Free Angel Card Readings: 10 Ways to Get an Angel Card Reading Online

Although not quite as popular as tarot readings, angel card reading has experienced exponential growth over the years. The surge in popularity can be attributed to its focus on light and positivity as opposed to providing negative or fear-instilling readings.`

An expert reader will initiate communication with your guardian angel(s), spirit guide, and other divinities. The reader will then translate the readings, telling you more about the areas in your life that require change. 

Still here? Awesome, read on to learn all you need to know about online readings and how you can differentiate true psychic readings from scams.

Free Angel Card Readings From Professional Readers:

1. Best angel card reading – Kasamba

2. Best angel reading for discounted prices – Psychic Source

3. Best angel card reading for ease of use – Keen

4. Best for skilled angel card readers via video – Oranum

5. Best angel readings for free minutes – AskNow

100% Free Angel Cards Reading by Software:

1. EvaTarot

2. NatureWorkshop

3. HealYourLife

Free Angel Card Readings From Professional Readers

1. Kasamba – Best Angel Card Reading


  • Has a large number of qualified psychics
  • 3 minutes free whenever you contact new experts on the site
  • Has a section dedicated to providing more information about supernatural readings
  • Offers its customers a satisfaction guarantee


  • Well-rated experts are mostly occupied or offline

At the time of writing, Kasamba has an impressive 50 plus expert readers you can choose from. These readers claim to bring wisdom-filled communication from higher divine powers and deceased souls of friends and family.

Kasamba gives its clients 3 free minutes for every new professional you contact. The readers help you to receive supreme wisdom and valuable insights about your life by communicating with higher beings.

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2. Psychic Source – Best Angel Reading for Discounted Prices


  • Provides readings in English and Spanish
  • 3 free minutes
  • Has well-skilled experts
  • Clients can book appointments to avoid waiting for an expert for long periods
  • The site has a simplistic interface


  • The rates tend to go high after the introductory offer

Psychic Source has among the best introductory rates for consulting their psychics for the first time. Depending on the psychic you prefer, you stand to get a price waiver of up to $1 a minute. 

In addition to the price waiver, all new members are also entitled to 3 free minutes, which helps to enhance the satisfaction rate on the platform. 

The site claims its readers can communicate with ascended masters, guardian angels, and family spirits. Some readers also boldly claim to communicate with recognizable Bible angels like Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael.  

You can receive your readings either through chat, video, and phone. And to ensure that you never have to wait for your psychic reader, Psychic Source introduced an ‘appointments’ feature that allows you to pencil a meeting in advance.

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3. Keen – Best Angel Card Reading for Ease of Use


  • Has placed oracle cards readings in their independent category
  • First 3 minutes free
  • Has well-documented guidelines on what to expect during readings
  • High recruitment standards to ensure clients get accurate readings


  • Not too many psychic readers on the site

While Keen doesn’t have as many readers as Kasamba, it still boasts some of the best psychics in the industry

And to ensure that its members get real value for their money, Keen gives all its first time members three free minutes. The experts on the site are highly versatile and can even use gemstones or crystals to initiate communication with angels and spiritual guides.

The top-rated psychic website claims to hire only the best psychic readers. Before readers join the site, they must prove to be gifted and skilled in clairaudience, claircognizance, clairsentience, and clairvoyance.

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4. Oranum – Best for Skilled Angel Card Readers via Video


  • Provides readings in different languages
  • Experts can connect to angelic spirits and divinities for sensitive insights
  • 9.99 free credits
  • Readers and psychics are arranged based on ranking


  • Cramped out layout can make it hard to navigate the website
  • Could do with more psychic readers

You won’t find a lot of card readers on the site. However, you can rest assured that the few readers are skilled enough to channel positive energy and communicate with your spirit guide(s). 

All new clients on the site get 9.99 credits that can be redeemed for ten uncharged chat minutes with a skilled reader.

Oranum encourages the application of multilingual psychics and mediums, meaning you can get your readings done in your native language.

By reaching out to the experts on the site, you get the chance to know more about your life path and problematic areas in your life that might need some work.

