Free Psychic Readings Online Via Phone or Chat

Getting a free psychic reading can be a very powerful and life-changing experience.   Whether you need help with your love life, your career, or your future, an online psychic reading can give you the clarity you need to make the best decisions.

While a lot of companies charge high per-minute rates for psychic readings, there are a handful of services that offer free readings.  This gives you a great opportunity to ask questions risk-free and see if your psychic medium is truly legitimate or not.

Here are the best psychic services that offer free readings by phone or chat:

As you’ve likely already guessed, these types of free psychic readings are limited to just a few minutes each.  This can be frustrating if your free credits end while you’re on the verge of receiving some pertinent information.  However, most of the services charge very reasonable rates once your free psychic reading is up.  For example, Psychic Source has introductory packages for just $0.66 per minute.

Although a few complimentary minutes might not seem like a long time, you may be surprised by what you can learn about yourself in such a short period.  A lot of people use the free psychic reading to try different advisors on the psychic site until they find someone that they have a true connection with.  Then they’re happy to pay the psychic’s standard price, which is usually pretty reasonable.

Here is a review and breakdown of each of the online psychics that offer free readings.

Psychic Source – 3 Free Minutes Via Phone Call, Chat, or Video

Psychic Source is one of the oldest and most trusted psychic services online.  They’ve been in business since 1989, offering accurate psychic readings by phone, chat, or live video. 

Psychic Source has many experienced spiritual readers for you to choose from including mediums, clairvoyants, tarot readers, astrologists, love psychics, and more.  And the best part is that each reader has been tested for authenticity, so you can rest assured that your clairvoyant is real and legitimate.

Psychic Source gives customers a free psychic reading for 3 minutes at the beginning of the session, so you can chat risk-free with the medium of your choice.  After the first 3 free minutes are up, you’ll be charged their introductory rate which goes as low as $0.66 per minute.

  • Talk To Live Psychics Over The Phone, Chat, or Video
  • All Readers Are Highly Gifted and Intuitive
  • Free Love Readings, Energy Healing, Tarot Cards, Mediums, and More
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • All Introductory Packages Include 3 Free Minutes

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Asknow – Ask One Free Psychic Question

Do you have a burning question you want answered? Something about your next career move, the relationship with your loved one, a recurring dream, or a connection with a lost relative? You can ask it for free! It’s one of the best things about Asknow, which also happens to be one of the best psychic services out there. Apart from this free question, Asknow has a great introductory offer where you can test their services at a discounted price. If you’re not happy with your spiritual advisor, Asknow will credit your account with up to five minutes, so you can talk to another one for free.

  • Ask One Free Question
  • Phone Readings and Psychic Chat Available
  • Excellent Choice For An Accurate Tarot Card Reading
  • Variety of Experts That Can Help With Any Situation

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Keen – Free Tarot Readings Online

Although Keen isn’t technically free, we included it on this list because it has an unbeatable offer: 10 minutes for just $1.99, which is almost free. In 10 minutes, you can discuss many things and find clarity on matters such as money, career, love, and friendship. If budget is a deciding factor when choosing a medium, the search feature is pretty handy: you can select the kind of session you’re looking for (call, chat, any), and then you can sort their available advisors by price, specialty, availability, and customer rating.

  • Connect 24/7 By Calling Psychic Phone Number or Chatting Via Mobile App
  • Highly Accurate Predictions and Insight
  • Astrology, Tarot Reading, Dream Interpretation, Horoscopes, and More
  • Variety of Categories To Choose From

Click Here To Visit Keen Psychics

Kasamba – Free Love Readings Via Chat or Phone

Kasamba has been in business for over 20 years, and has overwhelmingly positive reviews. It’s also very convenient for new clients, so if you’ve never used a psychic service before, this is a great website to start with. The first 3 minutes are free and you also get 50% off, which is a great deal, considering that the rates start at $0.60.  Not only is this introductory offer a great way to realize if the free psychic is right for you, but also ask your most burning questions.

