free

PlaceToChat.com is a good option if you want to chat with strangers. You can meet many multiple people seeking a chat partner. The chat site is among free chat rooms, as it is free to join, and you can use a real selection of services without spending a cent on it. For instance, creating your profile, browsing other users’ profiles, sending winks, watching all public photos, and using search with filters (basic and extended) are completely free.

But the full potential of the chat room opens when you start communication which is predominantly paid. You can enjoy chatting with girls online through messaging, mail, the Let’s Talk feature, exchanging photos, and even sending gifts

Another benefit of PlaceToChat.com is free streams, where you can talk in comments and donate to women online. To use fee-based features in these chat rooms, members need credits, which start at $2.99 per 20 credits.



Registration: free

Talkliv.com is popular among people who are into Asian women and seek easy ways of chatting online. Sign-up is free and takes less than 5 minutes, and after that, you can jump into conversations in the free chat room. There are many beautiful female users from different countries in the Asian region. To find a girl you like, you can:

  • Use a search tool with various filters
  • Scroll Newsfeed, the online chat social media
  • Meet girls through People matching in chat rooms

When you find a hot Asian girl online, you can start chatting via online chat, mail, sending winks, or prompted communication. You can exchange photos or send videos to spice up your conversations with women online.

Also, you can enjoy watching female strangers in Streams, a special public call with group chats. But most communication features are not free, and members need credits, the price of which starts at $0.14 per credit.

Talkliv is available only in website form, but it is also popular among mobile chat rooms, as its interface and layout are mobile-friendly and can be used on all mobile devices.



Registration: free

If you are into Latin girls, then Funchatt.com will be a good option among free online chat rooms on our list. The platform has a variety of beautiful girls from Colombia, Mexico, and other Latin countries who want to talk to random strangers online.

The chat room is free to join, and it provides multiple services for fun communication, like messaging, mail, the Let’s Talk feature, sending winks, or even presents. You can also send pictures in chat, but video chat options are unavailable.

If you have any preferences in women online, you can use search filters, interactive matching, or even online free chat rooms Streams to see if you like the Latin girl before starting the conversation. But to chat with girls you like, you need to be ready to pay, as free communication is limited. To use fee-based features in chat rooms, members buy credits, which cost around $2.99 for 20.


Pros and cons of online chat rooms

The main advantages and drawbacks of using online chat rooms are worth knowing.


  • You can choose from a variety of different chat rooms
  • Online chat rooms provide a free and fast way of connecting to random people globally
  • You can get rid of boredom or have fun with
  • Public chat rooms help to meet new friends
  • It’s easy to meet strangers with common interests
  • Some group chat rooms have anonymous chatting mode


  • Even free chat rooms have paid features
  • Not all online chat rooms are mobile phones friendly

How to start a conversation with a girl on chat online?

Starting a conversation with a beautiful woman in online chat rooms like Placetochat.Com  can feel intimidating and nerve-wracking for some guys. But this should not be a reason to miss an opportunity to connect with the lady of your dreams. Learning how to talk to female strangers online is not difficult at all—all it takes is the right mindset and confidence.

But some working tips can help you become a pro in attracting the opposite sex on chatting sites. Read on!

Choose a chat room that is suitable to your goals

Not all free chat rooms are suitable for your unique goals. For example, if you seek to meet new friends, use group chat rooms, or if you are a teenager, use teen chat rooms. Also, you can pick among mobile chat rooms and chat sites that are international or specialize in certain regions like Europe (Placetochat. com), Asia (Talkliv. com), and Latin America (Funchatt. com).

Make a presentable free chat profile

Before you start chatting online, you need to take care of your chat room profile. Your page will be visited by random strangers, and to attract the opposite sex, it should have:

  • High-quality profile photo
  • 5-7 more good public pics
  • Clear expectations from the chat app or site
  • Who do you want to talk to

Also, if you don’t want to be approached by random girls, you may add some preferences in online chatting like ‘English only’ or ‘Blondes are my type.’

Start with a greeting and cute compliment

The greeting is an obvious conversation starter. Use something regular like Hi or Hello, but follow with a tailored compliment in chat rooms. Going in with a sincere compliment is always a good strategy, but it must be creative. Don’t use old pick-up lines that she probably receives in every second chat online.

Pop culture conversation starters

Using popular pop culture lines is also a nice option to approach a woman in a text chat room or video chat. For example, if a girl you pick is a Friends fan, you can go with Joe’s classic ‘How you doin’?’ If you stumble upon a Breaking Bad fan, you can try a famous line ‘I’m the one who knocks.’ followed by ‘Are you the one who answers?’.

Move with the flow of girls’ chat

It’s not hard to start chatting in the chat room like Funchatt. Com or Placetochat. com, as they are created for that. But you should tailor the approach and go with the vibe of the woman you want to chat online with.

How to introduce yourself on chat. Example

Chat app introductions are essential. Think about it: Every interaction, whether at a random chat or offline, begins with a simple introduction. Unfortunately, many guys waste this three-second online chat opportunity on a woman by being awkward or inappropriate.

