Denis Pakhaliuk on Developing Professionals Virtually During the Pandemic

With the onset of the virus and social distancing and lockdown procedures set in place, many changes have been brought to the business world. Many employees are working from home. Even those who report physically to work are operating in an entirely different climate with the need for social distancing, reduced staff, and masks. This, however, does not mean the cessation of business growth or the development of professionals. Denis Pakhaliuk, who built his digital product design agency, Ramotion, from the ground up virtually, gives us more insight into how you can use virtual presentations to motivate your workforce while growing their skills.

1. Thank you, Denis Pakhaliuk, for taking the time to talk to us. Why should organizations need to continue professional development during the pandemic?

The pandemic has created a stressful workplace for organizations everywhere. Therefore, it is incredibly essential to help your employees feel motivated and hopeful during these difficult times. As opposed to large in-house gatherings, holding virtual presentations enables your employees to keep safe and productive. Although the dynamics may have changed, affecting the conducting of things such as motivational events, video tech avails a successful online training method. Trying out these new methods relevant long after the pandemic will enhance your organization’s performance. Also, it will give you an edge over others that will be left playing catch-up.

2. Did you need to hire a professional to make this possible?

Maintaining audience engagement virtually can be too demanding. You need to factor in many aspects that will keep your presentation interesting while still effectively communicating the Information you want to put out. In my experience, hiring a professional presenter has been an invaluable asset. He quickly gets along well with my employees, there is peak audience participation during his presentations, and I have been able to get honest feedback on various matters. 

3. Why is Professional Development important?

Given the ongoing world crisis that is the pandemic, businesses may be tentative about spending money on seminars and conferences for motivating their employees. Yet, this is the time that companies require a productive and motivated workforce more than ever.

Professional development improves morale. Using virtual presentations and webinars, I managed to inspire my employees to get excited about their work here at my company. This, in turn, reflected in the amount of effort they put towards realizing my vision. Investing in your employees’ development will also make them feel valued, and this benefits you in enhancing their productivity and helps you retain your best employees. Moreover, growth is an ongoing process. The emphasis on development as an organizational value helped me create an environment where improvement is valued. Consequently, employees not only maintain their knowledge and skills but also excel in them.

4. As we conclude, Denis Pakhaliuk, what advice would you give to business owners or startups who are hesitant about making this investment

Working digitally is a trend that has already been set in motion, and there is no going back. The sooner you shift your thinking and embrace this new normal, the sooner your organization can continue to thrive in today’s fast-changing landscape.

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