  • Get Accurate Advice on Work, Love, Career, Family, and Relationships
  • Company Has Been Around Since 1999
  • Free Psychic Reading For 3 Minutes Via Online Chat Room
  • 3 Free Minutes + 50% Off For New Customers

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Frequently Asked Questions

Phone Psychics Vs Chat Readings – Which Is Better?

If you’ve never talked to a psychic remotely before, you may wonder if there’s a difference in accuracy between phone and chat readings. After all, in a phone session the clairvoyant will be able to hear your voice, while in a chat they only have your written words to analyze. Right off the bat, you should know that a psychic’s accuracy doesn’t depend on the medium by which they’re  communicating with you. 

Free psychics are people with special abilities and they are able to sense your energy no matter how you express your feelings. So, as far as quality goes, there’s no difference between phone and chat readings. Both are just as good. Ultimately, it all comes down to what you’re comfortable with. If you prefer having a conversation with the psychic over the phone and feel that hearing their voice will help you better connect with them, then go for it.

But, if you’re not at ease using the phone just yet and you’d feel more comfortable expressing your feelings in writing, then choose a chat reading. Having a physic reading is a deeply personal experience and there are no strict rules. Feel free to express yourself as you wish!

Can I Get A Free Psychic Love Reading?

Love tends to get all of us confused at times, so talking to a relationship psychic does help. The free psychic readings listed above cover all types of questions, so yes, you can get a free psychic love reading, although you will be limited to the number of minutes you can discuss. If you want the question to be completely free, then you can choose Asknow, which currently has an offer for a free psychic question. Just make sure you gather your thoughts in advance and be very specific. This is an excellent thought exercise, because it will help you narrow down your dilemma.

What Type of Questions Can I Ask A Psychic Reader?

Anything, really. Psychics specialize in all sorts of areas, and you can ask for information and insights on topics like:

Love – if you’re not sure what feelings you have for a certain someone, where your relationship is going, or you’re going through a rough patch in your marriage.

Career – if you want to find out if your current job is good for you, or if you don’t know what career path to choose down the line.

Numerology – the mythical connection between numbers and important events in your life.

Pets – a pet psychic can communicate with pets, whether they are alive or dead.

Tarot – tarot psychics use tarot cards to get insights into your past, present, and future.

Dreams – dream interpreters can help you find out what your dreams mean, helping you understand your subconscious thoughts.

Past life – you can ask a psychic who you were in a past life and how the events in your past life affect your present self …and much more!

To put it simply, you can ask any question to a psychic, whether it’s about the past, present, or future. If you’re having trouble narrowing it down, a good idea is to try and pinpoint the area of your life that makes you feel stuck or unhappy.

How To Tell If Your Phone Psychic Is Real and Legitimate?

A great deal of the skepticism surrounding free psychic readings was caused by the many fake psychics out there, who promised people to help them find solutions but scammed them instead. Here’s how you can avoid these scammers and find a genuine and caring psychic instead:

Look at the reviews. On all the services we listed above, you’ll see that the psychics have ratings. If hundreds of people have given a psychic 4.5 or 5 stars, they’re the real deal. The way the website looks is a pretty good indicator of reliability, like everything online, so avoid psychic websites that have poor web design and content filled with grammar mistakes.

Analyze the psychic’s claims. No true psychic will claim to be 100% accurate or hold all the answers, so watch out for the ones that try to pass as all-knowing. Also, if the psychic is giving you dire warnings, the likes of which you see in movies, you shouldn’t trust them.

Is your psychic asking you to come back? A real psychic will answer your questions, give you guidance, and advise you to come back after several months or a year. A fake one will want to take as much money from you as possible, and insist on you coming back as often as possible.

How Can I Prepare For A Free Reading?

Feeling a bit nervous before your first psychic reading is totally normal. After all, you will be discussing aspects of your personal life and tap into your subconscious self. The first thing you should do is keep an open mind and leave all preconceived notions about psychics aside. Settle into a comfy spot in your home, make yourself a warm beverage, and relax.  Psychics that offer free readings are warm, empathic individuals who know how to make you feel at ease and in a matter of minutes you’ll feel as if you’ve known each other for years.

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