Four Concrete Reasons to Get a Biker Wallet


Even though e-money doesn’t need any physical receptacle, we are not rushing to kiss wallets goodbye. A small leather case isn’t only a tribute to traditions. It still lends itself well for storing various small items including credit cards, identity cards, family photos, and other whatnot. One of the best things about wallets is that they come in all kinds of shapes, forms, designs, and sizes. Sometimes, those designs are so unique and individualistic that they speak volumes about who and what their owners are. For example, a leather wallet embellished with skull appliqués and silver accents explicitly hints that it belongs to a biker. Speaking of biker wallets, they are popular even among people who have never ridden a two-wheeler. Why? They are cool-looking, durable, and practical.

1.) Made of Natural Materials 

While the world turned its back on leather goods, biker accessories are still made in keeping with traditions. Until scientists discover material equal to leather in terms of longevity, strength, and beauty, it will remain the number one choice for biker wallets. Modern materials quickly deteriorate and become worthless, and fragility is something that bikers cannot put up with. If they acquire an item, they hope that it will last for decades.

Obviously, artificial leather is not able to pass the test of time. A wallet designed for a handbag can remain attractive for several years while being protected from weather and friction. This can’t be said about biker bi- and tri-folds. Since these items dwell in jeans’ back pockets, they take the full brunt. When a motorcyclist puts a billfold into his pocket, takes it out, drops it to the ground, exposes it to the burning sun or pouring rain, he inexorably approaches the end of its service life. However, biker wallets of superb quality cope with all the rigors of a biker lifestyle with a bang.

In comparison to classic wallets, items for bikers feature greater versatility in terms of leather selection. From universally used cowhide to exotic ostrich, stingray, crocodile, and shark, biker wallets offer so many textures and appearances to feast your eye on. 

2.) Myriads of Cool Designs

Exotic leathers in themselves provide interesting textures. For instance, stingray skin boasts luxurious shiny pebble-like surface, crocodile and alligator leathers are known for exquisite looks backed up with unrivaled durability, and snake leather shows off unique patterns and recognizable rough texture. If your goal is to get a super durable item, then your choice is exotic leather. For example, stingray skin is several times sturdier than cowhide meaning your wallet will remain awesome-looking for decades to come. Cowhide, to be fair, isn’t a bad option by any means. It is a soft, supple, and fairy stout material, especially when we talk about full-grain leather. It’s smooth texture if often tooled or embossed to accommodate a pattern or image. We absolutely love tattoo designs carved on biker bi-folds, especially when they carry much-loved biker symbols such as skulls, Iron crosses, ghosts, etc.

Biker wallets never stop surprising. Besides carved patterns, appliqués of contrasting materials, and clever use of colors, they often feature inlays of silver, brass, or steel. A cool looking wallet adorned with a silver clasp and a matching chain will draw looks of curiosity whenever you go.

3.) Stand Out From the Crowd

What do mass-market products offer? Nondescript designs, a handful of colors, plain shapes, and not much creativity. Yes, classic shapes and looks will find many loyal customers but will they help you stand out? Nope, that is off the table. Biker wallets are a totally different story. With such an accessory in your pocket, you will surely deserve appreciation and looks of approval for showcasing your personality. Thanks to an abundance of models and designs, it is not that hard to find a truly unique piece that would mirror your individuality. And if you fail to unearth that one and only, welcome to the world of handmade biker wallets where every item is one of a kind.

4.) Won’t Go Out of Fashion

Everybody knows that fashion is fleeting – today everybody loves neon green wallets and tomorrow they fall out of favor. If you don’t want to become a fashion outsider, you need to approach the matter of style and look with all seriousness. If you’re in the market for an accessory able to stand the test of time, a biker wallet will fit the bill perfectly. Biker fashion evolved in the 1950s and now, 70 years later, it remains pretty much the same. A wallet your grandpa had been wearing on a thick chain will look cool and relevant in the 21st century. Biker style exists outside of mainstream fashion; therefore, it retains its appeal and ass-kicker character no matter what fashion designers dictate us to like. 

Hands down, a biker wallet will be an excellent addition to your style. It looks cool, lends plenty of space for your essentials, boasts incredible durability, and sets you apart from the crowd. What else can you wish for?

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