Guilt-Free, Game Changing Canned Wine: Besa mi Vino

By Aleece Reynaga

If you’ve never heard of Besa mi Vino, be prepared for it to become your new household favorite. Often wine can be made with up to 70 percent added chemicals and additives such as pesticides, preservatives, food dyes, or even added sugar. However, Besa mi Vino consciously avoids non-organic chemicals in their wine-making process to achieve the purest quality possible. It’s also vegan and gluten-free! 

Isn’t all wine vegan and gluten-free? Some wines include animal or milk proteins when refining their wine and some use hydrolyzed wheat gluten isolate or flour paste during their aging process—but Besa mi Vino prefers to leave animals and gluten out of the picture. 

Also, to make their brand even more sustainable, they choose canned wine because it leaves less of a carbon footprint than other materials. Not to mention, it’s the safer option in light of recent events. Instead of sharing an entire bottle with others, reach for an individual serving perfectly portioned and ready for enjoyment. Founders and brothers, Mike and Roddy Radnia, emphasize that overall sustainability in their line is of the utmost importance to them. Wine can’t get more guilt-free than this.

They also have some really incredible collaborations on the horizon. For example, this fall they’ve teamed up with Eliqs to create a limited edition ‘Hocus Pocus’ canned wine. Disney fans everywhere are rejoicing and jumping at the chance to get their hands on this fun collection. Meanwhile, California-based Veggie Grill is going to start serving Besa mi Vino at their locations to go with your delicious vegan meal. They’re also now available across Northern California in Safeway stores—making Besa mi Vino more accessible than ever.

Youtuber Let’s Taco About Wine tried the All Day Rosé at a golfing tournament, one of the three options Besa mi Vino carries. Like a true wine connoisseur she smells it, then swishes it around in her mouth and then finally, tastes it. She recognizes immediately its fruity with a dry but sweet tart type finish—and might even be more enhanced with some ice included. So if you’re interested in more of a fruity or sweet wine this could be a good fit for you! 

Founded in May of 2019, Besa mi Vino has been on the rise and making a splash on the scene since. Like never before, people are wanting canned wine because of its undeniable convenience. Whether you want to plan the perfect picnics with friends or evening watching the sunset on the beach, you can easily take Besa mi Vino with you.

They also have an incredible Instagram presence to follow if you want to keep up with their latest news!

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