Best Free Love Tarot Cards Reading Online Accurate By Tarot Readers Experts

Why do we turn to tarot reading? The art of reading future has fascinated many in every century. Although most of our daily lives are governed by science and technology, we still seek a psychic’s advice to make decisions when lost and confused. But are these tarot readers true in making predictions about our future? Many psychics and tarot readers have confessed that it is a scam run by either company or individuals trying to make money, especially from the most vulnerable people. According to recent news, a tarot reader pleaded guilty to scamming five different people and confessed that she told them that cash was needed to fix their problems. But, I don’t think that all psychics are a scammer and trick you by telling you any secret information.

My name is Esther J. Carron I am a 33-year-old mother of two boys and have been seeking psychics’ advice since I was looking for my marriage prospects. I belong to an orthodox family where the head of the family decides everything, and women were never given any freedom. I saw my friends getting married to their boyfriends, but I could not go for a love marriage.

Although we believe marriages are made in heaven, we seek astrologers’ advice to pick the right person to marry. During my marriage, my parents took me to a very renowned astrologer to seek advice on who would be my better half from the list of boys they had. The astrologer saw my hand and read my palm lines. He used his spiritual powers and told me that my future husband would be a doctor and soon move abroad. And today, I am happily married to a surgeon living in California for the past 15 years. Even for my career, I asked my Tarot reader to help me guide the best field where I can do justice with my work and spend time with my kids. It helped me make my life’s most challenging decision, and I rely on their advice.

I think it depends on your luck whether you have reached a trustworthy tarot cards reader or a scammer. I have taken advice from almost every psychic available online and am satisfied with most of them. My three best online tarot card reading sites that offer accurate readings at the cheapest rates and sometimes free for the first few minutes are:

Best 3 Online Tarot Cards Reading Sites By Tarot Readers Experts:

Keen – Best Tarot Card Readings Online By Experts for Guidance on Big Life Decisions (10 Minutes For Just $1.99!) 

Kasamba – Best For Love Tarot Reading by Experienced Tarot Readers (3 Free Minutes + 70% Off)

Psychic Source– Accurate Tarot Readers To Uncover Your Past, Present and Future ( 3 Minutes free + 75% Off)

Keen Psychics

Keen is the oldest online platform for a psychic reading, formed in 1999, and according to, it has served around 35 million users worldwide. Keen has earned trust and reputation among the psychic advisors and users and is now working always in maintaining the love and respect made over the years through their service. Keen has a wide range of psychic readers like love tarot reading, astrology, love, and relationship readers. They all are experienced and qualified enough to help people with their skepticism and guide them to choose the right direction. Keen offers free psychic reading service to their visitors and aims to serve people with honest advice and relevant information that they have wished for. Psychics on Keen go through a test before getting them registered on its website. For keen, trust is of utmost importance, and that is why they hire experts having at least five years of experience and who pass their online test.

How does it Work?

First-time users must first visit the site and register themselves with the free account using your registered email. You can either create your account and then search the psychic, or you can filter out the options of ‘Psychic readers,’ ‘Price range,’ ‘customer rating,’ and medium of contact to search and select your reader. Once you are convinced with the psychic reader’s profile, rating, and review, you can click on the chat or call option, which will redirect you to a page where the first three minutes of readings are free. If you wish to speak longer with your psychic, you can add extra funds to your account and continue chatting with your reader. You will then be redirected to your billing information page, where you can use either page through credit card or by Paypal. Adding an extra amount at the start gives you the advantage of getting engaged with your advisor without going back to the billing page to add additional credit.

Keen provides advisors a profile to create, which is available for visitors. Choosing the right psychic does not become an overwhelming task for you—filters on the home page help narrow down the search criteria and find the best suitable one. 

