Filipina Mail Order Wife For A Long And Happy Marriage

Filipina mail order brides catalogue is huge, as lots of beautiful girls are looking for foreign husbands. In case you`re interested in marriage with a Filipina woman, then you`re a lucky guy. You can arrange your love life in a matter of months if you do everything right. What do you need for that? What`s the price? And what to consider? Keep reading to find out everything about dating Filipina mail order girls.

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What are Filipina mail order brides?

Filipina mail order wives are single women of different ages (usually 25-35 years old) who register on dating platforms to find a western husband. These are pretty girls with high family values and a strong desire to meet a worthy man for a happy marriage. Why do they decide to hunt for a man from overseas? Here are the main reasons.

  • Poverty. About 16% of the population live below the poverty line in the Philippines. Almost 20 million people don`t have basic things like food or home. Filipina mail order women believe their children won`t live in constant necessity if they marry a foreigner.
  • Difficulties. Life in the Philippines is hard not because of the high poverty level only. People have to pay a lot for education and healthcare, not to mention enormous taxes. In general, the country suffers from economic, governmental, and environmental problems. Governmental rules and laws are complicated, with lots of paperwork and red tape. Job opportunities for the population are terrible too. Marrying a man with a well-paid job is almost a dream for local ladies.

Best reasons to get a Filipina mail order bride

Here`s why marrying a Filipina mail order wife is going to be the best decision in your life.

They`re respectful

Showing respect is a core element of Filipino culture. How is it expressed? Through speech, gestures, behavior, attitude. Through almost everything. For example, there`s a Pagmamano gesture. Young people have to put their elders` hands onto their foreheads as a symbol of honor. Women are also taught to respect men and their future husbands from the very childhood. They behave appropriately, don`t make scandals, always think about what to say and do. In general, the whole nation is extremely helpful, polite, and well-mannered.

They`re homemakers

You, your kids, and your welfare are going to be top priorities for your future Filipino wife. The thing is that real Filipina mail order brides have a family-oriented mindset. They don`t mind cooking, cleaning, doing the majority of household chores. Moreover, Filipino wives even take a certain pride in their work and have a sense of dignity and responsibility as they do it all for their dearest and most loving people. Some of them don`t mind combining employment and household and do it quite successfully.

Best way to find a Filipina mail order bride

It`s an incontrovertible fact—mail order bride platforms and online dating sites are the best possible ways to find a Filipina mail order wife today. There are many advantages over other methods, and here`s just some of them.

  1. It`s easy and less stressful. Even if there were hundreds of Filipina girls around you, would it still be that easy to come up and start a conversation? What if she`s not single? What if she`s not interested in dating? Such questions never appear when you use dating platforms because all ladies there are interested in dating foreign guys like you. Furthermore, it`s always more comfortable to begin a talk with a stranger online than in real life.
  2. It gives more chances to find a perfect match. Thank God (and websites` developers) for search filters. Due to them, singles can look for the most compatible partners. You can indicate age, appearance preferences, parental and marital statuses, smoking and drinking habits, and many more. Besides, you, of course, can see how Filipina mail order women look and read their bios.
  3. It`s convenient, fast, and cost-efficient. You can access any dating platform anytime and anywhere. All you need is your phone/laptop and Internet. It doesn`t require much time to register and find a few girls to get acquainted with. Furthermore, it`s much cheaper than taking women out on dates to movies and restaurants.

How to order a Filipina mail order wife

So, what to do to find a girl online? Where to start? What peculiarities to remember? Here are a few recommendations.

  1. Find a reliable dating platform. There are indeed too many of them today. Choose the most suitable for you by reading the experts` reviews and other online daters` comments. Select one or a few best websites, register, browse, check out the profile database, try out free features. After that, decide which one you`d like to use for your wife`s search.
  2. Create a profile that will stand out. It has to be eye-catching, or otherwise, it`ll stay unnoticed. Many men register on such resources to find love and happiness. Can you imagine how big the competition is? Thus, upload your best pic. It should be new, high-quality, and demonstrate you`re a nice guy. Second, your personal info should be descriptive. More details will never hurt.
  3. Communicate with many brides. You have such a huge choice! Why limit yourself? Get acquainted, talk, compare, look attentively, think, and feel. You`ll know it when you find the one. After you do, start courting. Show your intentions, talk about your plans and desires. Make sure you`re on the same page.
  4. Arrange a date. If marriage is a part of your plan, you need to meet face-to-face and spend some time together to get to know each other better. You can go to the Philippines or invite her to your country. Either way, arrange the flight tickets, accommodation, and the activities you`re going to do together.

How to get a Filipina mail order bride

Here are a few tips on how to get your Filipina girl, make her fall for you, and win her heart.

