Forbes picks Luca De Massis as the “Photographer of the Moment”

In his over 15 long years of career, Luca De Massis has mastered the art and craft of being a photographer and creative soul.

There are tons of talented beings in this world from different industries and sectors who always aim to create their unique space in the hearts of the people they cater to. However, how many of them go ahead in achieving this goal? Well, everyone has their own sweet journey towards success, which makes them go through different challenges and hurdles, passing which helps in defining them as professionals and individuals. “What people create out of the adversities they face in their journeys helps in making them the success story they wish to become in life,” says Luca De Massis, the famous Italian photographer, videographer, author, entrepreneur and most importantly, a creative soul who has been currently making all the buzz for all the right reasons.

Thinking how Luca De Massis has been garnering headlines? Let us tell you that Forbes has picked Luca De Massis as the “Photographer of the Moment”, which comes as yet another feather in his cap and turns him more renowned in the creative industry. Getting featured in Forbes in itself is a huge achievement, which only a few professionals have been able to attain. Making a mark as one of those rare gems in the world of photography has thrust Luca De Massis a thousand steps forward in the industry, much ahead of his contemporaries, imprinting his name in the finest of photographers of the world.

Born in Pescara, Italy, in 1983 and been inclined towards everything artistic and creative, Luca De Massis did everything from music, fashion to photography and today has even made it huge as an author and entrepreneur. Forbes could see how his creative visions and tenacity in capturing the right emotions of models through his camera could impact the audiences deeply. Appreciating the same, they picked him as the photographer of the moment who, with his modern-day ideas as a modern-day photographer, can create magic with each of his shots and make it look different every time.

Apart from Forbes, Luca De Massis, in the past, has even got featured on magazines like Elle and Vogue Italia and publications like Thrive Global, Influencive, Yahoo Finance, Business Insider and others. Luca De Massis has truly mastered his craft in photography, and reacting upon the recognition he is getting from Forbes, he says, “I feel I have just begun.”

Do follow him on Instagram @lucademassis or visit his website, to know more.

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