Services offered by keen

Keen psychic advisors offer readings in multiple forms covering the most popular and authentic psychic services. The registered advisors are available round the clock and connect with you over the phone or chat at your convenience. Here is the list of psychic readings offered by keen psychics:

1. Psychic Readings

This is the general category of psychic advisors where several experienced psychics are available to help you out. You can filter out your search in finding the one that best suits you by using “Price,” “Availability,” and “Top or featured advisors” search filters. 

2. Love & Relationships Reading

Currently, there are 85 keen advisors to choose from under the love and relationship category. They have years of experience handling relationship issues and are empathetic towards their client in guiding without hurting your sentiments. Suppose you don’t want things to be sugar-coated and want direct answers from the empath. In that case, you can either ask them directly or read the psychic profiles carefully, who mention that they would provide immediate solutions and honest guidance. 

3. Life Questions

One of the most trusted and reliable life advisors can be found here who can help you recognize the roadblocks in your life and guide you in removing them. Advisors on keen under this category are rated 4.5/5 or above and are there to support you in tackling life’s most difficult situations.

4. Tarot Readers

The tarot reading is one of the most famous psychics currently, and most of us are reaching out to tarot readers for their issues as this psychic medium can answer any life’s problem. Many seasoned readers are there to view your life from their perspective and provide you guidance in whichever domain you desire. Tarot uses a deck of cards, which is used as a divination tool by readers to identify the obstacles in your life. Only a specialized tarot reader can guide you, and keen has them all.

5. Spiritual Readings

The spiritual readers’ demand is growing, which is why there are 66 readers who provide spiritual guidance and discover the purpose of your life. This added category gives you more options to select a psychic if the previous ones do not convince you.

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Key Features of Keen

1. Finds the best Match– If the categories do not help you decide the right psychic for you, there is an option ‘Get Matched’ that guides you to the psychic according to your mood and query.

2. Offers and Economical Rates- The rates of psychic readings are as low as $1.99. The First 3 minutes are free for first-time users.

3. Option to add extra funds– You can add additional funds during registration to get uninterrupted psychic advice.

4. Money-Back Guarantee– If you are not satisfied with the reading, you can ask for a refund.

5. Articles– It is an added feature to help you understand each psychic.

6. Horoscope– Keen provides daily, next day, monthly and yearly horoscope for the zodiac signs. Along with that, it features facts and traits of each movement.

7. Search filters– You can explore psychics based on your mood and problems.

8. Mobile App– You can access the diverse community of expert psychics through Keen Mobile App available for both iOS and Android users. It allows you to create a list of favorite psychics and see if they are online or not.

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Kasamba is a platform for psychics and people who want to get online psychic readingsand tarot reading for the issues they are facing in their lives. It is a diverse network of love and relationship psychics, astrologers, psychics, tarot card readers where the Kasamba community registers them after carefully judging their psychic abilities. So, instead of searching for a psychic reader on Google, you can search on Kasamba and choose your favorite tarot reader. Various psychics with different reading skills are registered here and provide online psychic reading to local and international clients. Since I am into psychic reading and depend on psychics for almost all of my big decisions in life, I have researched a lot about different online platforms and got to know that Kasamba is in the psychic business for more than two decades. It has an excellent reputation among the clients, and the readers available here have gifted talents and skills to guide a person in distress. If you face any issue and feel skeptical about reaching out to the psychic or tarot reader, this review will help you find the right platform and connect you to a quality psychic reading.

Getting Started as a Customer

All you want to do is go to the Kasamba website, select your psychic, and click on the chat button next to your chosen psychic. You will be redirected to a ‘Sign up form,’ which you need to fill with your registered Email address and provide a screen name. Kasamba will then guide you to the next step, which is to provide your billing information. After providing your billing details, click on the Get My three free minutes. You are now connected with your chosen psychic. Kasamba offers free 3 minutes of psychic plus an additional discount of 70% on the $50 max fee. Once the session is over, you can rate and review the psychic in the next 30 days. The ratings are sent to the approval authority before getting published.

