Entrepreneur Daniel Del Carlo makes a successful mark in the digital world and e-commerce sector

In this modern era of the internet, there has been a seamless transition from mainstream jobs to entrepreneurship. Following this route and making a successful career, Daniel Del Carlo started his first business venture with a marketing agency. With easy access to learning different concepts about the online ecosystem, Daniel gave great exposure to companies and brands through influencer marketing. Through self-education, he learnt the fundamentals of marketing and executed them in daily operations.

Born and raised in San Jose, California, he dropped out of college at 19 and joined an e-commerce educational company. His first ever job was in sales where he made huge contributions by increasing the companies revenue and carving out a new sales process. Besides the financial gains, Daniel gained tremendous experience in the online space and e-commerce sector. After loads of trial and error, Daniel Del Carlo started his marketing firm that helps companies and brands rank their products on online retail platforms through its proprietary technology.

Tapping the potential of e-commerce and his experience in the field saw the entrepreneur deep dive into online shopping. He says, “E-commerce is an ultimate destination with infinite customers and endless opportunities. The doors are open 24/7/365 as this sector is a win-win situation with shopping being made easy in just a click.” An ardent seeker of gaining knowledge, the entrepreneur spends time reading books, listening to podcasts, and seeking new information. One of his favorite books ‘A Happy Pocket Full of Money’ by David Cameron Gikandi taught him about financial success and even gave him a direction on building true wealth from a scientific perspective. He calls it a great source of inspiration.

From a sales professional to an entrepreneur, Daniel calls his evolution a daunting phase as he has acquired a sea of skills throughout these years. Moreover, he credited his team as the reason behind his entrepreneurial success. Calling teamwork a crucial part of any business, Daniel Del Carlo went on to say that a company reaches it’s true potential when it has a team of dedicated and talented employees. His e-commerce venture is a result of his persistence and the versatile team players who have upscaled the business to newer heights.

Starting on a small scale, Daniel’s company has now grown exponentially with clients from all over the world. In the time of the pandemic, the company has provided work from home jobs to many people. Lastly, Daniel gave a piece of advice to all the budding entrepreneurs by stating that one cannot achieve success by opting for shortcuts in life. “The quality of your life is determined by the quality of questions you ask. Ask high quality questions, learn what your customers want, and provide them with high quality services. When you give high quality services to your clients, you will attract numbers. It’s the law of cause & effect. It is all about staying authentic and evolving with time in terms of innovation, technology, and what’s working”, he concluded.

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