#Grind: How Jared Sanborn Is Helping the Younger Generation and Reintegrating Offenders Back into Society

We don’t always choose the path that we take in life. Sometimes we find ourselves taking a turn into a dark place that we never wanted to go. This scenario is the reality for much of America’s youth today—bright young people are traveling the dark path of drugs, crime, and misfortune. One person looking to change that is serial entrepreneur Jared Sanborn, who is investing in helping troubled youth.

#Grind is an organization that Sanborn developed to reintegrate young offenders back into society by sharing strategies from entrepreneurs who rose above difficult odds to become a success in their industry. He shares that #Grind as a term signifies: Get Going, Goal Setting, Growing, and Go Getting! With these positive concepts, Sanborn aims to rejuvenate young offenders’ ambitions and help them see what they can achieve. Entrepreneurs who have contributed their wisdom and skills to the program have overcome seemingly insurmountable odds, such as being incarcerated and struggling with drug use. Speaking of what inspired him to set up the #Grind program, Sanborn says, “I saw these overlooked bright, ambitious kids who just needed someone to believe in them and give them the tools to rebuild their lives.”

Over the years, Sanborn has gained prominence as a multi-faceted entrepreneur behind the development of many different projects and companies. Currently, he is the founder and Chairman of EyefuelPR.com, a New York-based digital marketing agency. Ever since childhood, he has known that he was meant to develop innovative ideas within the entrepreneurial world. Ultimately, Sanborn understands that we can’t always choose the path that we walk in life, but with the right direction, we can change it.

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