Delta-8 Decisions — The Most Popular Delta-8 THC Products of 2022

Delta-8 THC is the “buzziest” trend in the legal hemp biz. In fact, delta-8 has become so popular that it’s now available in the same categories as its distant relative CBD. People new to the delta-8 market may struggle to choose from the ever-growing number of delta-8 products in hemp stores.

The Best Delta-8 Products In 2022

While every delta-8 extract has the same high-inducing cannabinoid, they have significant differences in terms of potency and effect. New delta-8 consumers should evaluate their health goals and THC tolerance before reviewing all of the delta-8 extracts now available.

Delta-8 Vape Carts

Given delta-8’s close relation to the illegal delta-9 THC, it’s not all that surprising this cannabinoid took off in the vaping community. Many customers first tried delta-8 via vape carts or e-juices in a compatible vaporizer. Vaping delta-8 will get this cannabinoid in your system ASAP, resulting in a fast-acting and pronounced “high.”

New users may find this method too intense, but those with a moderate THC tolerance love the immediacy and clean taste of delta-8 vape carts. As a bonus, it’s getting easier to find delta-8 vape carts that mimic iconic cannabis strains like Blue Dream and GSC. So, it’s very easy to replicate a “weed-like” experience with a delta-8 vape juice.

Delta-8 Hemp Flowers

While it’s easier to find delta-8 in vape cart form, more hemp breeders are creating dankdelta-8-fortified hemp flowers. These delta-8 hemp nugs look and smell like natural marijuana, but they should all have lab tests proving there’s ≤ 0.3 percent delta-9 THC.

People who believe in the “entourage effect” theory are the most enthusiastic about lighting delta-8 flowers in joints or dry herb vaporizers. Not only will these flowers taste similar to traditional weed, they have plenty of bonus cannabinoids in their raw state (e.g., CBD, CBC, and CBG). While the “entourage effect” is still debatable, many people believe a natural combination of hemp compounds enhances the effectiveness of this herb.

Delta-8 Gummies

If people are put off by the intense effects of delta-8 vape pods or hemp flowers, they may want to opt for a batch of slow-acting delta-8 gummies. These hemp edibles provide a tastier way to test delta-8’s effectiveness, especially if you’re new to this cannabinoid.

Cannabis edibles always take longer to work into the endocannabinoid system because they don’t directly enter the bloodstream. Instead, after you eat a high-quality delta-8 gummy, it will travel through your liver before it takes effect. This means you should experience a reduced potency when the delta-8 finally hits — unless you ate too many treats early on!

Please remember that delta-8 edibles take at least 30 – 45 minutes to start having a noticeable effect. Sadly, many new customers underestimate the power of delta-8 edibles until it’s too late. You’ll only enjoy delta-8 gummies’ relatively low potency if you stick with the lowest recommended dosage.

Delta-8 Tinctures & Oils

Compared with delta-8 gummies or capsules, delta-8 oils aren’t as discreet in public settings. However, a significant advantage of delta-8 oils is that they provide customers with exceptional absorption. To be more precise, these delta-8 extracts could give you huge absorption if you use them properly.

The best way to maximize the potential of a delta-8 oil is to place your preferred dosage under your tongue before swallowing. The human tongue has “sublingual glands” that can absorb delta-8 into a person’s bloodstream. This fantastic biohack will ensure you feel delta-8’s effects within moments rather than 30 minutes.

People who want the immediacy of a delta-8 vape pod but don’t care to use a vaporizer will appreciate how easy it is to dose and enjoy delta-8 oils.

Delta-8 Capsules

Delta-8 capsules are similar to edibles, except they don’t taste as sweet. You’re not supposed to munch on delta-8 capsules the way you would eat a gummy. Instead, you only have to pop a delta-8 pill in your mouth and swallow. Simple, fast, and easy to dose!

You could say delta-8 capsules are the most discreet option on this list. Although it’s easy to conceal delta-8 gummies and tinctures, what’s more inconspicuous than swallowing a gel capsule? Capsules may be the best option for people who want the stealthiest way to take delta-8 THC.

Delta-8 Moon Rocks

If you have a robust THC tolerance, delta-8 moon rocks might be an attractive option. These delta-8-fortified hemp nugs are topped with sticky delta-8-rich oil and a final layer of delta-8 kief. These super-concentrated nugs offer a thrilling smoking experience, but they are also likely to provoke severe side effects if you’re not ready.

These moon rocks can have delta-8 concentrations well above 50 percent, so they aren’t a safe choice for inexperienced tokers. You should only start dabbling with delta-8 moon rocks when you know how this cannabinoid affects your system. When you feel comfortable with other delta-8 products, you should consider sprinkling a tiny bit of delta-8 moon rocks into hemp joints or bongs to add loud flavor and potency to your sessions.

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