Donovan J. Greening is one fine example of being a raging success at 22.

Many who are under the misconception that professional glory can be attained only after much experience have to glance at this youngsters' life.

He is just in his early 20s and today stands a breed apart from others having proved that success at an early age as an entrepreneur is attainable with focus and motivation. The modern era has seen businesses growing at a lightening speed and the sole reason is due to the rise in the new breed of entrepreneurs, who are a way ahead of their counterparts from the past as they have been contributing immensely to the growth of various sectors with their dynamic forward-thinking which makes them push to their maximum potential. They have been taking various industries to the next level owing to their dynamic outlook which is extremely result oriented. These young breed of entrepreneurs has proved that no amounts of challenges and setbacks can halt their journeys towards success as their capabilities bear more weightage than anything else. When we talk about such shining brilliant minds who have conquered the entrepreneurial realm, one name that comes to our minds is that of Donovan J. Greening.

Many industries have their own set of distinguished names who push themselves hard to attain success in their respective sectors, like our very own Donovan J. Greening, whose innovations and impeccable work have taken over the industry by storm. At 22, he rules the digital space, aiming to reach optimum levels of success. This powerhouse of talent has excelled in multiple sectors, especially in the digital space. He’s been the pioneer who has changed the digital world’s strategies with his instinctual passion as a market leader who has grasped the subject well and has given to his best to perform and top in whichever field he’s laid his hands on. Born on December 11, 1997, in Farmington Hills, Michigan, Donovan always knew that the entrepreneurial world was his calling and that’s when he started prepping himself to face the new world where he would be his own boss. Working well on it while still at school, he grew up to become a fine businessman, who was well acquainted with its workings right from the word “Go”.

His first venture got established when he was just 15 which involved creating visual supplementation to music of upcoming artists on his YouTube channel ‘XVSound’, which saw a huge following of more than 12,000, garnering more than 5.1 million views within a short period of its launch. Next in line was a venture for a hydroponic lighting company for indoor agriculture projects, the setup of its e-commerce process was done by him which was a raging success making a huge sum of $600,000 in revenues within a few months of its launch. The success of his foremost venture boosted his confidence leading him to form his next company ‘XVTech’, which held expertise in marketing. After graduating from the Bowling Green State University with a degree in political science he established his new company ‘Greening Corporation United’, in 2017, which specializes in search engine marketing and consulting, especially focussing on law firms to create their impressive digital presence. Within a short span of time Greening’s company has emerged as one of the best in the industry, and has grown to encompass all aspects of marketing right from web design to iOS app development, graphic design to press releases, database creation and management, google marketing, social media marketing, content marketing and much more. It offers a wide variety of services to its clients which are spread across the globe. The company has been constantly churning out impressive figures and helping many achieve more than 7-figures in no time of its associating with them. Greening is undoubtedly one of the best modern-age entrepreneurs who have made a huge impact through their innovative and out of the box thinking, which has made them excel in their work. When asked about his future endeavors, he says, “There’s a lot more in store in the coming months as my company is looking for expansion. There are a host of opportunities available around the digital space which needs to be explored.”

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