Spice Up Your Date Nights With Exotic Couples’ Cooking

Kitchen on Fire Cooking school stokes a passion for food

Families that eat together stay together, some gastronomic genius once famously said.  Led by Michelin-starred and classically-trained chefs, The Kitchen on Fire Cooking School in Berkeley offers a Couples in the Kitchen series on Friday nights. Classes are designed for everyone from professionals to inexperienced home cooks. Guests just need a passion for good food and perhaps a bottle of wine to enjoy during class.

Coming up this month, Kitchen on Fire is offering Friday night couples’ cooking classes that expose guests to the exotic and sensuous cuisines of Morocco, Israel, and Italy.

The rich flavors of North Africa are unparalleled, with a history rooted in the spice trade and culinary influences from around the world. Guests can join Chef Olivier Said for Moroccan Delights as he shares some of his family’s secret recipes. The menu includes Green Leaf and Herb Jam with Olives, Fresh made Batbout (Little Moroccan Bread), Almond & Herbed Couscous, Moroccan Lamb Meatball Stew, and Arabic Almond Fingers. Click to register for Moroccan Delights here.

Said is one of the Bay Area’s respected culinary personalities and owner of Cesar’s Tapas Bar. Born and raised in France, he is the descendant of at least five generations of restaurateurs dating back to the early 1750s in France. Said began his career at the age of 15 in his mother’s Paris restaurant. He moved to Los Angeles in the early 1980s and worked at Ken Frank’s La Toque, one of the first restaurants in the country to feature California nouvelle cuisine. In 1987, Said returned to Paris and opened his own restaurant, the very popular Texas Coyote, which included three sprawling bars and a night club.

When it comes to big flavors and healthy eating, Israeli street food is king. Fresh vegetables, tasty sauces, and unique preparations are all reasons why most Israelis opt for vendors in push carts and bedroom-sized restaurants when they go out to eat. Chef Mat Wertlieb exposes guests to an exciting night touring some of the most famous Israeli dishes that are coming to the forefront of the culinary world by proponents of a healthy, veggie-rich Mediterranean diet. The menu includes Fresh Pita, Falafel, Roasted Garlic Hummus, Cracked Farro Tabouli, Babaganoush, Tzatziki Salad, Harissa, and Pickled Cabbage. Chef Mat is a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America and has worked in world-class restaurants in Northern California. Click to register for Israeli Street Food here.

Other Couples in the Kitchen classes include a Mozzarella and Burrata Workshop, a Paella Party, and a Night In Florence. Enjoy a warm and intimate environment where chef instructors share their knowledge and experience and fire up the passion inside you and your mate! Kitchen on Fire promotes local, organic ingredients and healthy cooking techniques and recipes.

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