Enjoy the Luxury Experience of Caviar Right in Your Home with The Caviar Co.

As businesses learn to pivot in this trying economy, one specialty brand is making a smooth transition. The Caviar Co. is the San Francisco-based purveyor of fine caviar opening your palate to one of the finest delicacies in the world. 

For those who think caviar retails for thousands of dollars might be surprised to know certain varieties of this salted roe come $10 per ounce—that’s cheaper than most glasses of wine! Whether you’re new to the caviar experience or consider yourself a connoisseur, The Caviar Co. is taking their business from the restaurants and into your home hosting virtual events to enhance your luxury experience. 

“During this time, we strive to connect with people in any way possible,” co-founder Petra Bergstein said. “Our virtual caviar tastings have provided a way for us to connect with our customers on a more personal level and share the information that we are so passionate about.”

Petra and her co-founding sister Saskia Bergstein have another intriguing way to share their love of caviar with social distancers. The Caviar Co. recently released its COVID Caviar Bump Care Package. Created in partnership with Sonoma winery McEvoy Ranch, this special offering features a 2-ounce container of the winery’s private label hand sanitizer and includes a 1-ounce jar of caviar and a mother of pearl spoon. 

The hand sanitizer is more than a fitting gift for this time period. In the caviar world, clean hands are a must as traditionalists often believe the best way to enjoy caviar is to eat it off the back of your hand, between the index finger and thumb. 

Join The Caviar Co. for a Virtual Tasting

Every two weeks on Thursday, The Caviar Co. hosts virtual tastings on Instagram. Purchase the flight ahead of the event on thecaviarco.com. They’re packed fresh to order and have a one week shelf life, unopened and refrigerated. Once opened, this caviar keeps three to four days. 

Attendees meet a special guest chef for a cooking demonstration and learn new ways to indulge in this delicacy. The flight includes a sampling of 10-gram jars and serves one to two people. Adding to your caviar tasting experience, each tasting includes Gourmet French Cocktail Blini, Bellwether Farms Crème Fraîche and one Mother of Pearl Caviar Spoon. The Caviar Co. has also decided to give back through these virtual events donating 20 percent of the proceeds to food industry relief funds. 

According to Bergstein, hosting virtual events has been the best way to acclimate to the new climate and be as proactive as possible. 

“We love what we do and we want to make sure to stick around to keep doing it,” she said. “This might be the new norm, but we can still make it special and fun.” 

More About The Caviar Co. and the Bergsteins

Since 2015, Sisters Petra and Saskia Bergstein have embraced the caviar community becoming a trusted partner with some of San Francisco’s top restaurants and eateries around the country. 

Petra’s experience with caviar first began with a job in the luxury food and hospitality industry, which led to working with a caviar wholesaler in the Bay Area and then went to a farm in Sacramento. Saskia at the time was running her own consulting firm and one of her clients included the caviar wholesaler where Petra worked. 

After making her sister’s company her solo client, the two decided to venture into the world of this luxury fish delicacy on their own, following sustainable practices. In addition to working with restaurants and filling online orders, they have a San Francisco storefront on Union Street with hopes to expand their retail. 

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