And we’ve seen guys mess up a potential three-year relationship by introducing themselves in a boring way. Here are some tips to help you avoid common mistakes and become a chat room introduction pro:

  • Don’t be boring. This advice is quite basic, but most aspiring online chat room pros start chatting with too basic messages like ‘Hey you,’ ‘What’s up?’, or ‘Hi, I’m John.’ Also, using Bonjour/Ciao/Hola is not an option either.
  • Try to find similarities. Use free online chat room profiles to the fullest and find something you have in common to use in your introduction. You can come up with something like ‘Looks like we are the only two people interested in Vampire Dairies’ or ‘Hello, fellow Chicago Bulls fan. Did you catch the game last night?’
  • Be engaging. When introducing yourself, add a question at the end to help your chat partner to reply to you faster. Your message could look like ‘Hey, I’m Brandon, and I see that we are both Batman fans. I’m dying to know which actor is your favorite Batman?’
  • Flirt! Online chat rooms are made for people who are open to romantic hints and like flirting. Your online chatting introduction can be, ‘Can I call you Q.T., or do you prefer Liz?’

Please don’t spoil your first impression in an online chat room, and follow our advice!

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What to chat with girls about?

When talking with a girl you like, it can be hard to concentrate and figure out what to say. But don’t worry! We’ve got 10 great topics to help you talk with any girl you like.

  1. Common interests. Browse her chat room profile and find something in common. But if there is none, and you still like the girl, find something that you like about her hobbies and interests.
  2. Dislikes. Some people like to mention their dislikes on their chat room profiles. If yours match—perfect! You have a great topic to discuss in your chat online.
  3. Her day. Show that you are interested and are a kind person. Ask about her day and listen. Perfect for guys who have trouble when they chat online. But note that this topic won’t work for random strangers.
  4. Goals. Asking about aspirations and goals is another great way to keep the conversation going on chatting sites. If your girl is ambitious, she will like to share her big goals.
  5. Childhood. Telling different stories is probably the most popular topic in group chat rooms. But mind what information you share with random strangers. Also, it’s a good idea to ask about your woman’s childhood and happy memories.
  6. Her background. Sometimes a random chat brings not to random strangers but old classmates or neighbors. Talking about each other’s backgrounds can help restore these connections and find new conversation topics.
  7. Travel. A nice chat option for new strangers. If you are not comfortable talking about something more personal, you can talk and ask about a dream destination.
  8. Film/Music. Another neutral chat topic that is popular on chat rooms. It’s probably a universal topic that everyone can master. But the advice is to dive deep into the topic only if your chat partner shows interest in a particular film or music piece.
  9. Dreams. Sometimes it’s easier to talk about dreams with strangers online than with close ones. Ask about what your girl wants the most in life. Sometimes she might have a dream you can fulfill and become her hero.
  10. Pets. The final classic and all-time favorite topic—is pets. You can use it in text and video chat rooms, as women love men with animals.

How to talk to a girl online in chat rooms?

Not only what you are talking about when online chatting is important, but even more so is how you are communicating your thoughts. Here are a few unsaid rules of chat rooms to follow:

  • Be respectful even in chat rooms. Even though you message random strangers, there is no need to be rude or disrespectful. Be polite if you want to find new friends or attract someone of the opposite sex.
  • Make her feel relaxed and safe in online chat rooms. Random chatting in a webcam chat or chat room doesn’t guarantee screen safety. And trust is the most important thing that girls love.
  • Be fun when you chat with girls. A good sense of humor is probably the favorite thing of all women. If you want to become king of all chat rooms or chat sites, prepare some good jokes to use at the right time.
  • Be easy to talk to. People who use random chat sites look for quality conversation, and the main secret is being an active listener and being engaging.

How to make a girl fall for you on chat online?

Are you worried you can’t keep a girl interested in your conversation skills? Do conversations with the opposite sex tend to lose their spark after only a few minutes? If so, don’t worry, because I can help you make all this stop and turn luck into your favor.

Here are some tips on courting a stranger girl in free chat rooms:

  • Initiate chatting online with a girl you like. Most women like to be approached, so pick a lady you like or message random girls online.
  • Be patient even if you don’t receive speedy replies. Many girls in group chat rooms like to play hard-to-get and wait for a few minutes (sometimes even hours) to reply. If you start sending more follow-up messages in girls chat, you’ll look desperate.
  • Make sure to look sincere. Don’t try to become better when you start chatting, as it’s hard to keep up with lies, and when they catch you up, it will lead only to disappointment.
  • Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable in chat rooms. In real life and in free chat rooms, women like to feel special. Emphasize that you don’t do something to other girls. It can be writing letters or having some private conversation.

If you want to use free online chat rooms to communicate with girls, you should put in more effort. Show your interest, commitment, and utilize all the features your free chat app offers. Don’t be stuck with messages; use voice chatting or voice calls, and send pictures and videos to make the online conversation feel like real life.

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