Guide to Causes of Stress in College Students

Stress is one of the biggest issues among students. Stressful students are unable to perform their tasks properly and they can even develop depression or anxiety that must be treated. Today, we are going to reveal all the causes, how stress affects students, and what they can do about it. The goal is to provide stress relief for college students and help them cope better.

Stress Among Students: Main Causes

There are a lot of different causes. The first and the most common issue is lack of time. These days students have so many responsibilities such as essays, different assignments, paper writing in general, and obviously studying. Most of them do not have plenty of time to complete all of these assignments properly. They end up stressed which only makes things even worse.

Overworking is another, also a common cause of stress among students. They must work extremely hard and in limited time to write a high quality essay or another assignment. Add the fact there are many papers that must be completed in a week and you can deduce how stressful all of this is. This is the main reason why some students pay to write an essay service online. Those essays help them get more time to focus on other responsibilities. It is always better to pay than to end up stressed.

Anticipatory stress is present among many students. This happens when a student is expecting results regarding the essay or any other college task he completed. The most common sub-cause is waiting for the results of a test. Many students see this as a stressful situation that can end up badly.

How Stress Is Affecting Students?

Without proper college stress management many students develop various issues or complications that can have a huge, negative effect on their education. The first, big issue is the increased risk of depression and anxiety. These are severe issues that usually must be treated with therapy and in some cases even medications. Feeling down and sad are the biggest symptoms and the biggest related problems.

Some students also develop a pessimistic attitude. They believe college isn’t right for them and that they will fail the year or a test. This can translate into any other belief of the same kind and usually is followed by even worse grades and success of a student than normally. Some students even pay for online service in order to get the best result because they believe their work isn’t satisfactory.

Almost all students that are stressed will show the same symptoms. In other words, this means that they will be easy to irritate and level of patience will be significantly decreased. They will want to isolate themselves and spend less time with friends, which is a huge mistake. One of the best ways to cope with stress is precisely the opposite.

Preventing Stress in Students

You need to know how to handle stress in college first. Proper time management is the best and most essential thing to do. With plenty of time, you can study harder and write better. This is a complicated process that will require you plenty of time and effort. The goal is to train your brain into using the time in the best possible way. There are complete guides for time management in students that can be more than just helpful.

Secondly, make sure you stay positive at all times. If you are positive, stressful situations will look less scary and you will be more immune to the pressure and obviously stress. It may be difficult to achieve, but with a bit of time, you will do it just right.

Don’t forget that spending time with your friends and having fun is important as well. This can help you in more ways than you can imagine and you will also be more resilient to stress and new situations.


Dealing with stress in college is something that can be considered as the most important skill of them all. You need to practice and make your brain more immune to this issue. There is nothing good you can expect when stressful so there is no need to be under stress. Stay positive, enjoy and organize your time. Stress will soon become a thing of the past.

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