Crucial Aspects to Remember When Choosing A DUI Attorney

Are you booked a DUI, and desperately need an attorney? Well, we will give you all the essential guidelines to come out of this trouble, but let us give you some details about DUI first.

When one gets booked for a DUI, then the driver receives a temporary license. Once the driver receives the temporary license, then he has about ten days to contact the DMV. Otherwise, the license gets suspended.

On contacting the DMV, a hearing gets scheduled. The primary objective of the hearing is to decide whether the driver will keep his license or lose the license. The hearing is more of an administrative procedure that can last from about ten minutes to two hours.

The hearing takes place in an office, and the proceedings get recorded on a tape. Now, what you need to know is that winning the DMV hearing is difficult, so you need to hire the best attorney.

We will discuss the selection criteria to make things simple for you.

Selecting a DUI attorney

Conduct Detailed Research About the DUI Lawyer
When you have to choose a DUI lawyer, then the most significant aspect is that you should research on your part. The smart approach is that you must prepare an excel sheet, and list down the details about the top DUI lawyers in the sheet. You can include the addresses, email, and phone numbers of the lawyers in the excel sheet. For example, you may list down the details about Vista DUI Attorney.

Get Hold of An Attorney with Experience
What you need to keep in mind is that you have little time to act when you get arrested for DUI. You need to hire an attorney who has significant experience related to DUI cases and DMV.

Once you get in touch with a lawyer, then he will take care over your DUI case, and he will schedule the hearing for you. Most people get panic-stricken when they get to hear about a hearing. The truth is that the hearing can benefit you as a driver. The reason is that once your hearing is in progress, then your suspension is on hold during that time.

If you get hold of an experienced attorney, then he may be able to convince the DMV not to suspend your driving license at the hearing.

The Lawyer Should Understand the Crucial Issues
When the hearing takes place, then the hearing officer focuses on the core issues only. The hearing officer will like to know if your arrest was lawful. He will like to get information about your blood alcohol level when you drove your car. Additionally, the hearing officer will also investigate whether you drove under the influence of alcohol.

You should hire a DUI attorney who can refute the mentioned issues. He should give you a detailed guideline about the available defense. For example, the attorney might come up, and state that the arresting officer failed to use the BAC equipment properly.

There are times when drivers refuse a BAC test. It may also go against the driver in a hearing, but a smart attorney can save you in this situation. He can state that you were not aware of the consequences of refusing the test.

Schedule A Face to Face Meeting
When you are about to choose the DUI attorney, then ensure the fact that you hold a meeting with him. The advantage of this practice is that you will get a chance to know how the lawyer works. When you come to meet the lawyer, then you should have all the necessary paperwork with you.

When you have a face to face meeting with your lawyer, then you should ask him if he knows the officers involved in the case. When your lawyer knows the officers involved, then it will become easy for him to plan the line of action.

It is also important to question the lawyer regarding the number of clients he represents at a time. The reason is that you will want your lawyer to give personal attention to your case. If the lawyer handles too many cases at a time, then this may seem to be a red flag alert.

Cost is yet another aspect that you need to discuss in your meeting because you will not want to deal with any hidden charges later on. The vital aspect is that you should question your lawyer if he charges a flat fee or asks for an hourly fee.

Now, there are times when an attorney charges a separate fee to file for the appeal or go to the trial so you should explicitly ask your lawyer about this scenario also.

It will not be a bad idea to question the attorney about any penalty that will apply to your case.

Go for An Attorney Who Offers A Free Consultation
The good news is that when you go for a reputed DUI attorney, then you can get a free consultation as well. The advantage here is that you get a chance to explore the skills of the attorney without the need to worry about any fees.

When you talk with your lawyer during the consultation session, you will be able to figure out if the attorney can present convincing evidence at the trial. The evidence will play an essential role in your win so you cannot go wrong here.

It is also critical that the attorney should inform you about the repercussions that may occur if you end up losing the case. For example, if you lose the case, then you can request for the DMV department review of the decision.

It is also essential to observe the behavior, and attitude of the attorney during the consultation. You should prefer a lawyer with a professional attitude. He needs to have a compassionate attitude when he listens to your concerns. If you are unable to communicate effectively with your lawyer, then it will affect the end outcome of the case.

If you feel that you are unable to develop a comfort zone with the lawyer in the consultation session, then the best approach is to look for other alternatives. A rational decision will save you from trouble later on.

What you need to keep in mind is that you also have to cooperate with your lawyer if you wish to win the case. Once you get arrested for a DUI case, make sure that you write everything down so that you can provide all the necessary information to your lawyer.

You should list down the details of why the officer stopped you. It is also important to write down the communication that took place between you, and the officer. When your lawyer has all the necessary details, then he can formulate a winning case.

Red Flags to Look Out for When Hiring A DUI Attorney

We updated you about how you should go about your lawyer selection for the DMV hearing. We will now tell you about the red flags as well so that you do not make the wrong choice.

Assigns Your Case to Other Lawyers in The Law Firm
There are also some red flags that you must keep in mind when hiring a DUI attorney. If your lawyer states that his firm will take up your case, then there is a chance that you may not be able to speak to the lawyer again. Treat this statement as a red flag, and avoid a lawyer who is not ready to take up your case in person.

Unprepared for The Initial Consultation
If you notice that the lawyer does not seem prepared on the initial consultation, then this should be enough to drive your way. Ideally, your DUI attorney should be upfront, and should not hide any relevant details.

Makes False Promises
Now some lawyers misguide their client by making false promises. If the lawyer guarantees the fact that you will win the case, then you must consider this a warning sign. An attorney can have an idea about the hearing outcome, but he can never guarantee the results.

It is important that you assess the support staff of your hired attorney. If the staff has a high turnover rate, then this means that the staff is dissatisfied with the approach of the lawyer. If he is unable to keep his staff happy, then there are chances that he will not live up to your expectation as well.

If you remember the mentioned guideline, then you will be able to get hold of a good DUI attorney.

There are some common mistakes that you should avoid on your part as well. For example, some people decide not to hire a lawyer for the DMV hearing. What you need to keep in mind is that your lawyer is technically skilled, and he can represent your case in a better way.

Well, this is why you should not opt for self-representation. Secondly, you should make sure that you are honest with your lawyer. What you need to remember is that the lies will go against you in the long run.

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