Readings offered by Kasamba

From my experience with different people and their issues, I have understood that although we have similar problems in our lives, they have an extra level of complexity when we go deeper into them. No two points can match the complexity of one another, so you need to select a psychic who is skilled in reading your type of issue. Kasamba understood the need for different psychics with a specific skill set and has brought together a psychic range under one umbrella. Here are the main categories of psychic readings offered by Kasamba.

1. Tarot Readings

Kasamba has a reputation for providing accurate Tarot card readings for love related issues. Tarot readers registered under Kasamba are over 100, and each one of them is an expert in their spiritual lessons who give life-altering visions. To get a more in-depth insight into your love and relationship issues, they offer fortune-telling, Cartomancy, and angel card readings as well. All Tarot readers are available 24X7 and have star ratings on their profile. Kasamba offers free love tarot reading to people going through tough times in their relationship and needs guidance on a low budget.

2. Dream Analysis

Each of us has the spiritual powers and forces of nature that show us our future through dreams. Dreams give us a glimpse of what our subconscious mind wants to communicate to us. Some dreams repeatedly come to us, while others leave a significant impact on us, appearing only once. Not all of us can understand those dreams’ true meaning and can make a logical decision from them. Kasamba has over 90 top dream analysts registered under their community to help us gain insights from the plan we see during our subconscious state. Kasamba’s dream interpreters are highly qualified and expert in shedding light on what your dreams want to convey.

3. Astrology Readings

Zodiac signs and birth dates are the necessary and authentic resources for knowing what our future holds for us. No matter real or not, it is still the first thing that we read in newspapers from the astrology section. Kasamba has legit experts who give specific details about our future from their knowledge of stars and the universe. Astrology readings from Kasamba help you gain a perception about your life, traits, and character to assess yourself and make healthier decisions in life. With over 80 astrologers, Kasamba offers top quality readers delivering authentic service across the world

4. Crystal Readings

Some people can scry using a crystal ball just like you must have seen in movies. These crystal balls are magic stones having powers to understand the fate of someone’s life. This divination tool needs a suitable medium to peep through in your life and discover information that you have been looking for. At Kasamba, you will find psychics who have divine abilities to scry your life, heal and remove restrictions coming in your way. They will help you see your future and give you honest advice on choosing the right path. 

5. Psychic Readings

Kasamba is known for its psychic reading services, and they are further categorized under the following categories to provide online psychics for specific issues:

Aura Readings-These readings interpret the aura that a human being is surrounded by, informing us of the person’s overall health status. Aura readers at Kasamba are experts in telling our physical body’s connection with our emotional and spiritual bodies. They are qualified enough to interpret what the seven layers of aura conveying to the world. These spiritual healers’ advice can help you reap benefits and motivate you to develop a healthy lifestyle maintaining your physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

Pet Psychics– Kasamba has one of the best pet psychics who can interpret a pet’s emotions when acting in a certain way and help you, and your pet takes specific actions towards their behavior.

Psychic Mediums– Kasamba Psychic mediums have spiritual powers to connect with the deceased and collect information about them or what they want to convey to you. They act as a bridge between you and your loved one, which is no more in the world.

Rune Casting is a divination method where runes or casts are placed in a pattern, and psychics suggest possible outcomes from your current situation. Kasamba rune casting readers are well known who make their own rules instead of arranging them from the store.

6. Career Forecasts Advisors

Careers advisors at Kasamba offers advice and guidance to people who are finding it difficult to make the appropriate choice in deciding their career path. Most of their clients are youngsters and business persons who face loss in their business and want to start afresh.

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Key Features of Kasamba

1. Availability of Broad Range of Psychic Advisors – Kasamba can be called an umbrella term for Astrologers, Tarot readers, Dream interpreters, numerologists, and many other psychics. It has brought almost all kinds of readers that are practically available.

