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Detailed Project Next Review, We Joined To Give You The Scoop!


Project Next, the Digital Product System, by Tony Robbins & Dean Graziosi opened to the public on May 13th, 2021 and we were fortunate enough to be one of the first ‘in the door’ to check it out!

(You Can Become A Member yourself, here)

Project Next is a complete self-education training program that will give you the keys to tapping into the revolution.

Project Next Includes:

  • The Digital Product System – This is an all-new 6 Module course on how you can launch and scale your own digital product.  You’ll learn how to discover your next level mindset and strategies, and will be given the tools to CONFIDENTLY sell what you know in today’s NEW world!
  • The 8 Week LIVE Master Class Series – In this live training, you’ll be coached in SMALL groups each week by Dean & Special guests to overcome hurdles, get your questions answered, and get empowered to confidently finish the course and launch your product!
  • VIP Ticket to the 3 Day Virtual Live Event – Here, you will Join the greatest speakers at the Mastermind World Summit where knowledge turns into mastery, imposter syndrome goes away and your next level ignites during an epic 3-day full immersion experience.
  • 3 Free Months on the Platform – Tony and Dean spent over $1 million dollars to create this super easy implementation tool to make this real and spread your message to the world! Go from theory to selling online in just 3 steps.
  • Self Education Revolution Private Community –  This is truly your ultimate secret weapon. Join your new family where you can go anytime for a confidence boost, accountability, advice, LIVE weekly training, and collaboration.

PLUS, Get These Additional Bonuses Before They Close The Doors!

  • Overcoming Imposter Syndrome With Jenna Kutcher
  • Becoming Unstoppable with Jamie Kern Lima
  • Course Secrets with Russell Brunson

(You Can Get More Information on those here)

Our Project Next Review

Online training programs like this don’t come around very often, and we can honestly say we were MORE than blown away by the quality of these videos.

Tony & Dean spoke in a way that made us feel as though they were talking directly to each one of us–even when it wasn’t about our specific issues or struggles!

You know you’re dealing with an expert who knows what they are doing when every word is so impactful. The more time we spent going through this material online, the better off WE felt too!

Our Advice: Pick this up, but DEDICATE yourself to what you learn within the program.  Go into this with a positive attitude, and nothing can stop you.  It has the capability to TRULY be life-changing for those who apply & dedicate themselves to what’s being taught within it!

What About Extra Bonuses?

While Tony & Dean do offer plenty of amazing bonuses already, we really loved Jeff’s Project Next Bonus where he partnered up with some marketing friends to give you even MORE truly next-level training, and you still get all of Tony & Dean’s too!!

And the best part is that it comes at no additional cost when you join this program via his referral link!

Click Here to get $200 OFF, plus get a “Project Next Implementation Box” shipped to you with some incredible material inside when you pay in full.

Is There A Refund Policy Or Money Back Guarantee?

Honestly, this should not even be on your mind as you should be going into this with a positive “can do” mindset!

However, As Tony & Dean Say, “This Course won’t work if you don’t work”, But if for some reason you aren’t on your way to real success in the first 30 days, email them and they will take care of your refund!

My advice, join now – you won’t regret it!

I am an independent Mind Mint, LLC affiliate, not an employee. I receive referral payments from Mind Mint, LLC. The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of or its parent company, Mind Mint, LLC.


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