Comparing the Top 3 Business Phone Services of 2021

The Really Useful Information Company (TRUiC) has recently ranked the best business phone service providers that are currently available within the U.S.

This is important, as utilizing the most efficient phone service for your business’s specificities can go a long way in providing you with tailored, affordable, and applicable features which you can use on a day-to-day basis (such as call routing, hold music, caller id, and more) and consequently focus primarily on growing your business.

Even though there may be a seemingly countless number of adequate phone service providers to choose from, each one has its own benefits and cons, and the prominent team of TRUiC experts has reportedly spent hundreds of hours conducting a prolific amount of research so as to produce an accurate, applicable, and comprehensive top 3 list for its readers.

1. TRUiC’s Leading Choice: RingCentral- $19.99 to $49.99 per month

RingCentral utilizes a plethora of powerful collaboration and communications technologies in conjunction with its cloud-based communications platform so as to allow business owners to have easy access to: a) business messaging, b) video conferencing, c) team collaboration software, and d) e-meetings.

Additionally, one of the biggest benefits of RingCentral is that the company tailors its services to all types of devices- iphones, androids, desktops, and laptops, which makes it very useful in a business setting due to the wide range of equipment that a company’s employees may need and/or choose to utilize.

According to TRUiC, RingCentral’s most valuable features include:

  • Having both iphone and android-based apps.
  • Allowing business owners to integrate with a variety of popular apps (including Microsoft and Google).
  • Entailing fast and non-complex text messaging and team collaboration services.
  • Offering an unlimited amount of phone and conference calls.

Overall, RingCentral seems to deliver the ‘’complete package’’; with that in mind, it is rather unsurprising that it was TRUiC’s most valued choice. The phone provider’s services can additionally scale commensurately with a business owner’s company, meaning that they can be a great fit for small and large businesses alike.

2. Talkroute: $19 to $99 per month

Talkroute utilizes voice over internet protocol (VoIP) software which enables relatively small businesses to ‘’disguise’’ themselves as much larger, transnational corporations.

This is because they offer a plethora of exclusive features, including: business hour settings, call routing, hold music, SMS text messaging, call forwarding, and visual voicemail.

Another great benefit of choosing Talkroute- at least within the U.S and Canada, is that the company offers unlimited minutes for every single phone service plan that they offer.

TRUiC also considered customer satisfaction rates; one of Talkroute’s strongest selling points was its exceptionally high customer support service, a fact which tends to ‘’stand out’’ in this industry due to the prolific number of competitors which have an astoundingly poor level of reviews in this area of practice.

Having said that, Talkroute does come with a few disadvantages that should indubitably be considered. The most important one is its relatively short free-trial period (7 days), which is by far the shortest among all of the phone service providers that TRUiC analytically examined.

3. Nextiva: $18 to $32 per month

Even though it’s the last provider on the list, the ample benefits that Nextiva offers should not be underestimated.

The company offers a brilliant virtual business phone service which allows its users to connect their VoIP business phones with a variety of business apps and Artificial Intelligence-powered business tools, as well as to make and receive an unlimited number of conference and personal calls whenever they want to.

Nextiva additionally offers all of the more ‘’conventional’’ features that business owners will expect; these include: call forwarding, hold music, call waiting, text messages, collaborative services with team members, and call logs.

Its only disadvantages, really, are its relatively long and tedious setup time (in comparison to some of the other competitors on the list) and its rather complicated website navigation system.

Final Thoughts

Given TRUiC’s prominence, it should serve as no surprise that all of these choices are extremely desirable.

Ultimately, the best phone service for each business owner will depend on that person’s specificities, industry, and preferences. Individuals interested in learning more about the aforementioned providers are encouraged to have a look at TRUiC’s prolific work, including their recent Talkroute Business Phone review.

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