Exploring Clairvoyant Readings: How to Connect With Clairvoyance Experts Online

For those who may be interested in learning about their future before it happens or to understand better the present and past events, getting advice from a clairvoyant expert may be the best option. 

Clairvoyance is the ability, or better said, a gift of clear vision which means they can see visions of different events in the present, future, or the past. 

During a session with a gifted clairvoyant, you’ll see them focus on specific areas of your life and point you in the right direction spiritually. They can focus on your questions too and focus their clear vision to help you reach answers.

We’ve rounded up the top ten websites for people seeking clairvoyants and their trustworthy guidance.

Top Sites for Clairvoyant Readings

1. Kasamba – Most Accurate Clairvoyant Readings

Kasamba features live sessions with psychics on the topics of love/relationships, tarot, dream analysis, astrology analysis, crystal ball, career forecasts, and more. Kasamba offers 3 minutes with each psychic you choose. Therefore, you can always check out your reader’s abilities before paying for their services.

To get started, you will need to choose the type of reading from Kasamba’s menu. Afterward, you can check out their psychic profiles and choose a clairvoyant that suits your needs. 

Each different psychic on the site has reviews and a rating as well as their own price per minute & specialty area all of which will help you decide who you’d like to read for you. 

From their user reviews, Kasamba’s top-rated clairvoyants are known for their positive reinforcement and understanding. Some of them use divination tools but others rely on their clairvoyant abilities to guide you through your burning questions.

2. Psychic Source – Most Compassionate Clairvoyant Readers

Psychic Source features phone, text, and video meetings as well as free daily horoscopes. Their psychics are known for being compassionate and knowledgeable. Psychic Source also offers three minutes free after you sign up which you can use one time and you’re guaranteed a refund if the clairvoyant services you get aren’t satisfactory.

The clairvoyant psychics sometimes use various divination tools and techniques to help you find your answers. They also have clairvoyant mediums that focus on past life regression.

There are many psychics on Psychic Source who have clairvoyant abilities and you can check this by simply visiting their profiles or searching for the word ‘clairvoyant’ in the search bar.

In addition, this site also offers articles and other media such as videos, podcasts, infographics which can be very useful for beginners.

The psychics on this site are highly recommended for their compatible energy with readers. 

3. Keen – Best Clairvoyants for Love Readings

Keen features phone call and text psychics. The site has various types that mainly focus on clarity in love, relationships, and your career. Keen has an introductory offer of 3 minutes free and has prices that can be considered cheap in the industry.

To prepare for your reading, Keen’s experts suggest clearing your head, taking notes, and coming up with a few questions. They encourage openness during your reading so that you may receive accurate advice.

Clairvoyance is one of their expert areas and they feature many psychics who have these abilities. From their user reviews, their top-rated clairvoyants are praised for their empathy and attention to detail. 

You can check their psychic profiles to make sure you’ve found the right clairvoyant for you.

4. AskNow – Best Clairvoyant Readings by Phone 

AskNow features phone and online chat readers. Readings range from advice on love, relationships, dating, career, or other aspects of life. AskNow offers as low as $1 rate for new customers and also offers 5 minutes free with the psychics from master and elite categories.

There is a daily horoscope section on the site and a psychic spotlight which offers you the most sought after psychics on this network. You can type in ‘clairvoyant’ in their search bar and you’ll be able to see any psychic that has this ability.

The site also offers introductory videos about psychics such as “How to get a great psychic reading?” and “How often should I get a psychic reading?”.

AskNow clairvoyants are known for their accuracy and well-worded advice. 

5. Oranum – Best Clairvoyants by Video

Oranum offers a variety of options ranging from love/relationship, palm reading, and spiritual guides to sound healing, home/family, and rituals/energies. Oranum offers 9.99 in credits for your first reading as an introductory offer.

To get started on this site, you have to sign up for an account to have an in-depth clairvoyant reading from psychics, clairvoyants, or mediums. However, you can browse live psychics to figure out if you like their reading style and energy before you purchase their services. 

The featured experts on Oranum are known for their varieties of techniques and styles of clairvoyant reading. 

6. California Psychics

California Psychics gives users access to not only psychics but free daily, yearly, monthly, and weekly horoscopes. They have three different introductory packages for new clients and through these, you can get a reading from $1.

The psychics also fall into different tiers such as popular (mid-tier) psychic, preferred (beginner) psychic, and premium (highest tier)  psychic. Their available reading categories range from love/relationships, career, finances, past life, pet psychics, and many more. 

They also have a search bar where you can easily find any available clairvoyant to get a top-notch reading by phone or chat. There is a filter option too where you can simply click on ‘clairvoyant’ and you can see profiles of everyone who is an expert.

Their psychics are typically direct and honest according to reviews. 

7. LifeReader

LifeReader offers psychic, tarot, horoscope, mind body spirit, and love/relationship sessions. They also offer articles about spirituality such as astrology, crystals, fairies, soul connections, and many others. You can get 50% off plus 4 free minutes during your first reading.

To get your reading started, choose from the list of psychics featured on their site. Then, choose the option or chat or call. You can search for clairvoyant psychics in the search bar and scroll to find your ideal clairvoyant reader. 