Learn the peculiarities of her dating culture

It`s certainly going to be different from what you`re used to. For example, men are expected to be more initiative, make important decisions, take the first steps in relationships. Filipina mail order girls may be quite shy and reserved at first. Try to let them feel more comfortable and never behave like you`re superior. Also, mind the PDA (public display of affection). It`s okay to hold hands, hug in public. Innocent kissing is sometimes fine too, but not really appreciated. But, for example, girls` sitting on their boyfriends` laps is totally unacceptable.

Learn how to impress her parents

Well, it`s not that strict for foreign boyfriends, but still, local parents will think thoroughly if you`re husband-material enough. They worry a lot about their daughters` family life and may ask her questions, express their opinions, and give advice. Girls give ear to it all, so you`d better make a good impression. Bring a gift, be smiley, say only the truth, and try to convince them you`re going to take care of their precious.

How much are real Filipina mail order brides?

The average cost of Filipina mail order brides depends on a few factors. Here are the main expenditures you`re likely to have.

  • Dating platform. On average, you need $100-300 a month for a mid-range site. There are free and budget-oriented sites ($50-100 a month) too, but they`re not so trusted because of poor quality. If you`re not limited in budget, premium memberships ($300-500 or more a month) will work out perfectly well.
  • Online dating. This is optional but recommended as it`ll increase your chances of making a girl fall in love with you. What does it include? Giving flowers and presents (anything like a teddy bear, perfumes, or a phone). Or sending financial help (if she asks for it). You might need another $50-500+ a month.
  • Offline dating. And this is inevitable if you`re going to tie the knot with your Filipina mail order girl. Your personal meeting will require flight tickets, expenses on accommodation, presents, activities. If to sum that all up, you`ll have to save another $1000-3000+ for your trip.

Thus, your Filipina mail order bride price might vary from $2000 to $6000 or more on average. As the period of dating is usually about 6 months, the majority of western men can afford that.

Are Filipina mail order women legal?

Filipina mail order wives are legal. Foreign men have been marrying girls from overseas (including Filipina girls) for many years now. It`s not prohibited to get married to citizens of other countries in either America or Europe. However, you need to keep in mind several things.

First, if you`re American, you`ll need to submit a few documents like your criminal or financial history. This is done to prevent violence and abuse. Your bride and her family have to be sure she`s going to be safe. Second, your Filipina mail order bride will have to obtain a fiancée visa. It`s called K1 and allows the fiancé of a US Citizen to enter the United States to get married.

Filipina mail order wives tours

Romance tours are a very popular activity among western single men today. This is the kind of vacation where you have lots of fun and, on top of that, meet pretty Filipina girls. What are the reasons to try that?

  • You have personal meetings with women. This is the most important part of the tour. Many believe that the only disadvantage online dating has—lack of personal face-to-face interaction. And you need that to understand whether you`re compatible with a lady. Romance tours give that in spades.
  • You plunge in local culture. First, this is fun. Just like you`d go on a real vacation. Men communicate with locals, learn how they live, what they eat, what they do for a living. Second, this is helpful as it gives a better understanding of what your future wife is going to be like.

Your marriage with a Filipina mail order girl

What is it going to be like if you marry a woman from the Philippines? Here are some clues.

  • You`ll have to learn new gestures. Locals gesticulate a lot and use their hands, bodies, and even faces for that. For example, they pout their lips to point at something. Or they raise eyebrows while flashing a smile to greet a friend. A mouth wide open gesture is a way of asking: “What did you say?”.
  • You`ll have to learn her mood. Filipina mail order wives are extremely polite and never dare to bother others when there`s something wrong or they`re upset. Foreign men are usually advised to double-check if their Filipina girlfriends are really okay with everything and don`t hide real feelings.


Are Filipina mail order brides real?

Filipina mail order brides are real women. If you go for a reliable, trustworthy dating platform that has positive reviews and successful stories, the profiles you`re going to find there are checked and verified. Girls submit their identification documents, and the website`s administration makes the copies. Besides, many services offer webcam calls and live-streaming, so you can see the girl you`re communicating with is real.

Can you really buy a Filipina mail order bride?

No, you don`t buy or order a bride. This is regular dating that takes place online (at the beginning of your relationship). You pay for the website`s services, buy presents, transfer material help, have travel expenses, but in no way purchase a woman for marriage. This is just a term widely used in the context of finding a wife online.

How long does it take to get a Filipina mail order bride?

There is a perception that it takes about 5-7 months to find and marry a mail order bride. It may require less time in case you both are sure of your feelings and everything goes well with documents and visas. Sometimes couples need up to a year or more. This is all individual, but if you`re an active dating platform user and determined to find and marry a girl, a period of 6 months is usually enough.

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