2. Psychics profiles publicly available– The best part of Kasamba is that they have added a form for psychics to fill in their detail, known for the visitors. 

3. Review facility– Users can review their experience with the psychic and be available publicly on their site after approval. It can be helpful for other visitors. 

4. Offers and Discount – Kasamba offers an excellent discount for their first-time visitors. They are currently offering the first 3 minutes free and additional 70% discount on above $50.

5. Mobile App– You can avail of Kasamba services through the Mobile app if you are not near your laptop. They have the search option like “Tarot card reading near me” on their Mobile app for easy filtering.

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Psychic Source 

Psychic Source has been around nearly for about 30 years and is the most trusted platform for providing Angel Cards and Cartomancy readings. Its number of years tells that it has the most reliable and qualified psychics registered under its name and provides lessons under multiple categories with quality expertise. Their psychics use varied techniques and divination tools to connect with the spiritual forces present in nature and bring out the answers you have been looking for. Psychic Sources have advisors in astrology, tarot card, numerology, Cartomancy, and angel card reading. They also provide services for dream interpretation, past life reading, lost object reading, and several other psychics. There is no medium that you will not find on Psychic Sources, and all of them will provide you service at a single click of the button. 

How Does it Work?

To get started, all you have to do is go on to its site and look for the options available. The website is smartly designed to give you opportunities to select psychics based on the medium you prefer to connect, the type of psychic you want, or the type of psychic reading you want to avail of. Once you select the filter, you are redirected to the available psychics’ page that displays their profiles with ratings. You can go for advanced filtering to narrow down your search of psychics. Once you have found your psychic, you need to select the offer and then add your details to register yourself. Note that you need to add your payment details before you are connected to your psychic reader. Psychic Source allows you to pay through Paypal that ensures that the payment system is fully secured. The best part of this site is that it offers reading in as low as $1, and the first 3 minutes are free. It also has the option to connect with your medium via video chat, unlike the other two platforms.

Types of Psychic Readings offered.

According to Psychic Sources, they have classified psychic advice under two broad categories: Structured and Unstructured Psychic Advice. Readings from the former are based on the pre-existing set of patterns and symbols, each having distinct meanings. Structured psychics use their expertise in understanding marks and designs to answer the reason for your current state. Tarot card, Cartomancy, and numerology come under structured psychic. Unstructured psychic advice is based on psychics’ special abilities who concentrate on their minds to gain access to your current situation, emotional state, love matters, and your career to reveal the truth behind your present condition. Angel card readings, love readings, past life readings, lost object readings, and spiritual readings are some of the unstructured lessons offered by Psychic Source.

1. Cartomancy

Cartomancy is what Psychic Source is recognized for. It has the best cartomancy readers under its name and has a massive following of clients. They use a deck of 52 cards with signs and symbols that give you insight into your future and soul. Cartomancy is believed to be known since the 1700s and is very accurate in telling why things are happening and their possible outcome. Readers having expertise in interpreting the cards are suitable for providing correct answers to your relationship issues and can help love readings. There are around 26 cartomancy readers available on this platform. The best part is that you can see who is currently online and available to talk.

2. Tarot Card Reading

Psychic Source Tarot readers are experts in providing insight into your life by understanding the meaning behind the signs and patterns of cards and uncovering the hidden meaning behind the things happening in your life. tarot online reading is best for those who want to preserve their relationship and want to take it to the next level. These readers predict future events and advise you on how to succeed in building a relationship with your loved ones. Psychic Source provides free tarot card reading for the first three minutes with an additional discount of extended minutes. 

3. Angel Card Readings

It is believed that we all have angels around us and provide messages to us throughout the day. We do not feel them, but with the help of angel card reading at Psychic Source, we can clarify what these angles want to convey to us. The angels around us are Raphael, Michael, and Gabriel, and their messages can be easily interpreted by expert angel card readers who are generally very positive and inspiring. They have connections with the upper realms and get guidance from unknown sources of the universe to give us the information we require. Angel card psychic readers are also known as psychic mediums and spiritual readers. Psychic Source has the best Angel card readers and has earned a name in the industry

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Key features of Psychic Source

1. Variety of Psychics– A wide range of psychics are available under one umbrella

2. Filters– Advanced filters are available to find the best-suited psychic for your love issues. You can search according to your mood as well.