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5. Ask Now – Best Angel Readings for Free Minutes


  • Psychic  readers on the site charge fair prices
  • Five free minutes
  • Psychic profiles are detailed enough to help in decision making
  • Encourages multilingual psychics to sign up


  • The site is a bit too cramped up

Ask Now has some great offers for new clients. Besides charging the friendly $1/min rate, Ask Now gives all first-time customers free five minutes with an elite or master psychic.

While Ask Now places a greater focus on astrology and psychic mediums, angel readings are slowly becoming popular on the site.

All you`ll need to do is search for an expert reader on the site, and some of the most experienced psychics who`ve specialized on the topic will surface. Thanks to Ask Now`s informative profile details, finding the best reader to communicate with your angels shouldn’t be too much of a hassle.

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Free Angel Cards Reading by Software

1. EvaTarot

EvaTarot is a tarot site run by Eva Delattre, a tarologist by profession. Eva provides readings with the aim of helping clients to make good decisions and turn their lives around. 

Some of the services provided include love tarot,  oracle cards, Chinese tarot, Egyptian tarot, and the Osho tarot readings.

2. NatureWorkshop

NatureWorkshop provides angel readings to interested clients. On the home page, you`ll spot a deck that you`re supposed to shuffle as frequently as you like. However, you are advised to use the right hand to shuffle if you`re left-handed and vice versa.

To learn about your angels, you`ll need to shuffle the deck, think about your question, and pick a card. The site does not charge to provide readings, so you won`t need to worry much about making online payments. 

3. HealYourLife 

Heal Your Life promotes daily meditation to improve the quality of life. Besides daily affirmations and meditations, the site also provides angel readings without any costs.

To get your readings, you’ll first need to think about your question. Afterward, you`ll receive guidance on the best ways to heal or recover from a troublesome issue in your life.

Angel Readings Online: FAQs Explained

Are Card Angel Readings Real?

Yes, angel readings are real. But you`ll need to be extra careful to choose a skilled and well-experienced reader.

To reduce the chances of false readings, it’s advisable to register on trusted websites like those we’ve reviewed in this read. Genuine websites are usually transparent with their pricing and offers, and you`ll also find a wide variety of experts offering their services. 

What Can Angel Readings Reveal to Me?

Angel readings give you the chance to recharge your batteries, get motivated, and reposition yourself to overcome problematic situations in your life

 Card readings will reveal areas of your life that need improvement. This will be done when a reader, through higher wisdom, translates the information provided by angels, ascended masters, or even deceased loved ones.

What Questions Should I Ask During Angel Readings?

Angel readings work best when you ask open-ended questions as opposed to yes/no questions. 

For instance, if it’s an issue about a relationship, you can ask for ways to improve it and be a better partner. You can also ask how you can manifest your dream job or even ask a reader why someone is in your life.

Based on your questions, your psychic will attempt to channel your angel. And once a connection has been established, the reader will try to explain the visions, energy, and vibrations, which should help answer your questions.

Professional Angel Readings vs Free Software Angel Readings 

Compared to free software angel readings, professional readings agencies provide more accuracy and reliability. This is because sites like Kasamba and Psychic Source invest heavily in finding the best psychics in the industry, thus ensuring clients get the best services around.

Of course, you can still get accurate software readings. But working with proven psychics reduces the chances of inaccurate readings and many of them also offer free psychic readings. And since sites like Kasamba have tons of qualified readers, you can easily switch to another one in case you failed to establish a connection with the previous reader.

How Do Angel Readers Know the Answers? 

Communicating with angels and divinities is a gift that not every psychic possesses. Angel communicators have the natural ability to receive angel visions and vibratory words. Through regular practice and meditation, angel and spirit readers are able to interpret the symbols and put two to two together.

Your angels and channeled spirit guides will provide the required guidance to an angel communicator, helping him or her translate your readings.

Wrapping It Up: Angel Oracle Cards Reading 

While angel reading techniques differ from one psychic to another, it’s crucial to open up to a trusted and well-skilled reader. 

Due to this, we recommend trying out proven sites like Kasamba, Psychic Source, and Keen, which have tens of expert readers to choose from. The top psychic readers should always be the first choice.

As you prepare to have your readings done, remember to ask open-ended questions as they`ll give you more clarity about your relationship or career.

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