Delta-8 THC Effects – My Experiment with Popular Products

I’ve been curious about trying this new “legal” THC for a while, and with many users reporting the many ways Delta 8 THC has changed their lives for the better, I was eager to give the hot new cannabinoid a try. One week later, it’s safe to say that the Delta 8 effects not only lived up to their hype – but blew my expectation out of the water.

Armed with a glass jar of best-selling flower “Space Cowboy” Delta-8 THC buds and a pouch of BudVault’s 25mg Hazy Peach Rings, I set out to discover what all the “buzz” surrounding this special compound was all about.

What it’s Like Smoking Delta-8 THC for the First Time

I kicked off my week-long experiment with a bang – or, in the case, a roll. A roll of BudVault’s famous Space Cowboy Delta 8 flower, to be exact.  

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As I cracked open the buds, I kept having to remind myself that this was delta 8 flower, not marijuana. It bears an uncanny resemblance to the real thing, and the dank and gassy aromas permeating from the glass jar were equal parts fresh and intoxicating. 

I settled in on the couch, cued up Netflix, and lit it up. Not only did this Delta 8 strain look and smell like the real thing, but had no one told me this was “legal” THC, I would have had a hard time telling the difference. 

A wave of relaxation immediately washed over me, followed by a giddy sense of wellbeing that started in my chest and moved up the back of my neck and into my weary mind. My body pulsed with a satisfying feeling of comfort, reminiscent of a post-workout, post-shower afterglow – but without the actual effort. I could definitely get used to this.

Giggly yet chill as a cucumber, I eagerly waited for my boyfriend to come home so I could share my new discovery. 

“How do you feel?” I asked him when he finished the rest of the joint.

“I feel like a space cowboy,” he replied, which is honestly the most spot-on description of how this stuff made me feel.

At 10 pm, my “get ready for bed” alarm went off, and for the first time in months, I happily obliged. What followed was the best, most solid night’s sleep I’ve had in a very long time.

Delta 8 THC Gummies: Surprising Effects and Results

After four great nights smoking delta 8 THC, it was time to jump into the edibles portion of my experiment. I love my gummies from the dispensary, and I was eager to discover if BudVault’s Hazy Peach Rings would hit the spot in the same way.

These gummies came highly recommended, and with 25mg of pure Delta 8 magic in each ring, I couldn’t wait to finish up my day at work so I could finally dig in.

Budvault’s hard-hitting 25mg Delta 8 THC Hazy Peach Rings.

My boyfriend and I popped a gummy around 6 pm, then headed out to walk our dog. What was supposed to be a 10-minute stroll turned into a 30-minute adventure. I don’t know if it was the heavenly sunset or Delta 8 magic, but we both felt on top of the world. Conversation flowed with ease, and we even had a tough discussion about our upcoming move that we had been putting off for weeks. 

I came home and journaled for a bit while my boyfriend showered and got dinner ready.

1 Hour after Consuming 25mg Delta 8 Edible:

I feel GOOD! I feel grateful and happy, not only for these edibles but for my entire life in general. The only way I can describe this gummy is that it makes me feel authentically content, not in an artificially stimulated way, but in a calm, slightly euphoric way. There’s a slight buzz of inspired motivation swirling through me, and I feel like I could do anything right now without my anxiety getting in the way. 

2 Hours after Consuming 25mg Delta 8 Edible:

I am still feeling fabulous as ever. Boyfriend and I have been watching YouTube and talking about everything and nothing. I feel good, he feels good, and life is good. That pretty much sums up this delta 8 experiment so far. 

Usually, he’d be puffing away at his vape right now, but it’s still sitting next to his keys in the kitchen. When I ask him about it, he seems surprised. “Oh yeah, I guess I don’t really need it right now.” Did this gummy really make my boyfriend forget about his beloved vape? 

By 10:30 pm, we were happily curled up in bed and ready for yet another solid night’s sleep. 

Unexpected Side Effects of Delta-8 THC

1. New Mental Clarity

One of the most welcomed changes I experienced this week was a massive shift in my mindset. I have a tendency to procrastinate and often let my anxiety get the best of me before I even have a chance to start something new. While I used to believe that marijuana (Delta 9 THC) helped me overcome these barriers, the past few years have shown the opposite to be true. 

These BudVault Delta 8 products worked wonders to reframe my outlook and improve my mood. I didn’t experience any of the dreaded paranoia I had grown accustomed to with regular THC. If anything, the Delta 8 cleared my mind and sparked much-needed creativity and inspiration into my work – an appreciated side effect I did not anticipate. 

2. High on Life

What does a delta 8 “high” feel like? To put it simply, it feels like being high on life. It’s a much cleaner feeling than regular weed, and the effect is smooth and subtle enough that it doesn’t interfere with your day. Instead, Delta 8 simply enhanced the moment, making for a really satisfying experience.

Body-wise, I found that the edibles left my body feeling much heavier than it had felt after smoking the delta 8 joints. While the Delta 8 buds felt more like a tingling sensation throughout my body, the gummies had me relaxed in the same happy and sleepy way I imagine my cat feels when he’s lounging in a patch of sun.

Delta 8 Review: My Results After 2 Weeks

BudVault Delta 8 THC “Space Cowboy”: While it was deeply relaxing, it wasn’t sedating. I could see myself smoking this strain before going out with friends or tackling weekend chores. I love how giggly and positive it made me feel and appreciated the fact that it didn’t put me in a permanent couch-lock. 

BudVault also has more strains Delta-8 flower buds, Magic 8 Ball and Twilight Vision, which come coated in kief and pack a big punch. It’s hard to pick a favorite!

To try Magic 8 Ball and Twilight Vision Delta 8 THC Flower from BudVault Click here.

The Twilight Vision is deliciously sweet and fruity, which the Magic 8 Ball is a classic OG that looks and smokes so clean.

Budvault Delta 8 THC “25mg Hazy Peach Ring Gummies”: If it wasn’t clear already, I ADORED this product. I’m a huge fan of weed edibles, and these gummies hit the spot in precisely the same way. There was a heavier and more therapeutic body feel with the gummies, (which is to be expected when consuming THC orally) – making them the perfect relaxing treat for lazy nights at home.

BudVault Watermelon Rush 25mg gummies also received my stamp of approval this weekend. Just visit BudVault to check out the Delta-8 THC gummies we tested.

Final Thoughts on Delta-8 THC Experience:

Needless to say, I was blown away by how much I loved Delta 8. While there are a few reputable distributors online, I went with BudVault because they came highly recommended, and I appreciated their vast selection of Delta 8 THC offerings. 

BudVault currently has a promotion for a FREE 4g of Space Cowboy with any hemp flower purchase, along with some great sales 30-70% Off on their Delta-8 gummies!

If you would like to try any BudVault products they run great specials and have been fully satisfied by all the products I’ve tried and the effects, you can check them out at wide selection of Delta-8 products.

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