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From Misfortune and Despair to a Multi-Millionaire – Inspiring story of Arham Muhammad


Having always been fascinated by electronics, Arham found himself dissecting electronics at the tender age of seven. “I remember being obsessed with technology and constantly wanted to learn more, which led me to reverse engineering, cybersecurity, and forensics,” noted Arham. “From the age of 13, I put my obsession into practice and began to find vulnerabilities on some of the biggest websites in the world, such as Microsoft, Sony, EA, ESPN, and AOL.”

Today, Arham Muhammad is the CEO of a flourishing global digital advertising powerhouse and several other businesses that he has built to reach 9-figures in revenue, bringing over $100M+ continuously.

Despite his successes, the road to becoming a multi-millionaire was not an easy one. Arham had to overcome many traumatic events involving chronic illness, his parents separating, abandonment, and poverty, and forced to drop out of school, to name a few. However, Arham does not dwell on his troubling past. “Life is all about choices,” he said. “You need to have real resilience to overcome obstacles, and maybe my resilience was borne out of my tough childhood; it certainly made me want more from life.”

By 18, Arham was unsatisfied with his life and realized he needed to make a choice; continue to live in obscurity or not let his experiences determine his future. Over the next two years, he worked tirelessly for more than 20 hours every day; he remained focused on providing an alternative lifestyle for his family.

“There were days where I doubted myself, but my desire to improve the lives of myself and my family never faltered. I faced some hurdles that I had never really anticipated. Although I am proud of my Pakistani heritage, it also meant that not only was I trying to make it, I also had to dismantle the prejudice in dealing with the international market, banking, and stereotypical branding.”

His tenacity and hard work paid off, earning him multi-millionaire status by 24. At the time, digital platforms were on the rise, and Arham saw a gap in the market and developed a business focused on strategy and optimizing monetization for public figures through branding and lucrative financial avenues, earning him a go-to reputation.

Starting from his bedroom with little industry knowledge, Arham committed to daily cold calling and emailing management teams. “With no formal education, I had no idea how to run a business, so I decided on the trial and error approach,” said Arham. Despite some embarrassing calls, I finally landed my first client. It was then I realized it wasn’t a perfectly polished sales pitch that people were after, but rather what you are offering and your willingness to provide it with.”

Arham’s success only progressed as he began expanding into other ventures. Yet, Arham stays humble. “Looking back, it often does not seem real that I have managed to make it out of the cycle of despair, managing to buy my family home, something my mum only ever dreamt of. But I have also had many failures along the way too. Ironically, I believe it’s my failures that have helped me grow and understand the market.”

At present, Arham is implementing automation technologies into his media business and developing ground-breaking new AI tools. Simultaneously, a patent for his new proprietary tech is awaiting approval. “I believe that we should not let our circumstances define our future; if you want something, do not focus on the likelihood of failure or success, focus on putting your plans into fruition.”


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