Chinese orchestra brings classical Eastern sounds to West Coast audiences

A spectacular symphony of sounds is heading to the West Coast this month, bringing an exquisite taste of China directly from Beijing.


Enchanting China: An Orchestral Extravaganza is an eclectic program featuring Peking Opera, classical hits and folk music that showcases the best of traditional Chinese opera.

As the concert conductor Pang Ka Pang explains, the music captures and celebrates many of the different parts and people of China — a country just as vast and diverse as the U.S.

“In Enchanting China, we share the voices of these many places – and introduce Americans to Chinese music’s cultural richness,” says Pang.

This June, Enchanting China will be showing in three U.S. locations as part of the West Coast Tour: Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle.

Pang: Conductor and cultural influencer

Pang has been described as one of China’s most influential cultural figures because of his groundbreaking work as a conductor and leader in musical spheres.

“We hope audiences will be intrigued to experience our country’s version of the orchestra – and spellbound by the music that it weaves,” says Pang.

In addition to being internationally recognized for his expressive, vibrant combinations of meticulous precision with the China Broadcasting Chinese Orchestra, Pang has also conducted ensembles around Europe.

Over the years, he’s worked with everything from the Mozart Symphony Orchestra of Salzburg to the Czech National Symphony Orchestra to the National Symphony Orchestra of the Ukraine.

Pang’s experience and background with different symphonies has captivated audiences around the world and is part of what makes him such a powerful conductor — he’s renowned for his ability to bring a troupe into harmony with sounds that enthral the listeners.

Decades of perfecting the art

The China Broadcasting Chinese Orchestra has been performing and inspiring audiences for more than six decades. The national-level orchestra is renowned not just in China but internationally for its remarkable adaptations of classic work and awe-inspiring performances.

Over the decades, the troupe has performed in more than 70 countries and regions.

The ensemble for this remarkable performance is crafted after the traditional Chinese opera, with nearly 100 musicians split into four sections.

The orchestra, established in 1953, later matured under the careful guidance of the famous Chinese conductor and composer Mr. Peng Xiuwen who molded it in the structure of a folk orchestra.

That means the musicians all play on classical instruments of the genre; these unique instruments range from plucked strings, bowed strings, wind, and percussion to pipas, bamboo flutes, erhus, lion drums, and more.

‘Face of classical Chinese music’

All in all, there are more than 20 different instruments that come together in one harmonious symphony in the performance Enchanting China.

The spellbinding instrumental work is melded with vocals, to create a truly mesmerizing performance that brings well-loved compositions — like Terracotta Warriors Fantasia,’ ‘Dance of the Golden Snake’, and ‘Moonlight of the Spring River’ — to life.

China Broadcasting Chinese Orchestra has, in many ways, become the face of classical Chinese music and a symbol of the culture, bringing forth the sounds of history to a modern audience.

The Enchanting China: An Orchestral Extravaganza tour starts on June 21 in Hollywood. It runs in San Francisco June 23 – 24, and finishes in Seattle June 26.

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