LifeReader clairvoyant psychics have been praised by reviewers for their guidance and mentoring skills as well as their attention to detail. 

8. PathForwardPsychics

PathForwardPsychics offers psychic readings in unspecified areas of life from clairvoyants, psychics, and mediums. Each psychic is different and has different expertise. 

Though they seem to specialize in general overviews of life and advice on how to be more successful. They have a few welcome offers to choose from such as $10 for 10 minutes, $20 for 20 minutes, or $30 for 30 minutes plus 3 minutes free during the first reading.

On the PathForward website, you can use the filter option and click on ‘gifts’ and in this section just choose ‘Clairvoyant’ and you’ll get all the experts you need. Don’t forget to check out user reviews on psychic profiles.

PathForwardPsychics readers are known to be direct but inspiring. 

9. Psychic Oz

Psychic Oz features calls from psychics specializing in love/relationships, career forecasts, lost objects, missing persons, and many more areas. They also offer sessions from psychics who use tools like astrology, tarot cards, and runes. They offer phone calls, chat, or email threads. 

You can use the search bar to search for your perfect clairvoyant reader or choose that option from the filter section. They have an introductory offer where you can try this type of reading. Those are value packages and when you choose one of them you can get 3 minutes free during your first reading.

The psychics on Psychic Oz excel in matching the energy of their clients and catching onto situations quickly. 

10. Mystic Sense

Mystic Sense features articles and media about subjects such as spirituality, career/life direction, and love/relationships. There is also a community section of the site that provides a space for psychics and/or spiritualists to share their stories and bond. 

Mystic sense has an interesting offer – if you deposit $15 they will give you 5 free minutes and this is for new clients only.

Their psychics have a wide variety of specializations. To name a few: Spirituality & ability, soulmates, toxic relationships, finding new love, and family issues.  On their website, you can filter by these specialties and you can choose clairvoyant as a specialty so you’ll get only psychics who specialize in this area.

Mystic Sense clairvoyants provide readers with a sense of clarity into their true paths and solutions to their problems according to reviews. 

What happens during a clairvoyant reading?

During a reading, a psychic advisor will answer your questions about any topic and give you advice best suited to your particular path/situation. They will do their best to connect with you and be empathetic and positive.

How do clairvoyants work?

Clairvoyants obtain their knowledge from an extra sense that only psychics possess. They use their clear vision to help you find your answers. 

Some of them use divination tools like numerology or astrology while others rely entirely on their thoughts and intuition. 

How do clairvoyants know things?

Their third eyes are open and thus they have access to a higher plane of knowledge than other people do. So, they are able to tell you things you might not know because you cannot access the same plane (yet). They have extrasensory perception which is a type of a sixth sense.

Some clairvoyants are able to access this knowledge by birth while others take a longer time (or a lifetime) to hone their skills. 

What can I ask a clairvoyant reader?

Anything and everything. You can ask questions pertaining to anything about love, money, daily life, or even things about death. 

Some examples of questions you might ask are “What will my future spouse look like?” Or “What age will I die?”. You can also ask things like “Who was I in a past life?” Or “When will I meet my soulmate?”. 

Is a clairvoyant reading accurate?

The psychic services that are explained in this article are of high quality and have many positive reviews. Therefore, their readers are tested and trusted.

However, this also can be subjective. Some find that these meetings are unhelpful. Though, that could be due to the psychic that gave the reading or a plethora of other reasons such as skepticism, lack of focus, or the timing just to name a few. 

It can help if you believe that psychics are accurate when you go into your reading with receptive and positive energy.

How to choose an accurate clairvoyant psychic?

Know what you want going into your reading. Also, make sure you find a site that specifies the types of sessions clairvoyants give and that that matches up to your needs/wants. 

The sites mentioned above provide some of the most accurate psychics around and it’s easy to find psychics who specialize in this area. And most importantly, don’t forget to read user reviews since they can give you a real feel about a psychic and their readings.

Are there fake clairvoyants?

Yes, but these websites screen their psychics to weed out any potentially fake clairvoyants. 

Fake clairvoyants can be easily spotted since they are usually fishing for information while not giving you a detailed reading. They mostly focus on general things and rely on their ability to be believable and persistent.

Can I develop clairvoyant abilities?

The ability of clear vision is something a person is usually born with. That being said, there are people who have this ability but don’t notice it or develop it until later in their lives.

Through meditation, you may open up the possibility of focusing your clairvoyant abilities and becoming a practicing psychic. However, opening your third eye is sometimes a lifelong journey. 

So, clairvoyance is a practice that some are able to do easily while others struggle or take a longer time to learn. 

Final Word on Clairvoyant Readings: How to Choose?

Choosing a site to search for a psychic can be tricky. The number of options can be overwhelming if you don’t have a ton of experience with divination. Looking for a psychic who is empathetic, has compatible energy, and great reviews is important. 

We recommend using Kasamba for all of your clairvoyant reading needs. It has the best psychic sessions out of the listed sites. However, Psychic Source and Keen are close seconds/thirds because of their expert psychics and accommodating sessions. 

But don’t forget to listen to your intuition as you explore psychic readings and to do your research accordingly. It is important that you feel comfortable with your reader so that you can get the best from your reading.

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