Find The Best Business Ideas Using TRUiC’s AI Tool

If you are currently looking to launch your first business, you will undoubtedly recognise the immeasurable importance of choosing a profitable and well-thought out business idea.

Whilst this process can traditionally be extremely challenging, The Really Useful Information Company (TRUiC) has allowed hundreds of thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs to take the next step in their business journey via their prominent Business Idea Generator– which entails over 800 distinct small business ideas.

Below we will take a look at a few of the most noteworthy business ideas that TRUiC’s Artificial Intelligence-powered tool has delineated for us-breaking them down in their relative categories.

Recession Proof Business Ideas

Finding recession-proof business ideas can be quite difficult, particularly when considering the relatively low number of industries where this is possible. Nevertheless, with TRUiC’s expertise, we have managed to list a couple of noteworthy choices below.

Health and Senior Services

A Health and Senior Services business is (in practical terms) an ideal choice for the individuals who are looking to work with the sick and the elderly, and who may find a great deal of satisfaction going home at the end of each day having ‘’made a difference’’ in the lives of people in a tangible and quantifiable way.

Having said that, interested individuals should duly note that (most commonly) a medicine or health related degree is mandated in order to work in a Health and Senior Services business setting- as is prior experience within the healthcare industry.

Retail Consignments

Retail consignment companies can be a pretty desirable choice for aspiring entrepreneurs that have a relatively small budget, as well as for those who believe they would enjoy the more ‘’conventional’’ brick and mortar retail approach of work.

As a niche market, the nature of the job involves effectively ‘’facilitating’’ certain market transactions (as you will be connecting sellers with their relative buyers) which means a significant amount of money can be reaped depending on your: people skills, business etiquette, and entrepreneurial mindset.

Information Technology

According to TRUiC, IT- which has been one of the fastest growing markets in the entire United States in the past, is undoubtedly an extremely interesting and innovative sector- particularly in relation to the entrepreneurial opportunities that it can provide.

New hardware and software firms, for example, are seldom (if ever) concerned about the state of the U.S economy; by supplying ‘’fundamentally’’ required products, they are inadvertently shielded from any external market shocks (a fact which aspiring business owners should duly note).

Low-Cost Business Ideas

Recession-proof business ideas are great, but (unfortunately), most of them require significant capital to start up. Fortunately for us, TRUiC’s innovative Business Idea Generator tool explores a variety of different industries and categories, including low-cost business ideas.

Acting Classes Business

Obviously, an acting classes business would only be an option for you if your specificities (aka your personal talent and past experience) allowed it, as this would require a comprehensive background in: a) acting, and b) performing in front of a high number of people.

This is particularly the case when considering the types of clients that this business model attracts; ultimately, students are unlikely to respect your opinion and teachings if you do not have a robust and successful industry background yourself.

Having said that, the individuals who do satisfy the above requirements will be happy to know that- aside from needing to rent a spacious room which will be used to run and manage the company’s classes, an acting classes business requires a very low amount of capital, and can reap significant rewards very easily (as you will be charging per teaching ‘’semester’’).

Relationship Coaching Business

Similarly to an acting classes business, individuals looking to create and manage a relationship coaching business will need to satisfy a plethora of different requirements- including having a degree in Psychology. This is because the role is highly ‘’therapeutic’’ in nature, and this means that it inevitably requires extremely good communication and listening skills.

The benefits of this, however, are that a relationship coaching business can make significant money extremely quickly, with most ’coaches charging around USD $130 per hour.


Above we have provided a plethora of different business ideas that were generated by TRUiC’s astonishing Business Idea Generator. As briefly touched on above, the company’s software is capable of exploring over 800 different business ideas, and so individuals who are not satisfied with the above list are encouraged to head over to the company’s website and explore even more options independently.

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