Convenient cannabis comes right to your door! 

Mission Organic cannabis dispensary is offering delivery services

In a tough year, it’s the little things that help us cope. Thank goodness California exempted cannabis from its recent ban on indoor smoking. And thank goodness Mission Organic is offering delivery services to help bring cannabis closer to you. 

Since 2012, Mission Organic has been serving residents from San Francisco all the way to Redwood City. The family-owned cannabis dispensary is open seven days a week from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. 

The store boasts over 900 products for both medical and recreational use, including:

  • pre-rolls
  • edibles
  • vape cartridges
  • hash
  • capsules
  • topicals
  • vape pods
  • disposable vape pens
  • drinks
  • concentrates
  • hundreds of cannabis strains
  • & even pet tinctures for your furry friends!

With such an extensive selection, you’ll find everything you need — and something for everyone on your Christmas list! Another benefit? All products are child resistant. 

“A really popular choice right now is gummies,” says Mike Mekk, owner of Mission Organic. “They’re a really easy and convenient way to consume cannabis and people tend to like them because they’re easy to travel with!” 

In this stressful time Mekk has seen a sustained interest in products that facilitate sleep — both helping you fall asleep faster, and stay asleep longer. For example, you can try their Sleepy Time capsules, which promote a restful slumber. 

As stress doesn’t just affect sleep, they also offer a line of relief products, designed to combat every day stress, muscle tension and pain – day or night. With stress at an all time high, there’s no better time than now to check them out! The tasty pomegranate flavored CBD Relief Gummies from Plus are especially popular. 

To Order: 

Order your items online, stop by in-person to browse the inventory, or take advantage of home delivery services. 

Debit and ACH payments are accepted, giving you the convenience of cashless and touchless transactions. 

Mission Organic has a bunch of great perks for repeat customers: sign up to their loyalty reward program and earn 2% cash back (store credit) on all in-store and delivery purchases. For each dollar spent you receive a point which you can then redeem for rewards. The store also offers senior discounts and 10 percent off on birthdays! 

With their excellent customer service, incredible selection and reward programs, they’ve earned the well-deserved reputation as one of the best dispensaries around. 

Make sure to check out their top quality cannabis products; if you can’t decide, their staff are always happy to help. 

Don’t miss out! Visit them online, in person, check out their Instagram or take advantage of their delivery services today! 

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