Dating app Once introduces Black Mirror-style feature for rating men and empowering women

Europe’s leading slow-dating app, Once, today announced its launch into the US market. The dating app is the most innovative app since Tinder, revolutionizing the online dating space by offering a novel value proposition: quality over quantity with an advanced machine learning algorithm that provides users with one meaningful match each day at noon and a first-of-its-kind rating system that allows women to rate the men they date in real life. Once was launched for the first time in France in 2015 and now has over 6 million users in 7 western Europe countries.

A rating system empowering women

Catfishing, ghosting, fake photos, pre-date stalking and stranger danger. Sadly, terms that all digital daters are over-familiar with, particularly millennial women. But it’s 2018, and it’s time to call bluff on these toxic dating hurdles.

The Once app’s rating system – similar to Uber or Trip Advisor ratings – empowers women and instantly makes it one of the safest dating apps on the market. After a real-life date detected by the Once machine learning algorithm, the rating system gives women the possibility and power to review the chats, the dates and the profile pictures of the men they went on a date with. They also have the chance to write a comment about their dates which will be checked by Once’s internal monitoring team to avoid not constructive comments. These ratings and reviews are then viewable on the profiles of other Once community users.

“It is time for women to feel protected and safe”

Clémentine Lalande, co-CEO of Once, states that the move was a reaction to awful experiences some women encounter while using online dating services. “I am appalled at some of the experiences my girlfriends have endured whilst looking for a partner online. Everything from unsolicited genital pictures through to outright sexual harassment. In 2018, it is time for women to feel protected and safe.”

The launch comes at a time when society’s perception of women and their safety is rightly challenged in light of the #MeToo movement. This new rating feature answers the need for security that many women seek with online dating. No more catfishing or fear of dating scams. Now women have a #girlssquad, keeping men honest about the authenticity of their profiles while encouraging positive behaviours.

Swiping is so 2017

Jean Meyer, CEO of Once, declares “The idea that you need to swipe an infinite amount of times per day to ensure your best chances of finding a match is in the past now and doesn’t leverage the latest machine learning technology. Once is specifically designed for singles who are looking for a serious relationship. Our revolutionary new ratings feature gives women the ability to rate men after their dates, which is appealing to serious daters. No more catfishing or bottom fishing – men will be held accountable for who they are and how they behave. Our A.I.-based algorithm knows what you’re looking for and provides users with one special match per day. At Once, we’re focused on happily ever after, not instant gratification.”

How does Once work?

For efficiency, users receive one quality match per day at noon. With Once, there’s no need to spend hours limitlessly swiping and browsing through countless profiles. Once uses its proprietary artificial intelligence algorithm-based platform to select a user’s once-a-day match based on specific data collected during sign-up. Next, similar to if the users had met in person, you and your match, can only give each other the undivided attention a first-meeting situation deserves, meaning only your match of the day will be able to see you.

As part of the new rating feature for the Once dating app’s U.S. market launch, following a date, women will be asked to confirm that the date occurred and can review their experience. They have to rate their experience during the date on 5 stars. Additionally, for authenticity and security, both men and women can rate the accuracy of pictures versus real life, following a date. Does he/she look better in real life? An icon will appear on each rated profile. The objective is to create the most genuine and trustworthy pool of profiles. With Once, feeling secure is top of mind.

Once – No Catfishes. No Fakes. Real Dates.

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