Dry Herb Vaporizers Vs Dab Pens

Shopping for your first vape device can be both exciting and intimidating. After all, when it comes to your selection, the sheer number of products is seemingly endless. Fortunately, breaking it down and taking a closer look at what certain vapes achieve can make it easier. For example, figuring out whether you would prefer a dry herb vaporizer or a dab pen. In this guide, we are going to take a closer look at the two to help you understand what they do and why you may want to add them to your collection!

What Is a Dry Herb Vaporizer?

Most people will smoke herbs. However, smoking comes with a wide variety of drawbacks that can make it undesirable. Smelly smoke, harsh hits, and lung damage are just a few of the main disadvantages. This is why many will choose a dry herb vaporizer.

As the name suggests, a dry herb vaporizer is a vape designed to vaporize the active ingredients found within dry herbs. Dry herb vaporizers act as an alternative to smoking, making it so that users can enjoy the benefits of their herbs without having to combust them each time they decide that they want to engage in a quick smoke session.


There are multiple benefits that accompany a dry herb vaporizer. These include:

Cooler Vapor

Dry herb vapors offer cooler vapor that makes it easy for you to enjoy your dry herbs with ease. If you’re someone who wants a better vaping experience, a dry herb vaporizer is the right fit for you!

Less Harsh

It’s no secret that smoking is harsh on the lungs. After all, whether you’re smoking your herbs from a pipe or a joint, you’re directly inhaling that harsh smoke into your lungs. Dry herb vaporizers offer a much lighter alternative that can be far more enjoyable to engage in.


There are a few features that dry herb vaporizers are known for. These include:

Heat Setting

If you’re someone that wants full control over your vaporizing experience, most dry herb vaporizers come with full precision temperature control so that you can truly unlock the potential of any herbs you decide to vape. If there isn’t full temperature control, there are, at the very least, heat settings that you can choose between once you activate your vape.


Although joints, pipes, and other smoking tools for dry herbs are portable, they lack discretion. Dry herb vaporizers, on the other hand, can be taken anywhere and attract far less attention as they are easy to conceal and don’t produce the same kind of smell that you would expect when combusting your dry herbs. Overall, if you want something that is discreet and easy to take around with you (although you will need to remember that you still have to grind your herbs and pack them on the go), a dry herb vaporizer can be a great way to take more hits of your chosen herbs without having to do so in secrecy or with a major mess leftover at the end of your vaping sessions.

What Is a Dab Pen?

Dabbing can be even more frustrating for dab enthusiasts. While dab rigs are a vital tool in any dab enthusiast’s arsenal, they’re meant to be stationary tools as trying to bring your dab rig and all of your tools on the go would be near impossible. So, what is the solution to not being able to mobilize your dab activity? One of the best solutions to turn to is a dab pen.

A dab pen is a device that helps you heat up your concentrates to the point of vaporization. In essence, it performs the same function as a dab rig, with the exception that it’s electronic, much more compact, and doesn’t come with all of the same features. Let’s dive into these devices to learn more.


The benefits of dab pens are myriad. Some of the most notable benefits include:

Less Smell

Dabs do come with a greater concentration of whatever substance you’re enjoying. However, choosing dabs over dry herbs comes with one distinct benefit: less smell. Although dabbing does produce an odor, it is not one that is as strong or as noticeable as the smell that’s produced when you decide to combust herbs. If you need something that’s not only discreet and portable but doesn’t give you away whenever you decide to engage in a vape session, a dab pen is the right product for you!

Quick and Efficient

Dab pens offer a much speedier process in comparison to other dab tools. Simply turn on your device to allow it to heat up, apply your concentrates, and vape. This makes enjoying your concentrates on the go much simpler.


There are a few features that are universal in most dab pens, these include:

Different Coil Materials

Dab pens will have different coil materials to help you easily vaporize your concentrates and ensure that you’re getting high-quality dabs every time you hit your pen. Make sure to shop around and see what different brands have to offer before you choose any one device for your dabbing needs.

With the first vaporizers came innovation that has allowed us to enjoy any substance in a vapor format. However, with innovation comes a great deal of choices, which can make it difficult for some buyers to figure out which device they need or which one they may want to start out with before they move onto a new type of vape. Hopefully, this guide has provided you with further insight into two popular types of vapes as well as the benefits that they will provide should you decide that they’re the right fit for you.

Whether you’re someone who already vapes and is looking for something new or you’re someone who wants to vape but isn’t sure what they wish to begin using, use the guide above to learn more about dry herb vaporizers and dab pens to learn what they can offer you!

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