DangoBuds Review: Are They Worth the Hype?

DangoBuds reviews are all over the internet so I recently purchased the DangoBuds earbuds and have shared my thoughts on the new technology. Interested in buying wireless earphones with HD audio? Read on to find out whether DangoBuds are really worth the hype or not:

What Are DangoBuds?

DangoBuds are wireless, Bluetooth-connected earphones designed to deliver top-quality and smooth audio. The earphones can connect to multiple operating systems, from your iOS, Android and even laptop. All you need to do is to ensure your Bluetooth is switched on the connecting device, locate the DangoBuds earbuds and simply connect. Once both devices are paired, you can enjoy the earphones with ease.

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The design of the DangoBuds wireless earbuds is small and sleek. DangoBuds reviews confirm they fit perfectly in your ear and don’t fall off despite the type of activity you’re undergoing. For example, if you choose to cycle, run, or gym with your DangoBuds earbuds, they would remain intact throughout your exercise. The grip of the earphones is so firm that it feels as if they are glued to your ears.

Other than their evident features and sleek design, they also have high-quality sound. Most earphones tend to have a problem with their bass. However, DangoBuds reviews confirm they provide consistent quality sound with the ability to listen to music for hours on end.

DangoBuds Facts and Specs

Some of the facts and specs of DangoBuds are:

●   Active noise cancelling

●   Dual microphones

●   Bluetooth 5.0

●   65mAh Li-polymer batteries for earbuds

●   5V/550mAh Li-polymer batteries for charging case

●   Connectivity range: 10 m

●   Type C charging port

●   Wireless charging also included

●   Replaceable silicon in-ear tips in sizes small, medium and large

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Do DangoBuds Work?

Yes, DangoBuds do work and work incredibly well. As mentioned above, the process is simple. All you have to do to connect these earphones is to ensure that the host device has an open Bluetooth connection. Once that device is able to locate your DangoBuds earbuds, simply click on the “connect” option and wait for both devices to pair up. As long as the host device’s Bluetooth remains on and the connection between the two is not lost, you can listen to music for hours on end.

Charging your DangoBuds is also very simple, every DangoBuds review says this. The case that stores the earbuds automatically charge each bud since it has in-built wireless charging features installed. However, you will have to charge the case also. The case has a Type-C charging port, which means you can use any modern-day Android phone charger for this as well. Simply insert the charger to a power socket and connect the case to the Type-C port of the earbuds charging case. If the battery is nil, it takes about two hours for the case to reach optimal capacity, i.e., 100%. 

The battery technology used in the case and earbuds is one of the highest quality ones. Li-polymer batteries, or lithium-ion batteries, are rechargeable batteries built on lithium technology. They have a lifespan of two to three years and are known to be included in almost every advanced wireless technology out there.

Furthermore, the Bluetooth features to detect any host device also ensure a hassle-free connection and a large connectivity range. If you’re walking from one room to another, you don’t need to have your host device near you, as long as you are within the given range. Hence, with advanced battery and Bluetooth technologies, the earbuds function well and ensure top-quality user experience.

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DangoBuds Pros and Cons


1)      Convenient Storage:

One of the primary reasons why I opted for the DangoBuds wireless earbuds was due to their convenient storage. Occasionally, wired earphones would tangle in my bags, and it would be challenging to detangle and use them. DangoBuds remove all such hassles for me and simply require me to connect them to my smartphone and use them.

2)      Long-Lasting Battery:

An advantage of wired earphones is the fact that you don’t have to worry about charging them. Unfortunately, wireless earphones require you to charge them whenever the earbuds or case battery dies. However, charging my DangoBuds earbuds has never been an issue. They have such a long battery life that battery issues have never hindered my ability to enjoy music. The battery is good enough to last over my two-hour workout, and I feel they are very convenient this way.

3)      Good Fitting:

Unfortunately, since I have small ears, not all earphones fit me. There are many times when the earbuds fall out during my runs, and I think there’s nothing more annoying than that. DangoBuds solve this issue for me entirely. They are designed such that they are bound to fit in your ear. What’s more is that their silicone buds come in different sizes, making them extremely comfortable no matter how long you wear them for. Size small fits me well, and my ears never hurt after I use my earbuds for two hours straight.

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If you were to ask me personally, I don’t think there are any cons of the DangoBuds wireless earbuds. They are easy on the pocket, include hassle-free charging and provide top-quality audio. When I was looking to buy wireless earphones, I prioritized all three of these factors and DangoBuds provided me with all of those.

If you don’t believe me, you should check out all the other DangoBuds reviews on the internet. I made sure to read a few before my purchase, and almost every customer was happy with their purchase. I surely don’t regret mine!

Final Verdict

There are numerous wireless earphones out there, and companies are going as far as manufacturing modified versions of the first. However, such companies also sell their wireless earphones at an exorbitantly high price. Now imagine the same features, but at a much less price? DangoBuds does precisely that!

For the manufacturers, it is more about providing the best customer experience and making sure their users remain happy. For that reason, they have a 100% Hassle Free Money-Back Guarantee if for any reason you are not satisfied.

I would highly recommend DangoBuds earbuds. They are comfortable, easy to use and include all the advanced features you require!

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