For Those Struggling to Deal with the Pandemic, the Vagina Boss Has Words of Wisdom Never to Give Up During These Difficult Times

The Founder of Downunder There reflects upon how lessons learned from her own times of hardship can help others this year.

Uncertainty is one aspect of 2020 people are struggling with, but it’s one yearly challenge entrepreneur Melissa Eichner is taking in stride. While control often feels like an illusion in this sterile, socially distanced, and mask-covered world, the co-founder of Downunder There and owner of the Downunder Waxing Company shares this wisdom, “the one thing we still have control over is how we react to the situations that affect us.”

Eichner relates the whirlwind of the pandemic to her past life lessons in hardship. She’s learned that the tough times don’t last, and in fact, they can make you wiser, stronger and help you reach for your dreams. It’s her past perseverance and surviving hardship that she owes her current title, “Vagina Boss.” 

“The hard times are a gift! Treat them as such! I wouldn’t change anything I’ve experienced because of the growth I’ve achieved and I know fully that it’s part of my fabulous journey,” she said.

Eichner’s journey began when she came to the U.S. for a fresh start in life. She left a 16-year marriage with her three children, nowhere to live and no job. She reflects upon needing to meet her basic needs before being able to pursue her dreams. 

“I tucked my tail between my legs, slapped a smile on my face, and waited tables so I could be available to get my kids to and from school and have some flexibility,” Eichner shared. 

While she knew she wanted something more in life, it took time to find her purpose. The key to her search was never dwelling on her current situation. After multiple job roles, she finally honed in on what she wanted.

“Apparently my dream was socializing, flexibility, unlimited income potential, and unlimited vaginas,” she said with a sense of humor.

Her dream refers to her specialty waxing business appropriately named Downunder Waxing. Eichner happily talks about spending her days chatting with friends and sharing wisdom in the cozy and slightly painful confines of a small room.

“There is something about coming from the ‘Land Down Under’ and working on someone’s ‘downunder’ that opens not only the legs but a safe space to talk and be heard,” Eichner explains. “Maybe it’s the accent that distracts and mesmerizes, or the lifetime of wisdom earned — through moving continents numerous times, three children, divorce, tough times, and making it through with a smile on my face and the openness to share — which gives people the space to share their own struggles, insecurities, and joy.”

This expert vagician recognizes that improving and loving herself in one area of her life naturally spilled over to confidence in other areas. In this case, it was creating her business, Downunder There. 

According to Eichner, the second business helps women beyond their waxing needs and designs a solution for their leaking, orgasm lacking, tired, sad, and dry “downunder there” needs. As she openly puts it, “How could I really take on the title “Vagina Boss” if all of these needs remained unmet?”

How does the Vagina Boss hope her story of going from hard times to better relate to those struggling with the emotions of the pandemic? She wants people to know that they shouldn’t give up on their dreams.

“Once you feel all the feelings about where you are, know that you don’t have to stay in that sad, mad, hurt and frustrated place,” Eichner said, adding that your dreams might take some time to accomplish, but even the biggest, scariest and impossible dreams can be made a reality.

About Downunder There: Maker of The Original Downunder Trainer, this set of weights aids in pelvic floor muscle training. Additionally, the brand educates women about the pelvic muscle and how to strengthen it. The company’s vision is to eliminate the age-old taboos of these types of products and become a platform where women feel comfortable talking about this issue. 

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