Fake ID’s-Becoming a real problem these days

It is no wonder that governments has to struggle with so many issues these days. One of the biggest problems of this century is the rampant use of fake ID globally by teenagers and adults. This counterfeit document is an ultimate ticket to a teenager’s freedom and provides all product and services which are allowed only after the legal age is reached. Every year the state catches many people with a fake document trying to avail certain products and services. As soon as they are about to exit college, teenagers start preparing for buying a fake ID online to avail different products such as cigarettes, sheesha, and marijuana.

Where do people get the fake ID from?

Traditionally people in the black markets would sell false documents at lower prices, but now the dynamics have changed. There are many websites which are dedicated to providing fake documents to people at lower prices. A typical fake ID might cost as low as $100 and as high as $3000. People do use fake ID to avail several services but fail to realize the dangers of using such documents if they get caught by cops. Best fake ID is sold by top-notch underbelly companies online where the quality of the document is so high; nobody can tell if the document is fake or not.

What are the dangers of using a fake ID?

The problem with fake documents is that people can ruin their academic and professional careers after getting caught. Sadly many teenagers have started using fake documents so that they can drink and enjoy car driving within the city without a license. For a person who wants to drive and smoke, the legal age is 21. Teenagers choose to take the bold risk of using such documents. However, it isn’t just the alcohol for which people use fake ID documents.

There are many other reasons why people use fake ID’s. One of the biggest reasons for the rampant use of a fake ID is because they are so easy to get. Earlier it was very difficult to get a fake document and people would get scared of having one in their pockets. Now it is very easy and precise to get a fake document online. People are confident about what they’re doing plus the quality of these documents is so high, the authorities don’t know if the document is fake.



What are the dangers for the government?

The government has even tough challenges to curtail the negative people who use fake documents. Frequent users of fake ID are tourists who use such documents to drive in the city. A simple example is of a person who comes in from Spain to the US for the first time. If he hasn’t applied for a driving license and uses the fake ID to drive his American cousin’s car, not only is he fooling the state but the country is also losing in terms of tourism costs. Apart from that, if the gets caught, his cousin will also get in trouble.

There are even more notorious examples of people using fake ID’s. Terrorists and negative people can cause massive damage to the state by forging their identity. There have been many cases reported in which people even fooled authorities with their identity card photos. In this way the burden is on the government more than the people. Using a fake ID document is fine for one person, but the damage is done to the state. The problem gets more intense with teenagers who use fake documents for multiple reasons. Just as the government continues to ban their use, young people use them to avail several products after which they refer the same documents to their friends, who in turn use them.

What has the government done to curtail fake ID’s?

Any government in the world doesn’t adhere to the use of fake ID’s at all. As for the American government, there are strict laws on the use of fake ID’s. If a person gets caught in the first offense, he/she will have to pay a fine of $1000 and serve in jail for more than a year. Whereas if a person gets caught in the second offense, the fine might go up to $10,000 and subsequent punishment of 5 years in jail. That’s not the end of the damage that is done. Top-notch companies fire such employees, and academic institutions rusticate such students. More than the benefits, people have to understand the damage that is causes. The government is taking necessary steps to cut down the use of fake ID, but the number of manufacturers has grown so much that it is difficult to cut down this issue within a day or two.

How long will it take for fake ID’s to get wiped out?

Unless there isn’t a severe punishment inflicted, the use of fake ID’s will continue to be rampant. Furthermore, the state has many other issues to deal with. The government cannot focus on one particular issue and make it the only elephant in the room. It is for the people who need to realize the dangers of using such documents. Moreover, the makers of such documents earn a lot of money from this business. There’s no way they’re going to give up easily. The government will have to track them down and punish others to learn. There are many websites which channel fake documents at affordable prices to customers. Beginning with a fake birth certificate down to membership card of a night club, everything can be forged and manipulated in this day and age.

Ever since 9/11, the government of US is already hands-on with regards to any possible terrorist activity. Such documents are the weapons with which negative people channel their criminal activities. The downside of technology is that it is being consumed negatively. The business of fake ID’s has magnified net worth which means that millions of people are using them globally. Therefore the government surely has a lot of homework to do. It will take a lot of time for the government to wipe out this disease which has infested the economy so badly. With the use of fake ID’s people don’t pay for official documents, fool the local authorities, and paddle a culture that says it is right to use a fake document, consume alcohol, purchase marijuana and do a lot more. Unless the makers of these documents don’t get caught, nothing can be done about the users of these fake ID’s.


It is no wonder, fake ID’s provide multiple benefits to people who are illegal for them, yet the dangers cannot be overlooked. Every year so many people get caught in this criminal offense as a result of which they have to suffer in terms of a damaged career. Once the government roots out the makers, only then will the users take a step back from using such documents. As a responsible citizen, it is the duty of every person to keep away from such fraudulent practices for there is a respect of every law and legislation in the country. With immigrant policies coming into perspective now, the use of fake ID’s is surely going to cause more troubles.

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