Dating apps are basically a game: Here’s how to avoid them playing with your love life.

It’s time to start meeting in real life.

Technology has meant our phones are absolute powerhouses for all sorts of daily tasks, but is there something uncomfortable about your love life being reduced to a function within an app?

We think so, especially given the online dating game is pretty much rigged to get you on your phone for as long as possible. They funnel a never-ending stream of faces all only demanding a fraction of your attention as you swiftly decide which way to swipe. But Eurpoean start-up The Inner Circle has stepped in and disrupted the game, and they’ve provided some crystal clear steps for how to hack online dating:

  1. Pay attention

Be aware that most dating apps are built to waste your time, resist this and use them effectively. No swiping in front of the TV, mindless scrolling will only mean you don’t pay enough attention. Match with someone you genuinely think you’ll get on with, and then talk to them.

  1. Be critical, yet confident

This applies to dating as a whole. Don’t match with someone you know is going to waste your time, and don’t waste the time of someone else. But the flip side of that is if you match with someone who you genuinely like, don’t wait for them, take control. Being confident is sexy, and it gets things done.

  1. Be on the right apps

Choose your app wisely, and go for the ones you think will connect you with like-minded people. The Inner Circle has a team of experts who check each new profile carefully, making sure they’re detailed, up-to date (including checking profile pictures are recent and high-quality), and genuinely interested in dating. You’ll be matched with people who take the same approach to life and have similar interests. In practical terms, saves you a lot of time and effort.

With most modern dating apps having been designed for maximum usage, it’s not surprising how much time we waste on them. To be fair, it’s good business, in an ever more connected age people are lonelier than ever, and we’re used to reaching for a digital solution to most problems.

Apps like The Inner Circle try to bridge this divide by offering a quality experience and knowing you’re not going to be on it forever. It even has lifestyle features to help you meet in real life, such as “Spots” which lists the top date spots in your city as voted on by other users. The Inner Circle’s entire goal is to get people together on real dates, and ultimately to delete the app.

The best way to shake up your dating game is to try it by registering for free here.




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