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Entrepreneur Jennifer Brooks Has Turned International Loops Into the One of the World’s Leading SMM Agencies


Five years ago, Jennifer Brooks had an idea. She decided she wanted to start a social media marketing agency. Nope, she didn’t have much experience or expertise in SMM. In fact, she barely had any at all! What originally began as her wanting to keep an eye on her kids has led to a million-dollar idea to help brands and individuals grow their audiences on Instagram.

Jenny didn’t just keep a cold account that stayed inactive while she made sure her children were behaving online. She got into some Instagram fun as well. Things really started taking off for her when she entered a kids contest the GAP was running, using her son as a model, and won. She and her family were awarded an all-expenses-paid trip to New York City, where a modeling agency started showing off products using Jenny’s children. Wanting to share all of the modeling photos, she started putting them up all over social media, which is when she noticed an extraordinary amount of business opportunities begin pouring in.

As more brands started reaching out to Jennifer and her family, they were getting offered all sorts of free products. All of this has happened because Jenny was tagging certain relevant brands in her posts on Instagram. As she began receiving more interest from brands, she began to also develop relationships with other mommy bloggers on social media. International Loops was born out of this early success.

Everyone wants to grow on social media. That’s why Jenny designed what is known as Exclusive Advertising. Without the use of celebrities on Instagram, International Loops created a giveaway loop within a small network that wanted to cross-promote pages of those who were in the network. Incentivizing people to follow everyone within the network with a chance to win prizes is something that has helped cement the popularity of International Loops as the #1 globally recognized social media marketing agency.

Influencer marketing has become big business in recent years. Today, there are billions of dollars being spent every year on advertising using social media platforms like Instagram through the use of influencers. This is due to the high amount of traffic received from using people who have audiences that trust them to give recommendations for products and services. By leveraging these influencers, Jenny has been able to see extraordinary growth for her campaigns.

The International Loops campaigns have now become some of the most sought-after advertising methods both on and off social media. Through the highly-effective marketing strategies Jenny has developed through her business, individuals and brands alike, both great and small, can leverage celebrities and influencers to receive impressive results for a fraction of the price.

If you want to learn more about International Loops, you can head to the official website, and also follow on Instagram.


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