3. Safe and Secure Payment– Its payment procedure is safe and secure, and with the integration of Paypal, it is even safer.

4. Video call– By far, this platform’s best feature is its video chat option to connect with your psychic for a face-to-face session.

5. Fair pricing– As low as $ 1per minute of psychic is offered with the first 3 minutes of reading free for new customers. Options to avail packages of 30 minutes at the price of 27 minutes available. Special price packages are also available for 10 and 20 minutes.

6. Multiple Language– Psychics from around the world are present, providing you services in different languages.

7. Mobile App– Similar to the other two platforms, it too has a user-friendly app with advanced filters and smart features to find the best online psychics to guide you.

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What Is A Tarot Card Reading and How Does It Work?

It is a form of divination where tarot readers gain an insight into your life and use their expertise to guide you in understanding the perspective of life clearly. They use a deck of 78 cards as a tool to peep into your past, present, and future and bring out the hidden thoughts and truth so that they can know yourself better and make correct choices about your life, relationships, health, and career. The deck of cards may differ from one Tarot to others, but their illustrations convey the same meanings to the readers. The tarot deck is divided into minor arcane (22) and the major arcane (56). The accuracy of predictions made by the Tarot depends on how exactly is your question to them. In a Tarot reading, Yes or no for any query is difficult to predict. Still, with an expert reader’s guidance, you can get a clear understanding of the situation and can make the right decisions if interpretations from the cards are delivered clearly. To get the best predictions, make sure you ask the correct answer in exact words.

Benefits of Online Tarot Reading

1. Counsels your relationship without the need to leave home.

2. Removes negative energy and fills you with positive energy just by sitting at home.

3. Helps in making without revealing your personal information.

4. Maintains privacy and gives you peace of mind that helps you in achieving your goals.

5. Offers guidance at discounted rates saving you from fraud psychics who charge huge fees.

6. Keep a soft copy of reading forever.

7. Lot of scope in choosing a reader from any part of the world.

8. Some sites offer free online tarot reading so that you can connect with the reader if you doubt their ability.

Advice for your Tarot Card Reading

Be honest with your questions and write down them clearly before getting readings

Be ready to hear the truth.

Trust your instinct and your tarot reader.

Is Online Tarot Better Than Getting A Reading In-Person?

With the benefits mentioned above, online tarot reading is a better option than reading in person.

How Accurate Are Live Tarot Readings Over The Phone?

Tarot reading over the phone is accurate if the reader is chosen wisely and from trusted platforms. Use your instincts and wisdom to pick the right tarot reader. Read their profiles and reviews to know them better.

Are Free Tarot Readings Legitimate?

If the reader is genuine and committed to its service, you will surely get guidance to change your life for good. Choose the reader from trusted sites and keep your eyes open to identify any red flags during or before the session. Red flags can be asking for a significant amount before starting the session or asking too many private questions.

What Is Love Tarot?

Love Tarot is a particular type of Tarot that deals with guiding love and relationship issues. Love Tarot readers use a unique set of three cards in which one card reveals your past, another, present, and the third one tells you about your future. An expert advisor in a love tarot reading can guide you through the hurdles of love life and predict the future with your current partner.

Final Thought

Since I have tried all the three platforms for their tarot reading services, here is my overall review on the three sites for their best services-

Kasamba is best for taking guidance by Tarot, especially for Love and Relationship issues.

Keen has the best Tarot readers, which you can use for all types of queries.

Psychic Source has the best lot of Cartomancy readers and has expertise in reading your love life.

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